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LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) EASY TRAILER 'Good Bones (Portrait ver.)'

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 25 ม.ค. 2024
  • LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) 3rd Mini Album 'EASY'
    2024.02.19 6PM (KST)
    Creative Director : NU KIM
    Visual Creative Coordinating : Yujoo Kim
    Style Directing : Yoon Cho, Soo Lee
    Brand Experience Design : Yoovin Baek, Hyemin Yoo
    Content Production : Yurok Jang, Jisoo Min
    A&R : Kyuyoung Kim, Yujeong Kim, Soyoon Park, Jennie Lee, Myeongji Kim
    [ House Production : MAT & MATTERS ]
    Film Directed by Kwanggoeng Yu
    Executive Producer : Yongmin Kim
    Assistant Director : Semi Kim
    Producer : Dongho An, Jaeyeon Lee, Gawon Lee, Sieun Park
    Creative Coordinator : Seabyeol Jung
    Director Of Photography : Sanggil Han
    Gaffer : Youngjun Kim
    Key Grip : Hyungkyu Choi
    Production Designer : Eunjung Chun
    Editor : Sejin You
    Visual Effects Supervisor : Kangki Jang
    2D Supervisor Artist : Songie Park
    3D Supervisor Artist : Minwoo Lee, Jay Jang
    Colorist : Sooyoung Kim
    Sound Supervisor : Sukwon Kim
    Re-Recording Mixers : Ilho Jeon
    1st AC : Hwibyung Chae
    2nd AC : Dohyeong Kim
    3rd AC : Gyuhyeon Cho
    Data Manager : Gyeongseo Gang
    Film Loader : Service Kim
    Film Assistant : Jinho Jang
    Best Boy Grip : Gunyoung Park
    Grips : Donggeon Lee, Sunghee Lee
    Steadicam Operator : Sungwook Park
    Steadicam Assistant : Junggwon Ann
    Lighting Assistant : Sungrho Yun, Youngkyu Choi, Sukkeun Oh, Junwoo Lee, Younghun Cha, Kuemsung Hwang
    Gene Operator : Sangyong Heo, Yongjin Ko
    Art Department Coordinator : Hoejeong Choi
    Art Department Assistant : Zihae Yun, Junghyeon Ahn, Eunyoung Kye, Sangjun Kim
    Construction Crew : Seongcheol Park, Yonghun Cho, Myungkook Kim, Jaehyun Lim, Kiseon Lee, Daeung Choi
    Stunt Coordinator : Yoosik Shin
    Stunt Double (Chaewon) : Hyuni Kim
    Stunt Double (Eunchae) : Hwain Cho
    Stunt Team : Minwoo Seo, Kyeungsik Shin, Yonghoon Kim, Jeonghun Lee, Yeeun Kim
    Assistant Editor : Heesoo Han, Taehwan Kim
    VFX Senior Producer : Yeonhee Kim
    VFX Producer : Min Yu
    2D Artist : Jiyeong Lee, Jiweon Lee
    3D Artist : Minchoul Kim
    Assistant Colorist : Eunji Song
    ADR & Dial Supervisor : Minkyung Jo
    EFX & Foley Supervisor : Hyunjun Kim
    Sound EFX Editor : Minseok Kang, Junhyuk Oh, Euijung Yoo, Yonghoo Lee, Jiyeon Lee
    Re-Recording MIX : Hyunjun Kim
    Sound Technical Supervisor : Yoonsung Hong
    Sound Accountant & Admin : Yeonwoo Oh
    Sound Post Supervisor : Jamie Kim
    Production Sound Mixer : Kyoungchan Won
    Boom Operator : Juhoon Shin
    Location Manager : Kyoungjong Cho, Juwon Lee
    Special Effect Technician : Dragon
    Basketball Player : Jword
    Casting : Yeji Kim, Hanseul Bae
    Stylist : Hyejung Jung, Youngeun Kim, Yewon Jeong
    Make-Up / Hair : Yeji Bang
    Special FX Make-Up Artist : Seunghwi Yoo
    Production Assistant : Myungdong Lee, Kyungtae Kim, Seongyong Hong, Seungho Shin, Wonmyung You, Jinho Song, Gyuyoung Jeong
    SOURCE MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by SOURCE MUSIC, Seoul, Korea
    Connect with LE SSERAFIM:
    OFFICIAL TH-cam / @lesserafim_official
    OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM / le_sserafim
    OFFICIAL TWITTER / le_sserafim
    OFFICIAL JAPAN TWITTER / le_sserafim_jp
    OFFICIAL FACEBOOK / official.lesserafim
    OFFICIAL WEVERSE weverse.onelink.me/qt3S/t2ra8uwj
    OFFICIAL TIKTOK / le_sserafim
    OFFICIAL BILIBILI space.bilibili.com/627577002
    OFFICIAL DOUYIN v.douyin.com/iJgLJpUp/
    OFFICIAL SOUNDCLOUD / le_sserafim_official
    #LE_SSERAFIM #르세라핌 #LE_SSERAFIM_EASY #MakeItLookEasy

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  • @lalalalalalalalala1293

    How many international fans are here? ✋


    the girls are literally multi-talented and we're are lucky to know that these such angelic members exist.


    Shout out to the director who did all this work, I love the concept that Le sserafim brings us in this comeback.

  • @Zyn_75
    @Zyn_75  +796

    Fearnots will be always support you Le sserafim! We love y’all so much.

  • @Min_dittxx

    'EASY, CRAZY, HOT , I can Make it' IS ICONIC!

  • @user-ew4ve8ri1l


  • @user-nd8mp5on5d

    데뷔컨셉 피어레스랑 뭔가 통하는 느낌이라 개좋다. 쿨섹시 너무좋아

  • @user-jr4bi7rk4n

    カッコいい 可愛い 引き締まってる バラエティーとのギャップが凄い

  • @sserayoshi

    we all know this comeback is going to be wild. I CANNOT WAIT

  • @ken-2jyu581


  • @lattezuha

    i've been saying this since debut, they have the best concept in kpop! no one can pull off the run away concept except them

  • @tooriuo
    @tooriuo  +215


  • @rizie.01
    @rizie.01  +125

    le sserafim i am so proud of y'all!Le sserafim become one of the biggest girl group becouse of their succes and hardwork.Keep going,girls!Stay Strong!I love lesserafim!❤I'M FEARLESS!💕👑

  • @romanasharmin

    Every time the pitch gets higher in

  • @luvixkpop594
    @luvixkpop594 14 วันที่ผ่านมา +15

    I think this comeback is going to be a bop for lesserafim ✨

  • @hannis_personal_phone

    Le Sserafim just dropped a teaser, and I'm over here in awe. 😲 It's not just visuals; it's a whole experience. 🌈 I can feel the passion, the dedication - it's like they poured their souls into this. This ain't just a comeback; it's a masterpiece unfolding. 🎨 Get ready to witness greatness.

  • @hannis_personal_phone

    The passion and dedication in Le Sserafim's teaser are undeniable. You can feel the effort they put into every frame. This comeback is about to be a masterpiece. 🎨


    It's very catchy. It is marketable. It's iconic. is awesome. It's on brand, it's smart, it's witty, it's conceptual, it's unique, it's amazing, it's talented, period

  • @tacchar9378


  • @justamultifanperson

    Their visuals are SERVING! It looks like a photoshoot in magazine cover. My girls will definitely slay this comeback.