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Inside The Most Barbaric Texas Jail | Dallas County Jail, Texas, USA | Free Doc Bites

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 7 พ.ย. 2023
  • Inside Texas's Worst Jail | Dallas County Jail, Texas, USA | Short Documentary
    The Dallas County Jail in Texas - a supersized facility with beds for 7,100 inmates. There, inmates brought in for anything from minor crime to serial killing await their court dates. Up to 300 new arrivals come in per day. The biggest threat in the prison? Turf wars. With the surplus of inmates, there is less space to divide up between them, leading to relentless gang warfare.
    The series accompanies guards on their daily routines: those who struggle to maintain law and order and those who abuse their powers mercilessly. But above all, each episode allows the viewer to see the world from the prisoner’s point of view: the newcomer spending his first terrifying night locked up. Felons who live for the day when their fate will be decided: will it be life behind bars? A worse fate? Foreigners, far away from home, languishing away under the most horrendous conditions. And mothers who have to raise their children in the shadow of prison bars.
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  • @jorgechavez1230

    I watch these videos when I think my life is hard or stressful and it all goes away after watching these documentaries. The freedom we have is truly a blessing.

  • @kraziezombie

    "One of the toughest prisons in the world.." The most used line for EVERY damn prison documentary on TH-cam. 😅

  • @ruttekkkoko4863

    Imagine not having a lawyer for a murder case but having a public defender and in top of that his name is mr. broccoli

  • @compamousiekc3726

    Dude is a coward. Killing an innocent female because he was drunk. Straight P.O.S

  • @JeriDro
    @JeriDro  +213

    I hope the guy who lost the 8th month old is doing ok.

  • @sample.text.

    It's crazy how you can look someone in the eyes and have a pretty friendly conversation and then you remember the horrific things they've done.

  • @leetraviusmckay314

    Mr. Broccoli was his public defender 🥦😂

  • @4110markus

    I went to school with that kid Jesse. It’s wild to see someone that you interacted with a such a young age && then to see them in jail is MIND BLOWING . May God have mercy on his soul…

  • @johnfenechdoe3148


  • @hamishclayton347

    Wow - one female guard to 60 plus male inmates… that’s completely insane ☠️

  • @dontcare9689

    All proud of himself because he was on the news. Unbelievable how some people don't think. Make no mistake there is a very dangerous inmate next to you in that prison that will one day will come to see you because he wants to be on the news too you have nowhere to hide.

  • @pauljvan253

    Dude is regretful that he disappointed his family, but not so much for the woman he murdered. I’m not surprised.

  • @Mr_Toodles

    I was in this jail briefly in 2006. Even back then it was a terrifying place to be. You better believe I straightened myself up after that

  • @ZIC26
    @ZIC26  +65

    No matter how frustrated or unhappy I may become in life, I watch videos like this and count my blessings. At least I can say that I’m not locked up and I didn’t do something that may have irreversibly altered the course of my life from a legal standpoint due to a poor decision (or string of poor decisions) that I made. At least I can say I’m free. Some of the guys in these videos may never taste freedom ever again. All the more reason to make the most out of each day.

  • @kdl28
    @kdl28  +42

    I worked for10 years with the Texas prison system. As a paramedic. I've seen it all. The day I retired, I think was the most relieved of them all.

  • @rhiannonrose4841

    Dallas county jail is horrible.i have an experience as a teenage girl.i had run away from my abusive step father when i was 15 and they found me in Dallas.The police took me to this jail.Not jdc .it was horrifying the male guards watched me shower and change .i slept on a cot on the floor with 20 grown women who obviously had committed way more serious crimes then me a 15 yr old run away.The food was mush and mold .the toilet had huge roaches crawling out of the toilets.They kept me there for 3 days while Ga.sent a detective to come get me to fly me back to Atlanta.I will never forget this experience ever and im almost 54 now.

  • @plutoplatters

    Love how the first genius was " on the news" Damn ! Props

  • @c_telking4433

    He just confessed to killing that innocent woman on video. He’s where he belongs.

  • @DavidLamarjr

    Suddenly my life doesn't seem so bad

  • @thatdude4571

    it's cool to go to jail in the hood, Jail is glorified in rap music which a lot of inmates seem to love and are molded by it.