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  • I recently delivered this session when tutoring on a UEFA C course, the focus was on rotation in midfield using a whole-part-whole practice.
    Using whole part whole in your football coaching sessions allow you to break down a component of the game and cover it in more detail, then opening back up to the game to check player learning.
    Start with an 8v8 practice in a 1-3-3-1 formation in a roughly 70x40 size pitch. The condition you set is that the ball must go through midfield. once the ball has gone into midfielder your full backs can go over the half way line and as the ball goes into a forward a midfielder can join in. You will have a 20 x 20 squared off midfield area in the centre of the pitch which the midfielders must all stay inside until the ball is played through the midfield.
    You have 4 players in your defensive third and this overload should provide plenty of opportunities to get the ball into midfield, you can then work on your rotations and movement.
    You can then go into the part practice, using the area that was sectioned off into midfield.
    For this part of the practice each team is trying to get the ball from target player to target player as many times as they can and as quickly as they can.
    Let them have a few minute free play then bring in the restriction that you must always have 1 player in each half of the square.
    Progression - The player who plays to a server at any point MUST go into the other half of the square, this will then get players moving to rotate, especially as you need 1 player in each half.
    You can then work on the following coaching points:
    - Make sure when you rotate you move into space, rather than into an occupied area
    - Can you open your body shape so you can receive the ball and be able to see both of your target players without turning your head too much, this will allow you to receive on your back foot.
    - Play forward as quickly as you can, receiving on the back foot will help with this.
    - When making runs into the next area, adjust your body shape or the line of your run so that you can always see the ball and don't turn your back on it.
    Go back into the whole part of the practice and use the same rules. Then give reminders about the coaching points to help rotation in midfield and use this practice to check the learning of the players.
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