Making an OC in Blender (tutorial)

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 20 ส.ค. 2021
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    🐦 KazeEmanuar


    Fast64 (new updates here):

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  • d
    d  +24

    You're doing the Lord's work, Kaze. Much appreciated.

  • Sock Team Studios

    Back in my day, we ask mario Machinimist to make color code for us with very descriptive details like a grey hat, blue overalls, brown shoes, brown hair, and light green gloves

  • CAEC64's 2nd Channel

    pov: you're joining the machinima community in 2021

  • GP Captain

    This is really cool, finally a good tutorial on this process, btw what's the max amount of verticies the game allows you to have on the player model?


    Oh cool, now I can finally give Mario a cringe .exe texture with a creepy pasta music mod. Thanks Kaze!

  • Pracar Channel

    Woah never expected to kaze make this tutorial

  • ___
    ___  +8

    Would love some more tutorial videos from this channel. Seems like you know all there is to know about this game.

  • Sofia Lafitte
    Sofia Lafitte 21 วันที่ผ่านมา +2

    FYI blender has an option to display your keyboard presses, which can be super helpful for beginners since blender has an anxiety inducing number of keyboard shortcuts.

  • M64bros
    M64bros  +6

    Nice. It's going to make SM64 machinima easier

  • TJ
    TJ  +1

    Thanks Kaze, these tutorials are a massive help!

  • Guerreiro Aventureiro

    Now SimpleFlips can have his OC, i wonder if the bomb-omb drama still is happening?

  • Waluigi Hacker

    I remember asking for this a year ago, also does this work for rom manager?

  • OvercastGM12

    is there a good way to duplicate the torso? i want my recolor to have a jacket but I can't get the proportions right

  • VaNeRaDe

    Endlich wieder Tutorials!

  • EricMKgamer

    Ok, if my computer lets me download Blender without destroying, i'm making Drip Mario (sheeeeeez)

  • hallo hallo

    Kaze, please make Waluigi's Taco Stand DS.

  • Shbeebo
    Shbeebo  +2

    Now make Scario. Mario's edgy alter ego, with the personality of shadow the hedgehog.

  • Derek W
    Derek W  +1

    When I run the rom after compiling, Project64 just gives me an error message reading,

  • Dekugh
    Dekugh  +2

    Is that how you and your team made the Saria effect in The Missing Link?

  • patrikcuac1237

    and for change the cap model and colors,
    what should I do?