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What Don Bosco Learned From a Devil at Mass | Ep. 165

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 22 ก.พ. 2024
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    There were a few times in which Saint John Bosco had visions of devils. These dreams were sent from above that he might learn how the devil tries to take us to hell and what hurts him the most. So listen and heed well. This dream is called, “The Devil on the Playground.”
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    Thank you to Salesiana Publishers for their kind permission to use the English translation of The Biographical Memoirs of Saint John Bosco by Fr. Giovanni Battista Lemoyne et al. (New Rochelle, N.Y.: Salesiana Publishers, Inc., 1964-2003).
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  • @Oldparson220
    @Oldparson220 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +403

    As a priest, I have done battle at the altar. I wondered why the worse was up to Consecration, but continued until I consumed the Chalice. I realized that the Consecration takes place at the words of Consecration, but the 'Sacrifice' is completed when the priest consumes the Sacred Species. The strange thing is, this never happens at the new rite, only at the old.

    • @fairyspunfibers9098
      @fairyspunfibers9098 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +60

      God bless you, Fr. Daniel, and Mary keep you! 🙏 If this happens again, remember to call Mary to mind, and She will do battle with and for you. God is glorified in His Angels and Saints!
      We pray for all our dear priests, that they will be greatly strengthened in this time of great trial. 🙏🙏🙏

    • @hildebrandavun3951
      @hildebrandavun3951 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +15

      No blessing water at the begining of Novus Ordo, Father. 😃

    • @Funsoul8
      @Funsoul8 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +20

      Yes and this Pope has eliminated the Latin mass. I think the new mass seems invalid because it is not in Latin. I don’t know..Let God allow what he will. 🙏

    • @patrick.7326
      @patrick.7326 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +39

      @@Funsoul8 Then you are confused my friend, the hands of the priest is Holy like it or not, are you Peter on the rock that JESUS CHRIST made head of the Holy Catholic Church? You don’t have that authority to say the Novice Mass is not valid you need to show more respect, and if the good Father is saying it is not valid that’s a disgrace.

    • @patrick.7326
      @patrick.7326 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +32

      Are you Father a priest saying the Novice Mass is not Holy and Christ is not there? Encouraging people to not go to the Holy Novice Mass and disrespect the Holy Hands of priests who celebrate the sacrifice of Christ passion is dangerous.

  • @donadieu83
    @donadieu83 หลายเดือนก่อน +34

    I too am a priest. And yes i often feel the battle hard up to the point of consecration. I have often felt attacks in the confessional. I felt attack all during the homily. Distractions are continuous sometimes very raw. At consecration peace comes upon me. This is when we need prayer the most because his attack is to wear us down, before, during, after. St John Vianney stated " There is no such thing as a bad priest. Just a priest who his people do not pray for him."

    • @tanyataff9442
      @tanyataff9442 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      Thank you so much for sharing this Father.

    • @Mari-hu7vm
      @Mari-hu7vm หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      Try praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet

    • @cianmoriarty7345
      @cianmoriarty7345 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Thank you father. I have recently be praying the St. Benedict medal prayer, though I don't have a medal. It has delivered me from some vile obsessions.
      I mentioned this to a friend who said his Catholic friend gave him some medals and a rosary. He was wearing the Miraculous Medal of Our Lady. He had given the rosary to his lady friend.
      I showed him the picture of the St. Benedict medal and he said that was the other thing his friend gave him and that he would give it to me on my birthday 😮

    • @laurahill2202
      @laurahill2202 26 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

      Dear Father; I pray for all the Holy Priests and Sons of Mary at Mass and the presence of all His Holy Angels each time the Consecration begins. I never had a thought that my dear Father’s were battling on the Holy Altar, as well 😢🙏. Now I will pray, Also, for increased strength and victory, especially, for you all.❤🙏🕯️🕊️🪽

    • @donadieu83
      @donadieu83 26 วันที่ผ่านมา

      @@laurahill2202 pray for me fr Gregory P Cormier and Fr Casey Dugas

  • @musicandthewalk
    @musicandthewalk 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +30

    I am an alumnus of Don Bosco Mandaluyong in the Philippines (Salesianas). One of the best days of my life! This story brought me back to my childhood. I was troubled kid; did not have the best upbringing. You can say I was "orphaned". Being a Bosconian helped me a lot actually (most probably) was a medium of God's salvation for me.

  • @MsDormy
    @MsDormy 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +71

    Don Bosco was a wonderful father to those fatherless boys. How beautiful. God bless good dads! 🙏❤️

  • @vanessamartz7596
    @vanessamartz7596 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +37

    I went to school with Salesians as a little Presbyterian girl. I'm Catholic now. I loved St. Don Bosco then and now. I've always felt he led me to the Church.

    • @TheSeptacle
      @TheSeptacle 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      Thanks be to God!

  • @lindahall3546
    @lindahall3546 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +73

    I love the beautiful yard where you film...the giant house, stone walls, bench, the lighting through the trees. How your lab stays right by you & listens. Its all SO peaceful.❤

  • @rain8228
    @rain8228 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    Evil will always challenge your faith in God in so many ways..do not get distracted... there's Always a light..beyond a tunnel...where there is light beyound .a tunnel ..called .. God @ Always near and dear 🙏

  • @mazikode
    @mazikode 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +53

    Thank you Matthew, St Don Bosco was so concerned for the salvation of hi childrens souls. Even when he was sick his life was all for them.

    • @tomboyraider1015
      @tomboyraider1015 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      He was a very loving saint. 💟

  • @laurahill2202
    @laurahill2202 26 วันที่ผ่านมา

    I can not believe how much I have come to love Saint Don Bosco, through these amazing and wonderful videos. I do not have much money coming in, monthly, but I will make a small donation for the continuing outreach of this holy ministry.

  • @m.u.g.9526
    @m.u.g.9526 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +28

    Your Latin is almost impeccable! Thank you for the wonderful videos.
    St. John Bosco, Ora pro nobis!

  • @spencercolgan
    @spencercolgan 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +65

    Quick question for you: are you a not for profit organization? Our donations tax deductible? This is an awesome channel and I hope it lives as long as I do.

    • @donboscostories
      @donboscostories  3 หลายเดือนก่อน +39

      Yes sir, completely non-profit.

  • @chrisdavis9928
    @chrisdavis9928 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +27

    Lord, have mercyvon me a sinner.
    As men.

    • @GodLovesYou5635
      @GodLovesYou5635 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4


    • @shortnessoftime8783
      @shortnessoftime8783 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

      @chrisdavis9928 - Not “As Men” but “Amen” is translated to ‘So be it.’

  • @pistolpete131
    @pistolpete131 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +76

    Youre an excellent narrator. Wonderful

  • @GrislyAtoms12
    @GrislyAtoms12 18 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Oh how timely this video was for me today. I have recently, in the last month or so, fallen into the sin of detraction very easily. After watching this, I am now aware that detraction can rise to the level of mortal sin if done with forethought and full consent of the will. I made an examination of conscience, repented of this sin, and said an Our Father for penance.
    Thank you so much to you, our host, to lovely St. John Bosco, and most importantly, to our Lord Jesus Christ for bringing this to my attention. We should and must have a spiritually healthy aversion to detraction and all other sins. Lord have mercy!

  • @savionoronha363
    @savionoronha363 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +17


  • @annem2922
    @annem2922 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +46

    Thank you my brother in Christ for this video! I was baptised by the Salesians. Thank you Saint John Bosco💟💟💟
    We must not forget that the devil knows the scriptures. He quoted verses to Jesus during the 40 days Our Lord was in the desert. Jesus showed us how to respond-- With the Word of God. “It is written…………..”

    • @RC-fi4ix
      @RC-fi4ix 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      "The word of God- it is written"

  • @stellarajakumari3647
    @stellarajakumari3647 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +30

    St JOHN BOSCO, please pray for my family, thank U, AMEN.🌹✝️🌹

  • @XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXXxXxxccx
    @XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXXxXxxccx 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +34

    Im deeply thankful for these videos so I will donate $5 a week to keep this ministry going forward. May GOD Bless us all!

    • @donboscostories
      @donboscostories  2 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

      Thank you very much! If you could do it through my Don Bosco website, I would appreciate it:
      That way you can be enrolled in our weekly Saturday Masses for your intentions.
      God Reward You!

  • @Understandingdivinemercy7343
    @Understandingdivinemercy7343 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +23

    God bless Mathew

  • @dianewhitlock1917
    @dianewhitlock1917 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    I am forever grateful to the Salesians for their lovely booklets of bible verses and pictures of encouragement I’d received years ago before I became Catholic! Learning of Don Bosco and his life is such a joy❤

  • @edemontfort9482
    @edemontfort9482 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +26

    Awesome content and retelling. I was taught by Salesian sisters who spoke often of St.Don Bosco but we never knew about his visions or prophecies. Fascinating history.

    • @hydieganzon2162
      @hydieganzon2162 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      ❤Mat God bless us all..❤

  • @Mary-momof8
    @Mary-momof8 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +24

    You really bring alive St. John Bosco's words, Matthew. God bless!❤

  • @cianmoriarty7345
    @cianmoriarty7345 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

    1:21 "because dreams come when we are asleep, and we are not to over value them". What a humble man.

  • @carlvaz
    @carlvaz 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +14

    A story beautifully narrated! Thank you, Matthew!

  • @tomboyraider1015
    @tomboyraider1015 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

    I love how calm your dog is behind you. Just chilling.

  • @psalms6084
    @psalms6084 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +13

    Glad to be here with you all

  • @day1678
    @day1678 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    St. Don Bosco, pray for us!

  • @cjreckoner8465
    @cjreckoner8465 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +18

    Thank you for the video and God bless!

  • @susanabdallah8020
    @susanabdallah8020 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +10

    Thank you, Matthew for your wonderful accounts. God bless you. Blsd Mary keep you

  • @normavalliant4927
    @normavalliant4927 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for sharing and teaching us. May God watch over you and St. Michael protect you.

  • @XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXXxXxxccx
    @XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXXxXxxccx 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7


  • @shafur3
    @shafur3 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +10

    Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🌹📿

  • @signedelacroix7213
    @signedelacroix7213 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    That picture at 7:50 where he is with many young one is amazing to me, because the expression on his face is similar to the one one the boys face, proving to me that he must have loved them very much with a father hearth, as to imitate in his figure their young face, and their face look like his. Showing to me that they to love hm in a special filial way.

  • @ioanniswarpakma6751
    @ioanniswarpakma6751 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

    Thank you Brother. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @prayunceasingly2029
    @prayunceasingly2029 7 วันที่ผ่านมา

    This dream holds a number of truths

  • @user-nz3oe8ii7f
    @user-nz3oe8ii7f 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    Glad you are back. I enjoy these.

  • @learnenglishwithtreesongte5915
    @learnenglishwithtreesongte5915 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

    Thanku 4sharing Don Bosco our dear friend

  • @annroman4561
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    Love this

  • @davidmangen1912
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    Thank you!

  • @marieleopold1625
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    WELL DONE!!!

  • @novyespinosa9749
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    Thank you for this great video 💖

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    thank you.....well done

  • @jaroslaval9159
    @jaroslaval9159 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Wow! That was amazing! Thank you!

  • @kitboklangkharsati4381
    @kitboklangkharsati4381 หลายเดือนก่อน

    God bless them all

  • @evangelinehoke5512
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    Hey great video thank you

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    @aeternusfidelis-zb3sf หลายเดือนก่อน

    Superb videos!

  • @adrianapusztai6806
    @adrianapusztai6806 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

    My dear Lord God, Pile 3....... how accurate can your reading get. This is totally true.....My mother is 81 and I am 20 years younger.....my own health is going through a bit of difficulty and I feel I can't look after her any more but she refuses to go into an aged care home even though she can't do much for herself any more. She didn't look after me propperly when I was a child........I'm tired and want my freedom back before it's too late for me. Thank you and blessings to you. ⚘️❤️🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    • @lynne-du9ql
      @lynne-du9ql หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      I'm sorry you are going through this. My mother is the same. Pray, pray and receive Jesus in the blessed Eucharist. Ask him to heal you from the inside and you will be stronger to cope.

    • @laurahill2202
      @laurahill2202 26 วันที่ผ่านมา

      In Hebrews (chapter 5) we are told, “Son of God though He was, He learned obedience in the school of suffering, and now, His full achievement reached, He wins eternal salvation for all those who render obedience to him.” Be strong in your sufferings; the Lord will reward you for being faithful to the woman who carried you in her womb, as the 3rd commandment states; “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives you.”. Our crowns are not given to us because we just “showed up” as this present day society has spoiled our children into thinking. The Grace God gives is IN the suffering, offered to Christ on the cross. I found out this truth during the years of abuse I went through with my children’s father. I will pray for your victory 🕯️🕊️🙏

  • @lukasandisaaktime9147
    @lukasandisaaktime9147 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    Wow! You are a good narrator- love your voice!

  • @alejandres26
    @alejandres26 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Liked and subscribed. Thank you sir God speed.

  • @jack333p
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    very good video

  • @AnnetteZetterholm-iz9zv
    @AnnetteZetterholm-iz9zv หลายเดือนก่อน

    Thank you for this video - good information! St. John Bosco please be with my family and especially my daughter as she begins her teaching career. In His name I pray!

  • @user-zx6oj7uz8w
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    Where are you recording this video? It’s a beautiful location. Keep up the good work!

  • @ciphael
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    Thank you Mathew Miller for this video !

  • @patrick.7326
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    I like the different camera views used in these videos.

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    Hi there, God bless.

  • @carolzappa1804
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    I very much appreciate your videos, and your skill at narration.
    These videos have scared me silly....definitely enough to make me really pay much more attention to my thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.
    It is a wonderful lenten excercise for me.
    I was also scared silly by the dark figure looming behind you as you spoke of the demon standing by the Church doors....until I realized it is only a black Labrador...the hound of Heaven, possibly 😅 whew.
    God Continue to Bless you and your ministry here of spreading the valuable information of the miracles and dreams etc. of Saint John "Don" Bosco.🙏❤🕊✝️⛪

  • @alicjastolarski1464
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    Love John Bosko, was in salesmanship parish as a kid

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    I attended a primary school named after him....we didn't learn this tho 😮....thank you for awesome content

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    ❤ Amen!!!

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    May I ask ,is it yourself who portrays GK Chesterton on EWTN ?.

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    If people only knew the importance of the mass !

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    A note. When giving to any content creator on utube, the creator loses half to utube.

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      Not if you go through my Don Bosco website: saintjohnbosco.net/promoter-of-saint-john-bosco/

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