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Playing Through Midfield - Whole part Whole practice

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 26 พ.ค. 2022
    This simple practice starts with a game with the pitch split into thirds, then breaks out into some possession practices which revolve around playing forward quickly and playing through midfield. The sessions is designed to be competitive with a points or score kept throughout to engage the players an increase the tempo.
    Split the pitch into thirds and play a game (8v8) is shown here. The rules of the game are that you must play through the midfield 3rd before you score. The only time you don’t need to do this is if you win the ball in the attacking third then you are allowed to score straight away. Players are not restricted to their zones but encourage them to be spread out, so they have a player in every third when they are in possession as this promotes good team positioning when in possession. Play for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow players to get used to the practice.
    Split the group into two areas, both playing in a 15 x 15 yard square. The teams play 2v2 in the middle with 2 target players on the outside for each team. The reds start and try to get the ball from red server to red server, if the blues win the ball, they do the same but using the blue servers. The server can play to the other server if the ball is set back to them but they must play 1 touch when playing the penetrating pass.
    When the ball is played from server to server the team gets 1 point, the first team to 10 points wins. Winner stays on and the losing team swap with the servers. If you have one team that dominates and keeps winning, they will tire as it is winner stays on and this will in turn test their concentration as they are fatigued.
    The key things to work on are that if the two players create an angle by spreading out they will either create a gap that they can set the ball back to the server who can penetrate with a 1 touch pass. If the defenders do not mark the attackers once they spread at an angle if the ball is played to their back foot they will be able to play forward if they have their body shape right (see coaching points).
    Go back into the thirds game that you played at the start and play the same rules.
    Encourage the midfield players to create angles to receive the ball from a defender, then work on the principle that if they are marked can they set it back so the defender can penetrate and play to the striker. If they aren’t marked can they receive on the back foot and play forward quickly. This is then taking the principles from the part practice into the whole. One other tactic they may use is that by creating an angle and the defence leaving gaps, on of the attackers may move into this gap so a penetrating pass can be played.
    • When in possession of the ball as a team make sure you have players in all thirds of the pitch to stretch the opposition and create space.
    • When you can receive on your back foot with your body turned out so that you can see both goals (this open body shape allows you to play forward quickly).
    • Players ahead of the ball look for gaps between defenders so the ball can penetrate and break lines.
    • If under pressure look to set the ball back at an angle so the next pass can penetrate.
    • Be positive in trying to play forward quickly.
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