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Inside The Largest Women's Prison in the Philippines | Free Doc Bites

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 11 ธ.ค. 2023
  • Inside The Toughest Philippines Prison | Short Documentary
    The "Correctional Institution for Women" is the oldest and largest women's prison in the Philippines, founded in nineteen thirty-one. Designed for one thousand PDLs - "persons deprived of liberty" - today there are about three times as many. Prisoners range from petty criminals to drug dealers, from murderers to gang members. The guards are outnumbered. Your best bet at keeping prisoners under control: Strict rules that everyone must adhere to. Over and over again there are checks, to ensure no one has managed to escape. One hundred percent security is impossible! The inmates are allowed to deal with tools, gas-cannisters and knives. All potentially lethal weapons.
    "The bedrooms and living quarters, the so-called "dorms", are spread over several buildings. Among the inmates are also so-called ‚High Value‘ PDL's‘. A huge compound, full of hardened criminals. In a jail where just a few dozen correction officers watch over several thousand prisoners, who roam freely during the day. For keeping control, the guards even work together with privileged inmates, that are allowed to punish the other ones.
    This episode of Behind Bars tells not only his story, but also that of the inmates, and the environment of the prison and shows in impressive pictures how life behind bars works.
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  • @coreyricch6109

    I'm a guard in a jail and I do believe some people are innocent.

  • @wl84728aahdjx

    this prison is unique, there are shops and bakeries inside, there are also makeups for sale lol 🤣🤣

  • @michaelshive6748
    @michaelshive6748 14 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

    "Everyone is equal under the law" unless you're rich. Also, a lot of people are falsely accused, so not everyone in jail is an actual criminal.

  • @BigBangTheoryIsALie

    Debbie is so beautiful. She'll be the next target of Major now 😂😅

  • @patreimer7696

    Debbie speaks English with a Filipino accent.

  • @jakel3424

    Debbie is a catch. 😂

  • @Dia17DpoVNa


  • @BrainMonkeyBooks

    Overcrowding, corruption, unsafe. Typical prison setting. Very sad.

  • @kevintucker3354

    They sure eat well!

  • @Guttalifelive2

    The justice system isn’t perfect. So there are always innocent people in prison.

  • @michaeldeglory777

    These guards are just evil people. There are lots of innocent people in Jail

  • @patestrella7131

    Government officials, stop corruption & wake up.

  • @lymf9157

    When you realized the prison have market, bakeshops, stores, etc... 😅

  • @leetraviusmckay314

    They have to share a bed 😫

  • @irvingg.1437

    This facility seems nuts

  • @mikejohnson3601

    So many people especially woman in prison these days

  • @mphommopi3728

    This ain’t no prison. That’s a compound that you can’t leave

  • @AAV27
    @AAV27  +14

    When debbie get out? I’ll be there.

  • @kilowatt6209

    Bruh this is a town, not a prison 😂

  • @angelmarwa443

    The South African girl speaks in a Philippine accent