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854. The Invitation (Learn English with a Short Story)

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 17 เม.ย. 2024
  • 🎧 Learn English with a short story.
    🗣 Listen & repeat after me if you'd like to practise your pronunciation.
    💬Learn some vocabulary in the second half of the video.
    📄 I found this story in answer to a post on Quora.com asking about true scary stories.
    I thought I could use it to help you learn English. Can you understand the story, and predict the twist at the end?
    📄 Read the original by Lance Stephenson here www.quora.com/What-are-the-be...
    🔗 Page for this episode on my website with a word-for word copy of the story teacherluke.co.uk/2023/11/28/...
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    0:00:00 Introduction
    0:03:01 Story starts
    0:09:45 Story summary
    0:21:05 Vocabulary teaching

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    Finally I find a teacher that I like.

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    It's a pleasure learning English with you! Parliament should give you a monthly payment for spreading the language like that 😊.

    • @relishrodriguez4954
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      HA, ha, ha, ... If that happens, I will do squats every day of my life.
      I say this because politicians only think about themselves. This channel helps us understand more English. Thanks.

    • @vicentejouclas2518
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      @@relishrodriguez4954 ; There was a time when having a place in Public Administration was not a profession 🤔

  • @cevahir1155
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    Hi Luke. Please more videos with short stories and vocabulary explanations. On the one hand, you learn the formal language, on the other hand, you learn the everyday language when explaining vocabulary and you are so good at both!🤟🏻

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      well, there are many videos of this kind in the premium subscription.

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    Hello, Luke! Thank you for the story. I think it's a great and a sad story. The guy came to the wrong house. They were not his aunt and uncle, but they seemed to be happy to have a visitor. Maybe they were very old people, maybe they had Alzheimer's disease. And they really didn't want him to leave them.

    • @aifoc5054
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      Yeah, that's what I also thought

    • @cabdullaahimaxamad5437
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      they wanted to kill him and eat

    • @nadjetkellal5557
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      Never be naive and trust people you don't know.

    • @nadjetkellal5557
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      It's a matter of staying the whole night with them and being uncoscious of what is happening around you !!

    • @HuongNguyen-dl9qs
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      Right. I agree with you guys, the risks were possible in that house. Luckily, he felt an urge to escape from there. Such was a good feeling. The old couple might have been dangerous or might not, but a potential risk was hidden somewhere in the house.

  • @holdencaulfield3079
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    Your pronunciation is incredible, you are one of the few people I understand perfectly with the level of English I have right now. Greetings from Cuba.

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      ​@@sarathperera25419:49 9:49 😂

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    Thanks Luke!
    Learning English in a fun way is wonderful!

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      I think like you!

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      really an excellent lesson!

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    More podcast like this pls 👍👍
    Best regards from Italy !!🇮🇹

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    You are the best English teacher I have ever seen!

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    Hello there!
    Tonight's weather where I live, with its wind, thunderstorms, and rain, is setting the perfect mood for a creepy story.
    The wind is howling, thunder is rumbling , and rain is pouring down, creating a frightening atmosphere outside.
    And I love creepy stories 👀

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    I like your podcast for many reasons. I wouldn't enumerate them, but you simply have become my source of inspiration for acquiring the language the most practical way. Thanks very much for bringing us all very interesting episodes one after the other.

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    That “insistent” acting is brilliant 😆

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    Thanks Luke! You are wonderful. It was a pleasure to be here with you during this time, listening, learning, laughing and imagining the meaning of the story...

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    The best podcast! The best story teller! Love you❤❤❤

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    Your voice and pronunciation is extraordinary Lucas. Thank you!

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    I just want to say that I am watching this episode from Iraq. I would like to say that the most beautiful thing in this video is that when you made the sound of the door in the creepy houses 😂😂😂

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    Luke , please make all your videos like this video include analyzing the vocabularies and grammars

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    Thanks so much Luke for all your podcasts especially when you share with us the short stories; I love listening and reading them👍👌😊

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    Thank you for sharing a Premium episode.
    You sound like having a bad cold, hope you get better Luke.

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    I wish everyone spoke english like you

  • @MasPatrick
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    I don't think it's a true story, and to tell the truth I did't feel scare, lol, but anyway I love to hear podcast, almost every morning I listen to your podcast on my way to office, and because of you, my listening skills especially hearing British accent is improve so much. God Bless You Luke.

  • @VeronikaBanquet
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    Thank you so much Luke! The very useful podcast. After your lessons I get to know many new words. It’s really priceless. ❤

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    Excelente voz, pausa, ritmo, para educar el oido. Gracias, gracias

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    You are amazing teacher luke there is no start a day but listening to your podcast to cheer me up and then my day being started

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    Wow 😲! We've been in for a treat, Luke! A thousand thanks 🙏 for the podcast! I've loved 😍 this preternatural, beyond-the-grave, sort of Stephen-Kingy, Carpenter-ian short story, with a delicate touch of Hitchcock on it. I couldn't help but being all the time mulling over The Mist, Psychosis... An invigorating shot in the arm for starting the week! Wish you a fruitful one!

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    I live in Canada ( French speaking side ) I would like to speak English fluently and I found this video, but your English isn’t like other people speak here but it’s very interesting like it . Thanks.

  • @EnglishStoryShared
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    You're an amazing teacher! You deserve a medal (or maybe a monthly award) for helping people learn English!
    0:00: 📚 The podcast episode features a short story used for teaching vocabulary and grammar.
    5:45: 🃏 A visit to the aunt's house turns into a fun game night of Uno.
    12:30: 👥 A man receives a dinner invitation from relatives he has never met before, leading to a surprising and remote encounter.
    18:00: 👻 A mysterious and potentially scary story about strange people and odd behavior.
    23:58: 📶 The video discusses phone reception and network coverage.
    30:00: 🗺 The video discusses the concept of layout and giving excuses in conversation.
    35:49: 🍽 A man finishes a meal prepared by unknown people, raising questions about their intentions.
    41:58: 🚗 The speaker discusses the efficiency of different types of cars and explains the meaning of 'puzzled look'.
    47:34: 🤔 The video discusses assumptions and irritability in a situation.
    53:19: 🤔 The speaker recounts a story of going to the wrong house and causing confusion with their mom.
    59:33: 🎙 The speaker discusses the plan to cover grammar in a premium episode and encourages listeners to sign up for it.

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    when I feel lonely working on my projects and documents at night, I always come to your podcast, thank you teacher Luke

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    You are the best teacher that I have ever seen.❤

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    This old couple probably needed some company. The author imagined something scary but in fact there was nothing to be scared about. Too much imagination.
    Keep on the nice work.I really appreciate the way you present stories and the quality of your commentaries.

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    This is just AMAZING! The best video ever! Everything is in one: super story, explanation (in normal human way), vocab, and grammar. It is a big job!!! Bravo! Thanks much, Luke, for this opportunity to learn English with you. I subscribed to your podcast - the smallest thing that I can do for you. Thank you very much, for your work! ❤

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    OMG ! That was spine-chilling. I expected a more dramatic ending, though! Thanks for the content. I love your podcast.

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    Thank you very much, Luke😊. Learning English through story was engaging as always. My favourite type of podcast on LEP. Do them more often, please 🙏 I wanted to add that your podcasts are included in the recommendation list for emproving listening skill, in the first place, by one popular English school in Russia - Inglex. This was exiting to find out 😉

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    Luke, I hope you’re well. You’re the best guy who teaches English. I appreciate it. Wish i talk like you clearly.

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    I am of one your premium listeners because you're such an amazing teacher. I enjoy listening to you, and your teaching is great. Thank you!

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    Hello Luke ! This is Hailee who is from China ,l like the way how you teach and hope you can tell more stories in the future ❤

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    Thanks a lot for sharing these enjoyable histories with us. It's really nice to listen to you, and moreover we learn a lot of you. Have a wonderful day! People like you deserve it 😊

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    Thanks a lot for listening such amasing story.l've got a pleasure.Sometimes l laughed,sometimes scared.l understood your explonations not every word but in the whole.I hope that if I listen more stories I 'll improve my listening and speaking.Greetings from Uzbekistan,Tashkent,I am 72. I TRY to speak fluently by myself.Good luck to you,see you later.

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    Thank you so much for your podcast

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    Hi there, I find the story useful for English beginners. While learning a language, one needs entertainment! And this story allows to create mystery without a particular complicated plot. Listenning to your explanations is useful for all levels! You are great!Luke, I'm from Siberia and I wonder if you are going to make a video next year on any of W. S. Maugham's stories. It's going to be 150th anniversary of the writer. If you haven't had such plan, may I ask you to think of one😊?

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    Thank you for your podcast. It is very useful for me to learn English

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    I listened to this story twice: during the day and late in the evening. The time of day affects reception! In the evening, the story seems more terrifying. And your comment on this story, Luke, makes it even scarier when you suggest what might have been an ingredient in the dish, what might have been in the locked room. Such uncertainty and ambiguity stimulates our imagination and evokes greater fear than some obvious bloodthirsty monster.😮

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    HI. Luke! I think it was a coincidence. And these old people were also waiting for their nephew, whom they hadn't seen since he was a little boy, and they were playing UNO with him... Thank you for the interesting story. I can't wait for the P55

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    Thank You 😀 You are the BEST
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    I love your videos, following you before some time. Today's stories is very nice , in between the story your small small sentence ( with smile 😂 ) make my day . Thanks for the nice story.

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    It is the first time I hear your podcast and I absolutily loved it . I learned a lot in a very pleasant way. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you. Regarding the storie, I think he was very clever to get away from there, because the night would bring the really scary part of it.

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    I've been listening to this story for the third time, I write down the most important and useful words and phrases. And it's really helpful for improving my English, I think. Anyway, Luke, I just wanted to say you that you are an incredible teacher. And you are the number one teacher for me. 🎉❤

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      If u want to learn english check my channel

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