Ice Cap Palace

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 6 ก.ย. 2021
  • Real N64 test of this level:

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    🐦 KazeEmanuar

ความคิดเห็น • 197

  • speedy diver

    Kaze never disappoints man hes the best

  • PatJamma
    PatJamma  +114

    Alternate video title: God of SM64 hacking once again makes some sick shit

  • Sxlxmi
    Sxlxmi  +33

    Background song bumps. This is the type of level I was hoping to see more when sm64 modding became "easier".

  • Sanse
    Sanse  +34

    The Ice Mario mechanic is awesome, nice little world

  • Mysticat
    Mysticat  +34

    looks sick!

  • birby100
    birby100  +16

    Every time I see something like this I have to ask myself.

  • Geschnitzte Kiste

    If you one day make your own game franchise, I‘d buy it in a heartbeat

  • Chisecrecy

    Not only does the level design look solid, but the level is absolutely gorgeous. Excellent work!

  • CelloGamer

    Beautiful atmosphere and music ambience, looks amazing

  • Automatik

    I love the atmosphere of this! It's so peaceful and chill!

  • Denzel The Eternal Understudy

    This is the most beautiful and impressive level I have seen in any hack, and it being console compatible makes it even better.

  • fridge —

    One of the most beautiful level designs ever! Serious Cosmic Cove vibes from SMG2

  • The Legend Of Zeina

    I already know this is going to be my favorite level 😍

  • smithy boy

    I am starting to be convinced that almost anything is possible in the SM64 engine

  • Bloopers. INC jr

    I remember when Rom hacks for this game were just bob-omb battlefield with block platform and we’re just 1 level with a handful of stars,… it’s crazy how far people can go with a came that came out in 1991 when

  • Mr Wii

    I respect the hours of time you put into these games! The Nintendo 64 was my childhood and I still play it to this day! Seeing these Super Mario 64 Rom hacks gives me a different and fun experience for these old N64 classics! :)

  • Cecille Wolters

    Nice little cap stage :)

  • JacksonLOVESNintendo

    Wow this actually feels like something Nintendo would make!! Great job!! Earned a sub from me

  • Zeno Masker

    Power up is very nice, although a bit situational as something unlockable. Understandable though due to it being in a timer with the other caps from the original serving a similar purpose. I just think it would be nice if it were in places that it assisted gameplay rather than being required, such as the ability to freeze enemies. Very beautiful stage!

  • TonyG _FGC

    Kaze you are so fucking incredible, pure genius. That ice cap concept, the level design, clean af and gorgeous 3d models, there's also some sick coding work I have no idea behind all that, plus lag reduction and stuff. Game developing prowess is what it is. Also who makes this beautiful music?