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DAILY LIFE of MOMMY LONG LEGS // Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Animation

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 9 ก.ค. 2022
  • Mommy long legs, player and pug-a-pillar and Daddy Long Legs and Baby Long Legs together
    Also you can watch the Animation I've made about Prototype 1006 in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3
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    People who miss this video 😊

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    Da baby is so cute Ahhhh SO CUTE!!!!!

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    This is one of your best episode so far

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    6 likes cool

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    I’ll see how much it goes up 🆙 and I’m not going anywhere Else and then I’ll be back in a great weekend too but I’m so glad to you have a great weekend and I love your dad I love your family and your dad I hope you have FUN

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      To much funny 😂😂 you shall mommy long legs,Daddy long legs and your son and player

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    He don't have to blue hair.That's when he's not playing

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    SO CUTE❤😊

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    Oh my god I stopped it that's so😂

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    10:40 This baby is so LUCKY

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    1:41 “hello, hello hello? Uhh I wanted to leave a message to get settled into your first night”
    11:43 “to get settled into your first night umm I actually worked in that office before you”

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    POV that would be me when I'm sick😂😂😂😂🎉

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    Sooo cute

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    Coming back to these videos I get nostalgia

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    Awesome weekend with a good day

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    People that watch this in 2024 👇

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      This was a good animation series, untill he turned it into unwatchable garbage, missing it

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      This was good

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    (Video blue+pink=yellow lol)

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    Daily life of Mommy Long Legs is a funny topic. I love it.

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    It Is Soo Cool Wow❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

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    Pink+blue=yellow got me on the floor😂😂😂

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    Bro poop out a spider web 6:31

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    Now you know Don't Clap Your Hands while you're holding a baby over a pot

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    I LOVE ITS😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    I like 15:18 is funny daddy long legs:aaaggghhhh

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      I like 15:18 is funny daddy long legs:aaaggghhhh

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      Stop copy me

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    I love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Is SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE draw mommy in daddy in baby

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      Mommy in daddy in baby!? What!

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    People that watch this in sat march the 2nd 2024 8:40

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    baby long legs is so cute

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    OMG 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Mommy long legs is so cute and good and good life&family husband,baby&pet

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    Funny and cute at the same time😭😭

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      Вот ууариьитч тратит ттттаитьдюфипмддлшаа.

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    I still watch these and you can’t stop me

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    LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    i love this so much that i wont to wosh it so much

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    I just realized blue and pink make purple baby long legs is adopted💀

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    5:22 Blue+Pink = Purple

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    Mommy's what are doing
    Baby Long Legs: 😆😆😆

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    El baby long legn tiene familia long legn mommy long legn daddy long legn

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    Beautiful family ☘️🤙👍 is daddy long legs y mommy long legs and baby long legs beautiful poppy playtime

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    Mammy long Legs + player = love❤️

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      @@sannmimi й1фцй

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    The baby is so cute😊😊😍😍😻👶🏻👶🏻

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    😂when the tv was showing mommy long legs dying he was like OH HELL NAH😂

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    Mommy long legs:NOT MY BABY ITS ON OVEN!!!
    baby long legs:Mm yummy cookies

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    That's so cute the shades of the eyes eyes

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    😅esakara de momi fue aterradora

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    do daddy long legs cat

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    New sea😊

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    I love it when she gave him the medicine and he was like “nom? 🥺”

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    Daddi Long leng 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣❤

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    So cute baby 😢 mn 😢

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    She's was having flashbacks everytime she tries to cook

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    This baby is cute

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    My fav is poppy hoppy hopscotch bobby bear hug craftycorn dog day pj caterpillar and mommy long legs

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    Among us🗿🗿🗿

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    Blue + pink = PURPLE

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      Blue+pink=yellow solos

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      Red + Blue = Hollow purple

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      @@Allm._.gj7_2 really ? DO IT TO SEE

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    Mommy looks great 😇😇😇

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    I LOVE IT❤❤❤❤

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    Whys mommy long lengs look so pretty and the mommy long lengs in poppy play time 2 looks scary

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    just imagine how many people come here in every second to enjoy,,,💛

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    Funny by she picking him up on his head he was like yeah that was funny😂😂❤

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    this video is so beautiful i'm watching in 2023 today is 2024😊

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    Yo soy fan

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    “Why is out baby yellow?” GOT ME ON THE FLOOR

    • @user-jl4hl6zw8z
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      You’ve literally made me see the worst profile picture I’ve ever seen it is cringe

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    This video is funny AF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Bro 💙 + 💖 =💜

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    I dont know anything about mommy long legs or any of the character
    But i saw my baby bro watching this and its so good so now inw atching it 😂

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    The family is so cute.

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      @@tgneo5215what is all the emoji’s..

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      @@tgneo5215 5:53

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    when I saw meat from pork, lamb, chicken: 0:40

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    I love baby long legs he is so cute

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    El bebé se pone a estar jugando Among Us amo Gus us sus Amoooooo Gus su goma tu tu tu tu tu. Among Among Us William Adulfus |0|

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    People that watch this in 28230

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    That mommy has like 2,000 bathing suits and daddy long legs has like

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    Mommy long legs thug life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Is it just me or is daddy long legs low key kinda hawt😢

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    The baby is cute😁😁

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    Aw taking care of baby

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    Estoy cansado jefe 😂😂

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    I love this is so funny and cute :3

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    5:04 Mommy long legs got some explaining to dooo

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    They didn't notice mommy long legs farted 💀

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    😂😂😂😂😂😂 n I love you baby baby ❤❤

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    Muy bueno están los videos que haces

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    POV:you're trying to find someone commenting something else but all you see is "PJ PJ PJ PJ"

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    The video was funny

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      SO CUTE😅😅

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    2:05 yay he’s alive🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊 baby long legs

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      Gel já vi

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    3:53 awwww it’s so cute but why the 11 june 2022?

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    Mommy is so cute and sweet ❤

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    Oven get the mommy get the player you got him to hit.

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    Que bonito la familia de mommt

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    Baby long legs is so cute

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    Bro I thought this was a vibe check 💀
    Also player wants that ###

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    Blue + Pink = A Shade of Purple

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    (My OC file is inspired by the lizard design from Spider man PS5 game)
    real name:jacob cay Daniel elder.
    Cryptid name:fort phantom lizard.
    Born:Oct 20,2004.
    Type:(human boy turned into a humanoid lizard creature)
    Age when human:19
    Age now:59.
    Life span:(because of the curse he can live forever)
    Side note:(literally can't die no matter what is done to him because of his healing and regenerative ability)
    Family:(died from old age)
    Human hight: 5 ft and 7 inches.
    Hight now:10 ft tall
    Human personality:(a momma's boy,explosive anger,painfully honest,brave depending on the situation but other than that is a very easy going type of guy)
    Personality now:(stubborn,VERY territorial,wild and untamed,doesn't flee from a fight,bows to no one,sneaky,cunning and slippery and tolerates the smiling critters)
    Home:(the nearby woods and very large lake)
    diet:*mainly deer*but will eat wild pig,turkey,squirrel,birds,honey crisp apples and bananas,coyotes,Tyson chicken,dairy queen fries, McDonald's chicken and fries.
    His hunting style:(same as the alligator,it's Amazon cousin the black caiman and saltwater and African crocodile)
    Friends:mommy long legs,poppy and dogday.
    Tolerates:the others(some like kicken chicken to a extent)
    Likes:swinging,peace and quiet,the color purple and napping,eating watching,butterflies and the company of the reptiles around.
    Tolerates:bobby bear hug and the others,his life and banshee sisters antics (but because she's is always moody,frizzled and bitchy doesn't even bother being around her)
    Is annoyed by:(miss delight,kicken chicken and songs that wake him up)
    DISPISES:the prototype,potchers,animal cruelty,illegal logging,anything school or math related,politics,stupid and ignorant people,trespassers*only those he and poppy knows are allowed to visit*,the color pink*unless on flowers*,
    Hates:his sister who is now a banshee*hurting mom*who is also a ghost*,Mondays,bullies,liers,math and anything school related, needles,corrupted authority figures and trespassers in his territory.
    Status:(still very much healthy and alive because Lilith,sera and Lucifer helped him escape into the Anson fort phantom lake years ago witch is the same beach the smiling critters go to)
    features and weaponry:can heal his wounds quickly,his size,greenish skin with spikes on his back to tail and on his elbows,bluish green eyes, can see the ghost of his family,cursed with immortality,has super strength and speed,heightened senses,slightly improved hearing from human life(the eye thing that crocodilians use to protect there eyes when under water),very quick reactions,thick grey skin can climb with no trouble,knight vision,sonic roar,skin shedding, can regenerate and evolve his tail as well as grow his head back along with any and all part of his body, his bite force is that of 100 t rex's,16 lions and 50 great white sharks duct taped together.
    Origin:(sharptooth used to be a 19 year old young man named Jacob,like his mom who he said has died in a car crash Jacob doesn't have many friends and seems to prefer to be alone, but does have a friendship with Oliver,the dogday guy,poppy and kissy.one knight he was still dressed when he heard a scream...understandably confused why someone should be out at this time he went to find the source but saw a kid become the character they match.... understandably confused and slightly spooked he ran but accidentally tripped over a wire and fell into a pool of red...the workers helped him up asking if he's ok,but once he looked down at his right hand he saw it turning more lizard like...again he understandably panicked then felt the tail and eventually began to grow 10 ft tall.he tore his cloths and very painfully became more lizard like with spikes coming out of his elbows and back and he grew a tail,his face turned more like a lizards and then the transformation was fully complete.50 years later after his transformation,"sharptooth" as they call him now woke up from a deep sleep in his heavens zoo like habit in the labs to see from below the water they had put in(his enclosure is very advanced so he would think he was in a swamp)he saw everyone running, and creatures killing them...then he heard a door open and surfaced the noise and saw poppy opening his door,remembering her he slowly but surely comes out and quietly follows her into a secret entrance tunnel she made sure he can fit in leading to the woods"Jacob(said poppy),i don't know if you can still understand what Im saying but of you go threw the portal you need to go straight for at least five hours then you'll see a tree stump with what looks like a smile on it...then go left for a few minutes then you climb a stone Clif that leads to a sign me and dogday made,once you see the sign destroy it so that the people hear can't find you,then kissy, dogday and I will handle your tracks...once you get over the lakes fence head to the water then stay in fort phantom until dogday,kissy or I find you...well go from there".understanding what his friend said he jumps over the fence of the play care and onto the ground...and dispite his 10 ft tall size he's very quick and ran on all fours as he goes where they said but Poppy never knew he already knows where the lack is because he went there enough times with his mom to meet one of his sisters friends when human...eventually after running past the tree with the smile,he then sees the sign poppy was also talking about...he jumps and destroys the sign in the process along with the fence.it's year 2024 and he's not left the man mad lake but does migrate to his mom's grandpa's 80 acher ranch when winter arrives....the locals in both Minnesota and ones near the lake have reported sightings since the night he came to the lake and is now know as the cryptid called fort phantom lizard....feeling responsible poppy vowed that shed find a way to reverse what happened to Jacob that evening but saw how happy he was with his new life so she made it just in case).
    (A few years later on April 4 poppy wants mommy long legs,Huggy wuggy and her friends to meet someone,they agree and are teleported to sharptooth/Jacobs home in the now abandoned fort phantom lake and emerging from the water and onto the land is sharptooth/Jacob)
    Huggy:what is it?
    Poppy:HE is Jacob,he was human once....but then was reserected by fate into the lizard creature what you see now.
    Jacob/sharptooth:(gives a slightly annoyed growl but nothing major)
    Dogday:whys he ten feat tall though?
    Poppy:(about to say when kicken chicken walks up to sharptooth)
    Mommy long legs:is he always like that?
    Hobby:pritey mutch.
    Kicken:dig the spikes dude (😎)
    Sharptooth:(turns his head and growls at catnap in slight more annoyance then before,the gets on all fours to shake kicken of his back and eventually after meeting and sniffing the others he walks back towards the water)
    Catnap:heh, I bet his brain isn't bigger than a seed
    Everyone:(shocked and in disbelief he said that)
    Mommy:(sees sharptooth's anger slowly rise and with baby backs away)
    Jacob/sharptooth:(immediately stops as he hears this,then turns around and shows he's now beyond pissed off by at first walking but then running full speed)
    The crew:(backs away from the scene leaving catnap venerable)
    CatNap:(looks at them confused then turns around because of sharptooths drool dripping on him....then he turns and sees sharptooth running full speed towards him)
    (Sharptooth roars as he chases a beyond scared catnap as Huggy, laugh hard and as sharptooth/Jacob pins catnap in the shallows,and just as he raises his claw dogday comes in and says there friendly,after looking at CatNap for a good few hours he roars and snaps his jaws as a friendly arning then submerges in the deep part of the fort phantom lake*leads to his mom's old farm in Minnesota she showed him when she was alive and he was still human*.
    Dogday:you ok catnap?
    Catnap:(hugging dogday in fear)I'm never leaving my house again.
    (Mommy sees the creature move away and reemerges still hold baby and is checking on the smiling critters a few moments later Crafty and bobby then wave at him as Jacob/sharptooth goes underneath the water after catching babys scent as the others just watch as dogday smiles that everyone ok....meanwhile mommy and the others noticed the look in Bobby's eyes)
    Mommy long legs:your not hugging him Bobby.
    Bobby:why not?
    CatNap:what just happened to me for starters!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Mommy:(giggles)im just glad you're all alright.

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