The Problems with Walls in Super Mario 64

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  • randomnerd23

    Is there a "super mario 64 optimized" rom hack for the original game planned? Would be beautiful seeing the original game run at a constant 60 on real hardware.

  • FlameLFH
    FlameLFH  +784

    Going from creating meme hacks to fixing an entire engine in the span of a decade.

  • Gaby1827
    Gaby1827  +526

    I like how Kaze is so proud of his perfected Mario model that now it's the one being used in the thumbnail instead of the original model

  • ckosmic
    ckosmic  +197

    Sm64 is the perfect game to do these kinds of optimizations on because like, they were just still figuring out 3D games, and this is one of the first 3D platformers, so things weren’t close to perfect at all. So it’s fantastic to see its full potential with the work you’ve done on the game’s engine

  • The horrible story of a man that was forced to connect his youtube account to google+

    Whenever I watch these videos, I'm reminded of those guys who made a brand new game for the NES, called Micro Mages, which is ridiculously optimized and looks great. I know it would be a crazy big and time consuming project for one guy, but it would certainly be badass to see :P

  • Hi im Iny
    Hi im Iny  +111

    im not very tech savy, and there are quite a bit of things that I dont get, but for real, each time you upload a video, I am completely blown by the stuff you manage to do with the game

  • Cybertronic

    I think the reason they may have been so much bad math in Mario 64 was because coding things for a 3D environment was a relatively new thing at the time and certain concepts or techniques in 3D code just hadn't been invented/discovered yet.

  • ACStriker
    ACStriker  +23

    Imagine being such a Chad to single handedly optimize a lot of code in a game along with extensively modding it on your own, all while having the balls of the size of the moon to survive Nintendo, and even getting built like a brick irl

  • CodeDashie

    Programming to make even existing physics accurate is very difficult. Nicely done! 6 weeks sound pretty short to me actually.

  • Chris O
    Chris O  +20

    Explains why the few boss fights the og game has are all on wall-less platforms.

  • Exonymat
    Exonymat  +48

    Absolutely amazing how you're slowly making SM64 as optimised as possible! I have a couple of questions though:

  • MoonlightFox

    Could these changes be added to the PC port? it's amazing how changes to collision make the entire game run so much more efficiently, great work!

  • Cinnamations

    Mario: stands near wall

  • Corey_C.
    Corey_C.  +50

    Its insane how much of the original games code you've changed, and optimized. I cant imagine how good that hack is going to be to play. If i had a better n64 controller than this cheap knock off, id deffinaetly be ready to olay this.

  • jacek
    jacek  +26

    You’re at least 4 parallel universes ahead of any other Mario 64 hacker, Kaze

  • nathanisbored

    standardizing and releasing a patch that implements all these fixes (including the optimizations from your other vids) into a baserom for people to use would probably revolutionize sm64 hacking overnight

  • Hu Man
    Hu Man  +1

    Honestly one of the biggest hustlers I've ever seen. You put the work in, you optimize and have done so much for the game.

  • SuperWiiBros08

    Chad Kaze putting Virgin Nintendo's code into shame once again

  • Ronyplay

    Honestly this idea at

  • Bagel Meister

    It's neat when you make a change that has the game run slower, but then find a fix that makes it run faster again. Even if it did run slower, it's great that you're fixing all these tiny bugs