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4 Unstoppable Basketball Dribbling Combo Moves | Basketball Scoring Tips

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  • 4 Unstoppable Basketball Dribbling Combo Moves | Basketball Scoring Tips
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    In today's video, I give you my top 4 Unstoppable Basketball Dribbling Combo Moves! These simple basketball scoring moves are super easy to implement for players at every level. By implementing these dribbling combo moves into your game you can almost immediately skyrocket your shooting scoring and your overall basketball skill level!
    My first basketball combo move is one the top NBA players use all the time it's the push cross pull back! This move is absolutely an ankle breaker, and it is one of my favorites because of the type of separation you get with the pull back. We see a lot of the elite scorers in the NBA guys like James Harden utilize this move all the time to create massive separation on their step back. So if you want to really skyrocket your scoring you absolutely need to implement the push cross pull back into your game!
    My second combo moves to help you instantly increase your ability to score the basketball is the in and out wrap behind the back! This is one that Stephen Curry uses all the time to shake free from his defender. This move really only works if you are able to really sell them first we focus on the in and out with your shoulders and your eyes, so when you are practicing this combo make sure to really sell the movements so the defense will bite leaving you open for an easy jump shot. All of the great scorers in the NBA can score in a lot of different ways so by perfecting a move like this you are almost always going to get a good look on your jump shot.
    My third basketball combo move is the cross jab spin. This is a move that is tailor-made for a smaller guard. Think of guys like Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul. They both do a great job of utilizing the cross jab spin to pin the defense on their backside while they try to get in the lane for an easy shot. The cross jab alone is a super cool combo but adding the spin will really break your defender's ankles.
    My last combo move is probably my all-time favorite basketball move, it's the lateral behind the back hesitation. A ton of great NBA Shooters use this move all the time to lull the defense to sleep before rising up and knocking down the jump shot. James Harden is an absolute master at doing this to guys and either driving past them or shooting over them.
    If you are ready to really skyrocket your scoring these basketball combo moves are essential! Make sure to implement these moves into your basketball workouts today!
    As always make sure you are paying close attention to these basketball scoring tips so when the time comes you can really expand your game to the next level! Watch the video all the way through and implement these scoring tips into your game today!
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    1: 0:37 push cross pull back
    2: 2:17 in and out wrap behind the back
    3: 3:25 cross jab spin
    4: 4:43 lateral behind the back hesitation
    Thx for the moves btw ;)

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    This Kid in school always trash talks me and I made him slip Now he stopped and I got respect from everyone, THANK YOU!!!

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    I have personally worked on all of these moves for months now and in my point average has went to 5 points per game to 25 points per game. These moves are what has made me a amazing player

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      Damn bro depending on your grade if your in highschool or middle school basketball thats incredibly insane

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    Break ankles Easy:
    1. Be like Zaza
    2. Have the Emperor Eye
    3. Watch this video

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      @@uhwavy maybe so. I’m kinda lanky like kd. I SPAM my wrap behind in games.

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    1. Understand the move (Easy to picture)
    2. Try out the move without a defender (Master it, increasing the speed each time from slow to game speed)
    3. Try out the move with a defender in no-pressure situations (1v1s with some friends, and pull it off many times)
    4. Try the moves in-game (After being able to pull it off multiple times in the previous step)

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    Nice, your videos are so helpful. I won MVP during my season

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      MVP - lets add more to your game - check out the videos I am just starting to put out, if your serious you will love it!

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    Hey I said first about 6 or so months ago and said u rlly help me with basketball and I made my varsity team and u replied so I thought I would try again (update we won the championship and started every game)

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    These tips helped so much, got to take a lot of ankles and thank you very much for posting this and helping me me with my crossovers keep posting more so I can get better and better

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    These vids really healped me be more confident using combos in games and it really helped me to score and to blow passed eefenders. I tried out for varsity and we got in the finals but we lost:( i didnt start but i came off the bench and did whatever i needed to contribute and help the team get to the finals. THX COACH CASTELLAW

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    Once this video was uploaded I was a kid on Christmas! 🔥
    Thx coach C.

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    These dribbling moves helped me get past defenders or create space more efficiently and timely, Thankyou!

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    Second one is great. I use it for years and it's unstoppable. This is great move for counter-attacks when defender have so little time to decide which direction you are want to go. In 5 vs 5 position game, it is heavy to use this dribbling because it is so little space on the floor and other players can came over to help (which is good in some situation). I was wander why so little players do this dribble because it is fantastic. I see on highlights that Drazen Petrovic use to do this dribbling a lot, that was his trademark.
    For the end, i want to congrats and praise creator of the video, because the basketball is the game of thinking not just power, you can beet opponent whit much less energy if you are smart and if you have good technique. This video gives a lot of good technique and smart moves. I loved it :)

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    Love your vids Coach C. Keep up the amazing work. Could you do a cam reddish shooting form video?

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    Great vid! Thanks.
    Been doing that spin move wrong this whole time!

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    Brooooo i just had a game and i used the first move and broke my opponents ankles. You're the best. Thank you Love from Lithuania 🇱🇹 ❤️

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    Thx for the help man I'm trying out for my highschool basketball team as a freshman and they went to state championship 6 times in a row and won so this team is rlly serious and so this vid helped a lot thx

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    Break ankles easily:
    *Kick your foes ankle as hard as you can* it works really well!!!

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    This is probably the best dribble moves I've see through the whole entire TH-cam community! Thank you for the best tips for these moves for us. I can improve my dribble skill more to the higher level now👍👍

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    Thanks sir my daughter won a match because of ur tricks and skills and she will be going to play basketball in summer she is very happy because of u.......
    Thanks once again♥️♥️

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    Great vid definitely incorporating them in the gym lol the guys ain’t gon keep up lol and I learned how to guard some moves to by seeing them soo thank you 💪🏾

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      I mostly just like to shoot. I like to.go.for the far shots but I suck at layups. Had to play basketball for wintersports and our coach said I had a pretty light touch. He got me a hoop I could practice on but had to give it up when I moved. Ive been dying to get back on a court ever since.

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    • @CoachSullivan
      @CoachSullivan 5 ปีที่แล้ว

      check out some of the stuff I just started to do - if you like video - then check out the knowledge!

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    you´ve really helped me in my dribbling skills and in my shots.
    they´ve been more accurate and easy to do ever since i started watching you! thanks!!!

  • @nickicarroll4941
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    I made a combo it is my main I do it a lot in 1v1s so you do between the legs but don’t bring it back in front of you, then do behind the back and people will usually think you are going to keep it there the last step is to then do a low and fast crossover to the right

    • @savioabouabboud7097
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    I need help on shot control because my angle is correct but my strength fluctuates too much. Do you have any videos over how to control the strength and increase accuracy?

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      5' 11'' is hella short for a center. Just train your jumpers and stuff until you don't miss that first shot anymore, ever. Till then, just pass and be a good teammate & good center. Always leave your ego at the door.

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      Get as many shots in in practice as you can, perfect your technique and footwork first. When you get comfortable with open shots and it feels like second nature, then you can start with the contested ones. After that you go to work the same way.

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