Zoot Zoot Zoo (60FPS Widescreen) - Return to Yoshi's Island Course 4 Preview

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 21 มิ.ย. 2021
  • My absolute favorite so far! A full Zoo with tons of detailed NPC behaviors to observe and interact with.
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  • Bobby Sharpe

    Return to Yoshi’s Island is looking legitimately awesome.

  • John Joubran

    So I love this entire stage, it looks so fun and creative, and I especially love Waluigi’s Taco Stand thrown in there, but I gotta say: showing the Blue Coin locations without pressing the switch is GENIUS!!! Bruh I wish every Mario 64 Game/Hack did that, God that is so smart and helpful!

  • Plaguevania

    honestly, a zoo level in a mario game wouldn't be a bad idea

  • Chisecrecy

    That chain chomp is adorable. I love how he drinks the water at the end. That's amazing.

  • The Tacomancer!

    Those chain-chomp animations are how Nintendo should have done it since their inception, from the lore of chain-chomps they should look as happy as can be and you nailed what chain-chomps should be

  • sauceboy
    sauceboy  +26

    The blue coins blinking while you stand on the switch so you know where they'll appear is a great feature. Awesome job as always Kaze

  • GeeJay Tee

    Having Waluigis taco stand in this was brilliant, along with him refusing Mario service and mario being able to get back by smashing his table 🔥

  • Mentor of YouTube

    Can't imagine the work that goes into these, with custom models and animations. Believe me if I had the cash on me I'd have donated at least 5 times by now

  • Mr. Game and Watch Fan

    This might be my favorite level. It has all I need. Great design, animal ai, and waluigi

  • Tevi
    Tevi  +11

    Oh boy, a zoo level! I sure hope Mario does not go inside of the Goombas cage to stomp them!

  • Elyk
    Elyk  +21

    the most exciting part is the blue coin indicators

  • Zachary Brown

    Looks awesome and keeps getting better!

  • The Destoryer


  • Miner_49er

    A Level set in a zoo is quiet possibly the best level theme I've seen in a while, very creative!

  • Rosie Lay

    this looks amazing (the mod itself, not just the framerate and stuff)

  • Into The Void

    You never cease to amaze me, this is on the next level

  • Mike TheGamerGuy

    Recently played through the demo on my everdrive64, and I can't overstate how thankful I am that you're doing this stuff.

  • Xenotiic

    Amazing work Kaze! This game is coming along super well!

  • Tufukins

    This is absolutely adorable. Really charming level

  • Antimon

    This looks incredible!