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  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 25 ก.พ. 2021
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    🐦 KazeEmanuar

    Patch the downloaded file on your SUPER MARIO 64 (U) [!].Z64 rom!
    Patcher (patch onto the SM64 US.z64 ROM!!):

ความคิดเห็น • 516

  • Kaze Emanuar

    Two things:

  • Nathaniel Bandy

    Stoked to play this!

  • Snooplax
    Snooplax  +31

    This looks amazing cant wait to try out the demo!

  • BlackSunshine

    The detail and execution of this hack is incredible! The level design and texture work.. The grasshoppers! This will be Kazes masterpiece. And Ducktales soundtrack? Sold! The one to watch out for!

  • Cypress Hodgson

    At this point, Kaze has done more with SM64 for this one hack than Nintendo has ever done

  • Ruivo ™
    Ruivo ™  +15


  • vince94
    vince94  +25

    It looks so official! I can't wait to check this out!

  • LightLi
    LightLi  +30

    I like the approach to this game. Just a wholesome mario game. I love it

  • The Legend Of Zeina

    Watching progress on this was so cool! The full thing is going to be amazing 🤩

  • Gaming_Bigfoot

    "The most wholesome Mario has ever been"

  • Cici Ay
    Cici Ay  +4

    Absolutely brilliant. You keep outdoing yourself, Kaze!

  • SaL your PaL

    Amazing, graphics are great and so much attention to detail. I can appreciate everything you put into this!

  • Sabthz

    This looks absolutely incredible! I can't wait for the full game!

  • Lugmillord

    Woah, nelly. When the file select screen is already this impressive, the whole package must be filled to the brim with custom features.

  • Bara Bones

    I'm loving this so much! I'm in awe at what you can do while still keeping it within the limits of an actual n64 cartridge. I'm playing through, and my only complaint is some tight spots make it hard to position the camera. Just making it a little hard for me to get that precision jumping down.

  • Tufukins

    This looks so interesting. I'm looking forward to it once it comes out! That goomba is adorable 😤

  • Joni Boi

    wow, this looks great! hope development goes smoothly!

  • Chops McCartney

    Holy smokes, this looks bombastic! I'm definitely giving this a whirl when I have time!

  • Dario Flaman

    This looks astounding. Thank you Kaze! Gon go play the demo!

  • Julian Craig

    This looks awesome, excellent work to you and your team. Keep it up :)