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How to Start a T-Shirt Business at Home | Key Things to Know!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 12 เม.ย. 2024
  • Learning how to start a t-shirt business at home has never been easier than it is today. No longer do you need a ton of money, equipment or a facility to have a profitable t-shirt printing business. Watch as Josh walks you through all the important steps and information you need to establish an at-home t-shirt business so you can start making money as soon as possible!
    00:00 - Start
    01:23 - 5 Ways to Heat Press T-Shirts at Home
    05:18 - What Heat Transfers to Use When
    08:40 - Choosing a Start-up Heat Press & A2Z Overview
    18:27 - Talking About ROI (Return on Investment)
    19:22 - Choosing a Market & Type of Customer
    25:07 - Other Resources to Grow Your Business
    Products to Start Your Business:
    Best Starter Heat Press - bit.ly/3lBWsTs
    Starter Heat Press Bundle - bit.ly/2QEI8vn
    Affordable Screen Print Transfers - bit.ly/3hXgtSB
    Versatile HTV Options - bit.ly/3gMYyfI
    FREE Educational Resources:
    Ultimate Guide to Starting a T-Shirt Business: bit.ly/34MmwWc
    Marketing Your T-Shirt Business: bit.ly/3gKwppI
    Connect with us online:
    Facebook: / stahlsheatprinting
    Instagram: Stahlsheatprinting / stahlsheatprinting
    Pinterest: / stahlsheatprint
    Twitter: @StahlsIDDirect / stahlsiddirect
    For more heat printing tips and tricks, connect with Stahls' Blog at blog.stahls.com/
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    Interested in ordering your very own A2Z Swing Away Heat Press? Simply head over to Stahls.com to order today bit.ly/3KlDi0E

    • @AnaS-ge2nr
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      Hi, when doing the example of Pleasant hill, black and white, it has an appearance that the printing is cracking. Instead of a smooth black and white. Was the art work with a cracked design? Or was that the quality of the printing?

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      Good day sir.i like that how much the machine printer

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      How can i reach you?

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      Hey great video but if I buy your Heat Press how do I get the letters and pictures I need ??

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    Getting the equipment is easy, Getting the customers and having professional style designs is key

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      Hi sir plz give me replay

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      Just fake some Designer brands and raise the black market

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      Put the decals on the back and they will come back

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      thats part of the hustle , sell them at liquor stores in the HOOD

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      how do i get the heat transfer machine ship to me and how much will it cost??

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    This is the best video out,,, he is efficient and professional... and most of all he's not wasting time talking about nothing,,, he is informative... thank you!!!

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      All facts

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      @@chukwudiisaac327 check the description

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      very nice!!!

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      who's making money from t shirts???

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      But he doesn't look successful. I don't see any signs of WIP or stock.

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    I admire your ability to deliver so much detailed info so effectively, while continuously preserving the attention spans of your viewers!

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      Thank you!

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      When can I get this machin and all the photos.and how much

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    This video has made me so happy. I’m a solo mom living in my car and I want to start my own business. With all of the e-commerce going on, this is perfect. I have so many different ideas though so I will have to market them all separately. Learning all the techniques really help me begin to put this into play.

    • @StahlsTV
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      You got this! We're so happy you've found it helpful!!

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      Good luck lady 💗

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      Good luck

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      Hello FSM, just checking in on you, first off, Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope you had a great one. But I also wanted to see if your situation has improved since 4 months ago. I hope to get good news from you and I wish you the absolute best.

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      Reading this from Barbados. I wish you every success. Please update us, we are backing you all the way.

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    I just wanna say that I appreciate all the great info and demonstrations. I am really excited about my business adventure and through you guys.. Seen a lot of bad comments on Amazon purchase heat presses and no customer service replies or call backs and I don't like the feeling of it so I hate out of state purchasing. So I'm happy to say I will work with you all so thank you for not wasting my time watching your video!

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    I think every quality product needs to be demonstrated this way. Impressive & comprehensive demonstration

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      Thanks for your feedback!

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    Wowww, this video is so amazing. It answered so many questions that I could not answer myself. You are very through with beginners like myself. You just gave me the entire insight on all of my questions that I was so puzzled about. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • @StahlsTV
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      Glad it was helpful!

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    Thanks for sharing. Was interested when you talked about different markets; so important for any business to narrowly define who their ideal customer base is and their specific needs and wants. I can see that you used different materials as well for the occasion. Events are a great way to increase your order size. I'll stay tuned for more content!

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    Probably the best video on this content that I have seen on TH-cam. Very detailed, to the point helps a new person getting into the business a chance to not get overwhemed and confused on which direction they should go. This video 5 Star rating from me. Well done team.

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      I am considering a home-based print business coming aboard with no experience just a strong passion and this video gave me some vital straightfoward keypoints and insights that I believe is helpful.

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    This man explained everything thanks for your patience 🙏

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      Thanks for watching!

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    Great video! very straightforward and very informative. I am starting a clothing line and will be investing in one of these machines. Thanks again, much love

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      Glad it was helpful!

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    Thank you for your time and patience on sharing these steps! Great video very informative! Thank you!

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    The information shared has been extremely helpful. I am looking forward to establishing a long term relationship with your company that would definitely benefit both of our businesses.

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    Your so helpful..thank you! All.the best in success! ❤

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    This video is really helpful, I like how you were thorough in explaining everything about the whole business of heat press. I am hoping to start my heat press business soon and would really want your help in getting the right products to start.

    • @StahlsTV
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      Thanks for the feedback Selma. We're happy to help you - please visit us at Stahls.com

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      ​@@StahlsTVsend more details of the machines and price

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    This is really informative! I love the fact that you teach us and not just sell the product and leave us hanging as to what to do or where to start.

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    Thanks for sharing this life changing information. I think now is the time, you are the man and this is the channel I’ve to subscribe and learn enough to start. It’s been in my mind for long but didn’t know where to start.

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      Yeah me too. Are you working on it? How much does it cost in our country? In birr?

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    This video has made me feel top notch, it's so educative and encouraging, thank you and keep up the good works that drives people to success

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      Glad you enjoyed it!

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    Of all the videos that I’ve watched, this video is the most informative and BEST.
    Thank you very much. ❤️

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    Your passion is absolutely contagious! Thanks for this fantastic video 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    I am so impressed on how easy and quick you can press a shirt and other articles. I’m interested in learning more about this machine. I’m thinking on the market I want to reach already. Thank you for sharing!

    • @StahlsTV
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      Glad it was helpful! You'll find the heat press here: www.stahls.com/swing-away-heat-press-a2z

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      We are making solid t-shirt
      Prices 4$
      Free shipping
      Bangladesh to USA

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    I really appreciate what you have share to us and thank you so much.

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      You are so welcome

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    Really useful video, thank you! Especially love the "what to use when chart".

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      Glad you enjoyed it!

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      @@StahlsTV I want to do this. Please Can you help me to find how to get the machine and Oder things

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    The best video I’ve seen that educates you on the different types of printing images.

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    I just ordered the Asz heat press 3 days ago. Im going to study all your vids and learn how to use it before it even comes. Thanks for posting vids like this

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      Awesome! Thank you!

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    Great videos and info, no nonsense, professional. Thanks for awesome ideas and inspiration.

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      Glad you liked it - thanks for watching!

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    Thank you! Such well-delivered information and I appreciate the transparency of your business!

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      Hi, We export plain T-shirts from India to many buyers in US and Europe to be printed at their ends and then marketed. Please write to us on sateesh@rainbowoverseas.in.

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      All facts

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    This video is A+ by the way. Very clear and concise and straight to the point. Well done

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    this is gold. thank you so much

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      Thanks for watching!

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    Very informative. We appreciate your detailed guidance! Thank you

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      Glad it was helpful!

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    Thank you! Great information. I've been wanting to do this a long time but never knew how to get things going. I've got lots of ideas and a base to start. I'll be purchasing your equipment and will subscribe to the channel! 🙃

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    Great information in a quick, to-the-point, and easy-to-understand format. Great work!

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    This is the BEST video EVERRRR thank you so much! New subscriber.

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      Was just going through this wonderful channel when I came across your TH-cam, if you don’t mind us being friends, could you leave a message after this one . Thanks and be safe

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      Yay! Thank you!

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    This is very informative. I want to start a printing business but was not sure. Now with this video I can be sure of starting something on the side to later turn into a full time printing business.

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      Thank you for watching!

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    Very informative video with a decent normal person, very rare these days. I will look into this heat press.

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    This video is extremely helpful, its covers all the questions I have ever had about heat pressing- wish I would have watched before I made some purchases but its all good.

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      Hi, We export plain T-shirts from India to many buyers in US and Europe to be printed at their ends and then marketed. Please write to us on sateesh@rainbowoverseas.in.

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    I am very thrilled and excited after watching this kind normally explained video.
    Can you please add a video about where each and every stuff should an individual buy from? This will really help the Begginers 😊

    • @StahlsTV
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      Thanks! Please check out our other videos - we have lots that include where you can source items from.

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    This video was extremely informative. Got me to brainstorming for the particular market that I would like to tap into. Thank you.

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      Glad it was helpful!

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    This is the longest educational ad I’ve ever watched. I’d watch a sequel

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    This is such a great video! Thank you

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    This video is amazing, I'm very grateful for these wonderful idea you have just shared. Thank you so much

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      Glad it was helpful!

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    Fantastic program about T-shirts printing and selling. Very informative . I am just excited to open a T- shirt printing business . I will get to Stahls and the transfer express .
    Thanks a lot .

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    You did an amazing job with the information you provided in your video! Thank you so much for making this video. My only question is how do you prevent your transfer from coming off in the washing machine and dryer.

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    Nice video thanks!
    I’m looking to start a printing business again, but with better and more efficient techniques this time (used Vinyl & JPSS paper before).
    Screen printing is definitely needed for successful designs, weeding 50 vinyl designs is simply not good commercially or mentally.

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    Awesome Video. Thanks for producing.

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      Glad you found it helpful!

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    Such an amazing and thorough video on apparel printing! Thank you so much. We are definitely considering the heat press you mentioned! :)

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      Hi, We export plain T-shirts from India to many buyers in US and Europe to be printed at their end and then marketed. Please write to us on sateesh@rainbowoverseas.in.

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      Oh good

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    Great video, very informative. I have a question, for what I saw the pressure adjustment on the heat press is manual, how do you know you set it right? does the heat press has an indicator for this? thanks a lot

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    Thanks you so much you made my day thats mybusiness to come ❤

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      Great! We're happy it helped!

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      Glad it was helpful!

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    This was one of the best informative videos that I've watched in regards to helping me with my custom apparel business. Thank you so much!

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      You are so welcome! Thanks for watching!

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      I am from Bangladesh.I can give print t shirt $2 per piece.If you need please response me

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    I can appreciate the honesty and transparency in this video definitely will be purchasing my first machine from you guys! Love how detailed this video is, I feel like I am ready now. One stop shop video. Kudos!!

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      Hey Lennie
      How are you keeping,
      Where are you from??

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      You can do it

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      Glad it was helpful!

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    Loved this video. Wish I had seen this video before purchasing equipment. Will just have to work toward better equipment. Thank you so much. Subscribed!

    • @sateeshanraghavan1465
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      Hi, We export plain T-shirts from India to many buyers in US and Europe to be printed at their end and then marketed. Please write to us on sateesh@rainbowoverseas.in.

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      Thanks for the kind words!

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      Glad to help

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      Hi, We export plain T-shirts from India to many buyers in US and Europe to be printed at their ends and then marketed. Please write to us on sateesh@rainbowoverseas.in.

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      Hi, We export plain T-shirts from India to many buyers in US and Europe to be printed at their ends and then marketed. Please write to us on sateesh@rainbowoverseas.in.

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