Simone de Beauvoir on Existentialism & God (1959)

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  • A version of a video from the old channel. This comes from a 1959 interview with Wilfrid Lemoyne from Radio-Canada. The translation is my mine. More Short Clips:
    Existentialists take human existence and the human condition to be a fundamental issue. They tend to be radical individualists who privilege our lived experience and choice. They focus on themes such as: freedom, authenticity, the individual, meaning, anxiety, alienation, death, dread, the absurd, contingency, and nihilism. They often are also suspicious of any fixed, pre-determined human nature, objective/universal values, and abstract philosophical systems. Some of the most important existentialist thinkers (or at least thinkers associated with existentialism) include Jean-Paul Sartre, Martin Heidegger, Søren Kierkegaard, Simone de Beauvoir, Friedrich Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, Albert Camus, and Karl Jaspers. (My Description)

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  • Philosophy Overdose

    Full Interview:

    JP BLACK  +57

    "people interpret God by their own tendencies"

  • Outorii
    Outorii  +108

    I really like that she says “people interpret god on their own tendencies” it really explains a lot of religious behavior in America. Many say they believe something because it’s in the Bible, but I think it’s more just because they agree with it and can now justify it with religion. This can be both good and bad depending on whether the person is good or bad

  • bovnyccc operalover

    Fascinating and brilliant woman. French is such an expressive language.

  • X ontheweb

    I love their very engaging and 'active listening' body language. Excellent questions and answers. Thanks PO!

  • Superclarendon

    This mildly makes me want to learn French, because seeing how the English translation matches up with the actual words spoken is surprisingly cool.

  • Amazing Andrea

    In 1981, when I was 21, I moved from western Canada to Paris, with $400 CAN in my pocket, obviously no computer or cell phone, and virtually no knowledge of French (I knew 2 sentences), to learn French in a year. What an adventure! I stayed just over 2 years. Working as a nanny, my French improved rapidly, speaking to the children. I studied SdB in a French Literature class I took at La Sorbonne ~ but this is incredible for me to hear her speak. (Step back from the interview, though ~ look as his leaning towards her, she is confined by a wall on one side and a corner on the other. I felt uncomfortable for her.) Even if you do not speak French, note the speed at which she conveys her intelligent thoughts. She was wrestling with Kant at age 18 ~ compare that to today's Kardashian Krap. (I am not dissing them as people, merely their level of thoughtless conversation.) Learning French changed the trajectory of my life, set me up in a fabulous career, and allowed me to meet amazing, life-long friends. What a shame that learning a second language is not a top priority for all young students in North America both above, and below, the 49th parallel...

  • Yeswell from Brittany

    Very good translation, and a precious piece of archive for us, thank you !

  • David Renwick

    Beautiful clarity from a true philosopher.

  • sole agui

    Alguien podría imaginar a esta mujer viendo Netflix ? … 18 años y leyendo a Kant wow ! que mujer !

  • Ken Branaugh

    Philosophy always impresses me . I love it.

  • Andy L
    Andy L  +3

    Fascinating - I studied Philosophy at Uni many moons ago and read Sartre and some de Beauvoir. I've read 'Memoirs of a dutiful daughter' and seen her in photos of course, but never watched her in action and heard her speak until now. A great mind.

  • Peter Lorimer

    Brilliant interview. A most intelligent and articulate thinker.

  • J K
    J K  +24

    This is so refreshing. I'm afraid what pass as intellectual discussions nowadays are TED Talks and Freakonomics podcasts.

  • A.
    A.  +14

    She's one of those authors that I've always been curious and always heard about, but whose work I never sat down and started reading... This is the first time I see her speak. It's interesting to think that deep down I knew I would resonate with her ideas, despite the fact that it's so often that her name will be mentioned as ways of speaking ill of feminism, sexuality and her supposedly bad behaviour, influenced by Sartre. Anyway, just me thinking about the way History will shape who people were.

  • michael palmer

    So good to see a real intellectual speak with a clear process and not contradict herself one sentence later; like happens almost every time with the pseudo-intellectual Jordan Peterson.

  • The School of Wisdom
    The School of Wisdom ปีที่แล้ว +157

    heavyweight intellectual!!! fierce speaker!

  • Rodrigo Silveira
    Rodrigo Silveira ปีที่แล้ว +41

    Thanks for reuploading! These short interviews of Beauviour are very inspiring.

  • Charles Dahmital

    It is always fascinating when I come across someone I have not heard before

  • M N
    M N  +38

    What a personality! Thank you!