The Never Ending Sonic Game

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  • Today I wanted to talk about Blue Sphere.
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  • Emmeralds

    "Yknow, there's probably some guy out there who really,

  • Raziya The Seeker

    Blue Balls, let's gooooooo

  • rissole
    rissole  +283

    In theory, if you changed Sonic 1/2's serial number to Sonic 3's the Sonic 1/2 would either

  • Jöřđąņ

    When I was a child, I always hated the blue sphere in Mega Collection, simply because I had no idea how to start the game. The title screen always catches my attention whenever I see it, and it really annoyed me because I didn't know how to start it, and I felt like the title screen was just taunting me because of it...

  • Jaxolon333
    Jaxolon333  +294

    my favorite part is when the blue sphere says "it's spherin time" and then blue sphered all the blue spheres

  • Karinyu Pinyan

    I'm still waiting for someone to stream beating ALL of the Blue Sphere stages. It would be an event

  • Megamix
    Megamix  +195

    Well, SEGA does have the bragging rights of releasing the first ever commerical backwards compatible console. The Mark III (otherwise known as the Sega Master System outside of Japan) had backwards compatibility with Sega SG-1000 games. When it was brought over to the US though, they were marketed as budget titles. They were really ahead of their time back then.

  • AyelenTH
    AyelenTH  +110

    When I was a tiny lad, I had the amazing idea of trying to finish all of blue spheres. I managed to get around level 50 and then rage quitted xD

  • jakeconer
    jakeconer  +22

    You can also play all the blue sphere games by plugging in Sonic Classics. It’s a compilation of Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Dr Robotnik Mean Bean Machine. The reason is because the game is actually bigger then 2 megabytes. But the compilation has each game individual rom. Sonic 2 is the first rom on the cartridge, and it takes up half of the total compilation rom. Sonic and Knuckles reads only the second half of the room when a rom size is too big. But the next rom file after Sonic 2 is Sonic 1. So it see the Sonic 1 rom header. Basically, it recognizes it as Sonic 1.

  • Muhammad Waldan Altaf

    Blue Sphere is one of the most game ever created. When the game said "It's Blue Sphere Time", it's really the moment ever. This game is just really.

  • Object Super Star Productions

    The fun with this game is ENDLESS

  • Matthew
    Matthew  +22

    Blue Spheres is the pinacle of game design. Great video! :)

  • Crow Robot

    I remember during my summer vacation, I took one humid night to binge on blue sphere after playing the other locked on carts to death. It was challenging and sometimes frustrating to get through levels. Upon playing so much i was thinking when is the last level. Now over 30 years i find out from this video. Really mind boggling stuff.

  • Mark Conforti

    I remember having Blue Spheres running on Sonic 1 for days as I tried to beat all the levels. Little did I know there were 134,217,728 levels at the time...

  • Ames Starline

    3DS Generations also has Blue Sphere(s) based on the Heroes special stages- Surprisingly, it isn't with the touch screen like most other DS Family special stages.

  • MowseChao

    I would spend HOURS playing Blue Spheres just out of curiosity to see how far I could go. Back before online information was widespread, it felt like something of an adventure.

  • T R A V I E E E E E E

    I used to put all types of games in Sonic & Knuckles and play blue sphere. I figured it just worked with every Genesis game.

  • A Slightly Stable Footsoldier

    Props to Blue Spheres No Way Screen for having the most worst looking Tails I’ve ever seen.


    nothing perks me up more than the line

  • Fatu Adedipe

    "There is one more thing it needs..." AD PLAYS. Me: God, that's terrifying.