SM64 but you can Wavedash and use Smash Bros Melee Physics

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 14 เม.ย. 2021
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    🐦 KazeEmanuar

    Patch the downloaded file on your SUPER MARIO 64 (U) [!].Z64 rom!
    Patcher (patch onto the SM64 US.z64 ROM!!):

ความคิดเห็น • 277

  • Nathaniel Bandy

    This would be so much fun to speedrun with

  • Earthium
    Earthium  +68

    Not only did he make wavedashing, he made it in 3D.

  • mati jabones baratos kim

    i like the fact that when he wavedash´s, mario says "hu" as in melee

  • HawkTeevs
    HawkTeevs  +103

    Speedrunners are gonna have an entirely new category just for this

  • Gaming_Bigfoot

    I could see SimpleFlips having quite a fun time messing with this

  • Muggy Gaming

    When he dash danced in front of the Whomp King, that killed me😂

  • c l o t h i n g h a n g e r

    A full speedrun with this would be really cool

  • TheFatbearCrew

    Speedrunning would be really cool with this

  • MFG
    MFG  +7

    This man implemented the movement system of a 2D GameCube game into a 3D N64 game

  • Platformer64


  • thelastgogeta

    Love that the thumbnail looks like the SSBM Tutorials series on YT. Nice touch that a lot of your audience won't notice.

  • GravityWeeb

    Wavedashing/airdashing would work in so many games. I wish more games had a small burst of speed in any direction. Some games give the player a set distance, but I swear it would be best if it accounted for momentum.

  • AurenTheGuy

    The year is XX64.

  • SpunkyPixel

    I wanna see a TAS with this lol

  • stapler942

    Final Destination but it's in true 3D with 3D physics. That would be surreal.

  • Cyanic Core

    Outside of the double jump, some of these were almost seamless! Compared to that, Bowser must be bottom tier lulz

  • SupraMarix

    We only need a star get cancel and this would be the definitive edition to speed runs lmao

  • Kosmic
    Kosmic  +166

    definitely thought this was an ssbm tutorials vid, was very confused

  • June
    June  +9

    Melee also has ground-to-air speed conversion, so you don't slow down when going from a run to a jump or any aerial movement

  • OlafttheGreat1998

    I remember this map being a royal pain. This looks almost effortless.