Ghoul Guy Galleon

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 5 ส.ค. 2021
  • N64 Test:
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    🐦 KazeEmanuar

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  • Kaze Emanuar

    Seriously check out the real N64 test too, if you are interested in more technical details. Subscribing to my 2nd Channel would also really help me out!

  • Weegeepie
    Weegeepie  +71

    I absolutely love this

  • Team Blue Toad

    Kaze gives more love to the Shy Guys than Nintendo does.

  • Jimmer
    Jimmer  +105

    This rom hack genuienly feels like a true mario 64 sequel. It's THAT impressive.

  • HypatCH
    HypatCH  +107

    I like how people are saying things like "woah, this is incredible!" like 7 seconds after the video was published

  • BlastProcX

    Shyguy is so good as a character that he never got a redesign

  • Yeury
    Yeury  +16

    Dude you've worked on improving what you can do on this engine so well this looks like sm64 2 lol. Also is this running at 60fps? it's so smooth

  • Tophmidna O

    Incredible how far the rom-hacking scene has come through the years. I’d say you are the face and frontrunner of the SM64 community. Keep it up!

  • Luaxon MMORPG

    I have a suggestion for the Ghoul Guy. I didn't notice that Ghoul Guy

  • biggrease

    Im absolutely in love with how much personality and polish this hack has, just the star select menu is impressive. Keep it up guys

  • Scarfy Squirrel

    This is looking like this might be you're best work so far which is saying a lot considering you have a history of making a lot of cool stuff

  • 🔥Arlan64🔥

    It's amazing how this ROM Hack stays true to the original game while improving the gameplay. Can't wait to play it! :D

  • Ayeces8s

    This is seriously so impressive. You can tell how much care and thought goes into each rom hack. Subbing to your channel is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

  • NinToby
    NinToby  +4

    The physics of those nets Mario was bouncing on looks so smooth!

  • Xeno Deeper

    This map is really cool. Can't wait for the full version of Return to Yoshi's Island 64 to come out!

  • Troobles

    This looks absolutely AMAZING... well done. Minor point, but maybe change the color of these cannons to differentiate them from the ones you aim and shoot? Just to make it more clear they have a slightly different function.

  • Cyanic Core

    Love how seamless this looks, even with new elements like altered music!

  • Geschnitzte Kiste

    I love the spiderwebs made out of rope, it’s hilarious and hella clever. And Kaze‘s levels are always full of that kind of detail

  • Peppino and Wesker: Friends Forever Club

    Kaze seems to be getting better at level design :))

  • PaultheBukkit

    I love this so much, probably the most ambitious project Kaze has worked on