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You've Never Seen A Wheelchair Like This

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 22 มี.ค. 2024
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  • @MarkRober
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    If any of you hack the Cash Cannon I’m gonna be ticked. Have fun learning to be resilient with CrunchLabs and get 2 FREE boxes at crunchlabs.com/cashcab

    • @Tiger10002
      @Tiger10002 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +240

      😮😮My parents said if I hit 20k they'd buy me a professional camera begging you guys literally begging .!.

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    • @RealJop
      @RealJop 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +42

      That wheelchair is so cool!

    • @Tiger10002
      @Tiger10002 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +103

      😮...😮who love mark rober

    • @tpose8280
      @tpose8280 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +45

      I'm about to do that

  • @lisam.willson1679
    @lisam.willson1679 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +17951

    Honestly I think the real hero of this video is his dad. Everyone needs a father like that.

    • @chtm
      @chtm 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +463

      100% You literally summed up the problem witth our modern culture. Not enough dads like Chase Harris.

    • @user-ir9yk1ku7f
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    • @travisfifield6014
      @travisfifield6014 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +178

      100% You hit the nail on the head. Motivation like this is what kids need, not to be babied and helped with everything.

    • @kiv2193
      @kiv2193 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +73

      Who's cutting onions!? Stahp

    • @meetalif
      @meetalif 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +37

      We should be like him.

  • @YouTube
    @YouTube 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +6480

    Cash will have this memory to last a lifetime ❤

    • @dakotarobert5473
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      First comment, and first like. not like it even matter lmao.

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      Shoo. You’ve done enough to this platform, stay away from mark

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      5th like!

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      Yo what

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  • @AudraK
    @AudraK หลายเดือนก่อน +143

    This is the most wholesome video to ever exist. Not to mention Cashs parents are truly angels on earth. I’ve never seen such a supportive and positive family in my life. You could not ask for a better set of parents. I absolutely wish the best for that family. You have filled my heart with joy. ❤

    • @arbajmia333
      @arbajmia333 29 วันที่ผ่านมา +2

      Hi 😮😂

  • @s0livagant_
    @s0livagant_ หลายเดือนก่อน +139

    2:58 'THESE💪💪' took me out😭😭 he's such a cool kid

    • @Redblood_669
      @Redblood_669 15 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

      Aint that funny at all

  • @JerryRigEverything
    @JerryRigEverything 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +13583

    Such a cool video and SUCH A COOL WHEELCHAIR!!!!!!!

    • @thegeekypants
      @thegeekypants 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +380

      durability test this wheelchair please

    • @LHSlash
      @LHSlash 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +245

      I clicked to see if you were part of the video!

    • @CanopusInfinity
      @CanopusInfinity 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +25

      Mark never fails, and he is genuinely making the world a better place.

    • @eatinsomtin9984
      @eatinsomtin9984 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +45

      Hello Mr Clean

    • @SN-oe6qz
      @SN-oe6qz 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@thegeekypantsActually he already tested this wheelchair on his channel months ago you should go and check it out

  • @kazialnahian8620
    @kazialnahian8620 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +9593

    Brought tears here when I heard the dad say that kid even understands what resilience over resistance means. We can't find full grown adults getting that concept.

    • @error.418
      @error.418 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +67

      We can find full grown with that concept. I think you mean we can also, unfortunately, find full grown adults without that concept.

    • @trdestruction6678
      @trdestruction6678 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +69

      ⁠@@error.418They refer to the statistical average of people who “get that concept” being too low. It wasn’t exact English, but it was implied well.

    • @bigboicreme
      @bigboicreme 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +10

      Resilience and resistance are two different things 🤔

    • @nickcochenour8140
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    • @AxePlays-hc5dj
      @AxePlays-hc5dj 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      Wait what's the difference? Is resistance perfection?

  • @EricBurns1
    @EricBurns1 หลายเดือนก่อน +52

    "There's no motor on that thing?" "These!" 💪 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @JadeW2613
    @JadeW2613 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +42

    Thank you for this Video. I've been going through a rough time lately but seeing the determination of Cash and his joy using his new chair cut through some of the negative. 💕

  • @pleskbruce
    @pleskbruce 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4442

    "I could help you, but you'd never know if you could do it on your own." Greatest positive statement ever told by a dad to his son or daughter. And despite all the barriers, these amazing parents fought to have this child. He must know how much he is loved.

    • @carazy123_
      @carazy123_ 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +42

      Seriously awesome parenting

    • @warrust
      @warrust 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +78

      The most important thing is that he celebrates loudly of his son's achievements. Cash is really lucky he's in a family like that

    • @scootermom1791
      @scootermom1791 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +19

      I LOVE that statement! He's extremely intelligent. That's one quote I am going to remember if I ever have grandkids (unlikely but....). I wish I'd heard that when raising my daughter. I also like the resistance vs. resilience statement he made.

    • @hugostiglitz5976
      @hugostiglitz5976 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Yea, that and all the toxic masculinity

    • @jennag3226
      @jennag3226 หลายเดือนก่อน


  • @DaveL0120
    @DaveL0120 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +14

    Definition of a great person. Thanks Rob for helping others. I’m 38 years young and I live your inspiration.

  • @sheplaysafender
    @sheplaysafender 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +13

    I love how kind Mark Rober is to the kids who need help. But that kid is FIERCE!! His parents are doing a great job. Awesome video, once again!!

    • @ashleynundhkumar4144
      @ashleynundhkumar4144 7 วันที่ผ่านมา

      You have been doing this and you can make me a happy 😢🎉

  • @GrumpCatMara
    @GrumpCatMara 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +2625

    This a great example of “do it yourself” parenting. Constant communication and encouragement so that the child doesn’t just feel overwhelmed or abandoned.

    • @vitmu9211
      @vitmu9211 2 หลายเดือนก่อน


    • @GrumpCatMara
      @GrumpCatMara 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@vitmu9211 !!!

    • @cameronhumphries2377
      @cameronhumphries2377 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +44

      yes! I could imagine especially as a kid if he was at school or somewhere where he doesnt have a direct carer/guardian these skills would help him feel strong and independent

    • @Dev1nci
      @Dev1nci 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +61

      Yeah and his sister wasn’t jealous at all, you could see she was really happy while her brother was getting gifts 👌

    • @Nigolasy
      @Nigolasy 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +45

      @@Dev1nci TRUE, so many siblings would jealous as heck but she was so enthousicastic about this!
      You know their parents treat both kids with the same worth.
      And I bet the sister will also be allowed to play with the wheelchair every now and then lol

  • @xattix
    @xattix 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1590

    I'd like to shout out the sister. It can be hard not being the one getting attention at that young age but she's all smiles and happy for her brother.

    • @BassByTheBay
      @BassByTheBay 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +187

      I was thinking the same. Judging from her apparently positive vibe, it looks like her mom and dad are giving her the love and attention she needs as well.

    • @mazvitaselemani
      @mazvitaselemani 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +65

      So parents definitely over look this, most commonly with elder kids, folks out here forgetting their first borns is sad

    • @quentor1835
      @quentor1835 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

      I think so to

    • @reisscoombe2821
      @reisscoombe2821 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3


    • @danielfowler7986
      @danielfowler7986 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

      With that coach as a dad, she is already dunking.@@BassByTheBay

  • @kathleenkaufmann2084
    @kathleenkaufmann2084 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    What a great thing! Love love love you Mark Rober! You bring the fun back to science for so many, and as a retired RN, so glad to see that these wheelchairs are finally becoming available for people who need them!

  • @HaydnSnyder
    @HaydnSnyder 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +9

    Shout out to Mark , This little dudes dad , mother , and little sister , you can tell they are super supportive of this little guy and want to see him surpass every battle in life!

  • @mrclean4729
    @mrclean4729 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1013

    His dad is truly inspiring, his commitment to his son is 110% everyday and you can see how much it helps. Lot of respect for these two warriors.❤

    • @SnatchCross
      @SnatchCross 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      110 likes and no comment, I’ll comment

    • @SnatchCross
      @SnatchCross 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Anyway the video was awesome have been watching him since 12 million

    • @LuDawg2
      @LuDawg2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      The mother is a great person. She bared that child. Both of these parents are amazing people. Amazing selfless people. True to humanity.

    • @LuDawg2
      @LuDawg2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      Need more people like both parents. Dad is fantastic, mom is an angel.

  • @CLiss15
    @CLiss15 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +582

    This kid's dad is a hero. Tremendous patience and love.

  • @juliajohnson4080
    @juliajohnson4080 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    This whole family is so full of vibrant life and joy. They are so inspiring!!

  • @user-tt1hf7sf4s
    @user-tt1hf7sf4s หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    I can just imagine mark just chilling thinking of a video idea then getting absolutely destroyed by cash lol

  • @Fenthule
    @Fenthule 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3171

    Mark's out here not just entertaining us, but genuinely making the world a better place along the way. Thank you.

    • @VasiliosAirlines
      @VasiliosAirlines 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3


    • @veramae4098
      @veramae4098 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

      Ok, but seriously, he needs to invent the space suit described in "Starship Troopers" by Heinlein.

    • @GamerThatExists
      @GamerThatExists 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +13

      The mrbeast of science

    • @Tiger10002
      @Tiger10002 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

      😮.My parents said if I hit 20k they'd buy me a professional camera begging you guys literally begging .!.

    • @whylowy
      @whylowy 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      Beautiful video.

  • @SavoryCaroline
    @SavoryCaroline 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +635

    That dad is the dad every child deserves.

    • @MusicalMemeology
      @MusicalMemeology 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +33

      It’s why fathers are so important.

    • @user-ir6fq6ov9t
      @user-ir6fq6ov9t 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

      @@MusicalMemeologywho said they weren’t

    • @thesauce1682
      @thesauce1682 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

      that's why you can't just switch gender and abandon your children

    • @AbhishekMSTE
      @AbhishekMSTE 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      ​@@thesauce1682are u referring to Chris Tyson?

    • @onionsbroccoli-on6jf
      @onionsbroccoli-on6jf 14 วันที่ผ่านมา

      @@user-ir6fq6ov9t No one said they weren't, the commenter is just pointing out how important a truly involved father is.

  • @nytehaunter7297
    @nytehaunter7297 20 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

    been watching your videos for years and this one by far is the BEST!! Cash is an amazing kid and his parents are some of the best ever... Mark doing what you did and helping design and build that chair also speaks volumes about you as a person!!! We need more people Like Mark, Cash and His Parents to remind us that when life kicks ya down its fine to stand back up again... AND JUST BE RESLIENT!!

  • @user-sn1ts3kv7j
    @user-sn1ts3kv7j 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

    I watched this video and was impressed by your ideas and technical skills. It's amazing that you can make your own wheelchair that can go up and down stairs! Their hard work for people with disabilities is beautiful!

  • @atchomama123
    @atchomama123 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +723

    Cash’s sister is the best! She really let her brother have the shine. It also seemed like she was genuinely happy for him. What a great sister!

    • @nadiako4513
      @nadiako4513 หลายเดือนก่อน +38

      I feel bad for her. She watched her brother get all the cool gifts and attention, and while not needing a wheelchair is a gift, you gotta admit it must hurt.

    • @realone653
      @realone653 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      That dad is a legend

    • @brightdaysaheadofUs
      @brightdaysaheadofUs หลายเดือนก่อน +6

      She's cool! I wish they gave her something too.❤

    • @malwads1836
      @malwads1836 หลายเดือนก่อน +11

      ​@@brightdaysaheadofUsIt's important for them to make a point to give her attention & an occasional gift too, it reminds her that she's loved too and also helps ensure their son understands that he's just a regular person that's equal to everyone else... Nothing more, nothing less.I'm sure in everyday life they try their best.

    • @smartchick1981
      @smartchick1981 หลายเดือนก่อน

  • @PeskyPlays
    @PeskyPlays 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1377

    Mark coming in clutch as the coolest uncle (yet again) 😎

  • @DaviCandy66
    @DaviCandy66 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    This and Fletcher's story are the most heartwarming real life occurrences that I've ever seen. I feel so happy for and support both of them with as much as possible 😌

  • @-Paawzz_Said_That
    @-Paawzz_Said_That 18 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

    I just wanted to say that I’m really thankful that I get to watch you. One time me and my friend couldn’t stop watching your channel. Over all I think your channel is amazing!

  • @user-xz9ik9lt4s
    @user-xz9ik9lt4s 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +781

    Huge props to the parents and Mark and I absolutely love how Cash's sister reacted to Cash getting everything he wanted and more while she was watching him be happy. A lot of siblings would get jealous in her situation but she seems so happy and exited for her little brother to have fun and have easier life. Their parents raised their kids perfectly!

    • @Baztav
      @Baztav 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +54

      I hope they show just as much love to her as they do with cash

    • @debbieholoquist2059
      @debbieholoquist2059 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +18

      I also commented on what I saw watching his sister. It's a testament to the fantastic parenting in that family!

    • @TheDreamerintheStarlight
      @TheDreamerintheStarlight 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +33

      Also that her sister saw the camera in 5 seconds

    • @kingscountydsa3178
      @kingscountydsa3178 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      I agree!

    • @O_O.The.Commenter
      @O_O.The.Commenter 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3


  • @mspears_bobobuddytheseniorcat
    @mspears_bobobuddytheseniorcat 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +885

    “My resilience is greater than my resistance.” Now those are words to live by! Cash and his family bring so much joy and motivation! 💪❤

    • @SeraphimCherubim
      @SeraphimCherubim 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

      Thanks for pointing that out. I'm going to use it... 🙂

  • @hillarystraley5821
    @hillarystraley5821 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    The intentionality and heart behind his videos are so sweet💛

  • @brittwhatever1467
    @brittwhatever1467 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    This is beautiful 😭😭 this is what we need more of on TH-cam

  • @bobobento5509
    @bobobento5509 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +507

    I absolutely love Cash's Dad. He is such a positive pillar of strength for Cash. So supportive. Best of wishes out to Cash and his family. Stay blessed.

    • @mybrainhurts3727
      @mybrainhurts3727 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

      He probably stopped mom from doing what needed to be done. He treats it like a toy, but mom should've ended it. Dad's pretend compassion is selfish.

    • @Goblinoid-o
      @Goblinoid-o หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@mybrainhurts3727your mother must be so proud of you

    • @mybrainhurts3727
      @mybrainhurts3727 3 วันที่ผ่านมา

      @@BrandonEdits-qs4cr Ingles?

    • @mybrainhurts3727
      @mybrainhurts3727 3 วันที่ผ่านมา

      @@BrandonEdits-qs4cr Ah, entendi. Bem, eu estava tentando mostrar quão insano esse tipo de discurso pró-aborto soa, então acho que consegui.

    • @BrandonEdits-qs4cr
      @BrandonEdits-qs4cr 3 วันที่ผ่านมา

      @@mybrainhurts3727 Ah, if that's true, then I'm sorry. I probably didn't realize this because I needed to use a translator.
      (Use of Google Translate.)

  • @flamake69
    @flamake69 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +6158

    Something in my heart just made the "crunch" sound when at 1:05 the Father said "With everything you got" and the kid was so determined, without any sign of doubt or insecurity. Great parents who deserved to get the exposure Mark gave them! Wholsome collaboration between eveyrone! One more reason to not lose hope in Today's world.

    • @cliffhamilton2857
      @cliffhamilton2857 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +66

      Might wanna get that checked out.

    • @edg5218
      @edg5218 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +18

      @@cliffhamilton2857 What an ignorant response, bet u were just the top of the class.

    • @MrMemeManX
      @MrMemeManX 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +79

      @@edg5218 Bro calm down it was a joke.

    • @Vexcan
      @Vexcan 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1


    • @NiaSwift
      @NiaSwift 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +15

      ​@@edg5218 i am getting very mixed signals
      you said they're ignorant and then you said you bet they're a really smart person? what?

  • @Draconis8888
    @Draconis8888 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +692

    It warms my heart to see parents instilling resilience and teaching. Many thanks and props to Mark, Scewo, and all the support team for building and making that possible.

    • @ClumDuddle
      @ClumDuddle 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

      This is how parenting should work.

  • @nobodyatall9999
    @nobodyatall9999 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    World’s most wholesome video? World’s most wholesome video!

  • @galaxy7115
    @galaxy7115 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    Why is Mark Rober so cool like bro is on another level of crazy.

  • @GeneralizedChaos
    @GeneralizedChaos 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +649

    I needed a wheelchair in highschool. I remember one day, I was having a really bad day so my friends talked about how they'd "pimp my ride" to make the wheelchair cooler. It really lifted my spirits and I know you made this kid so joyful but doing all of this. You're an amazing human Mark.

    • @scootermom1791
      @scootermom1791 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +10

      That's so awesome! The thing is, most people don't realize that a "disability" of any kind can hit them any day. They could be in a car accident or have a sport-related injury like breaking a neck when diving into a pool. Or, they could be affected by an illness that makes them lose a limb or two or makes them have to rely on oxygen supplements the rest of their lives. It can happen at any age. BUT the most important thing to remember is it's NOT the end of the world. It's just a change in your life story!

  • @nastystang113
    @nastystang113 18 วันที่ผ่านมา

    This is one of the best dads in the world. Keep up the great work brotha, you’re raising awesome children who will lead great lives.

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    When that kid said "a cupholder" my heart melted...

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    shoutout to cash's family, the parents for being so supportive and encouraging, and the sister for being all smiles even when she isn't the center of attention, happy for her brother

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    The joy and passion to learn, to create and to do is clear from all those here.
    thanks Mark, Cash and family.

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    @AlarKemmotar 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +535

    When I was an undergrad in engineering many years ago, I worked on designing a wheelchair with many of these features, but never had the opportunity to realize. Now I'm finishing up a PhD in bioengineering, and my dissertation project is working on methods to enable kids with spinal cord injuries to move and use their muscles. I love the work that others are doing to help these kids. They're such an inspiration!

    • @justinepadua3931
      @justinepadua3931 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +13

      Thank you for the wonderful work your doing

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    • @igiona
      @igiona 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Thank you ❤, messages like this are the driver for us engineers at Scewo to make our product better every single day!

  • @CromoPaleoShow
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    • @carlkenner4581
      @carlkenner4581 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

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    • @grumpywolfgaming
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      @@carlkenner4581 You are aren't very bright are you.

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    • @en2336
      @en2336 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

      if only more men would take responsibility for the children they created...only 4% of men fight for custody, which they are granted 94% of the time IF they ask...it's the choice of most men to be burdens on society...

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    @imantosh 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +328

    This is probably the best Mark’s video I’ve even seen. Kudos to those amazing parents that not only raised a disabled son with amazing spirit but a sister that shows little jelousy.

    • @SpectrumSwordtails
      @SpectrumSwordtails 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

      I liked this video too. It shows that Mark really does have a heart made of gold.

    • @mybrainhurts3727
      @mybrainhurts3727 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

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    As a DSP / Mentor at a dayhab for people with severe disabilities, made me smile all the way. I was imagining some of my clients who would love this! Thanks Mark and team for this amazing innovation. Cash you rock! Disability doesn't mean inability!

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    0:45 That speech was so emotional, Mark & Cash, thank you so much for this video!! 💖👏

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      😮.😢My parents said if I hit 20k they'd buy me a professional camera begging you guys literally begging .!.

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  • @sake2k9
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    Words cannot describe joy and happiness you bring with this videos. Mr. Mark - keep doing what you doing :) we love it

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    Looking forward to your new video, you are an idol in my heart. Your videos give me more knowledge and effort every day without giving up when I fall into crisis and lose direction. Thank you very much ♥♥♥

  • @Eazy_World
    @Eazy_World 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +555

    Mark this one really touched my heart! I lost my oldest son 2 years ago, he had spinal bifida. I’m so glad you were able to help this family. Much respect ❤

    • @Chronically-Stressed
      @Chronically-Stressed 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

      So sorry to hear about your son, nice to see you are still pushing!😊

    • @MarissaFloro
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    • @user-jt8en6pc1m
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    @VRule1 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +539

    "That's just a thing he can do now" Best line of the video! That kid is going to go far and that speaks to how great his parents are to love him and teach him to overcome. Life is a struggle and few parents are willing to teach that and help instill the dedication it takes to grow.

    • @marshawargo7238
      @marshawargo7238 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +8

      "He got dealt such a bad hand in life, I & everyone else need to give him everything to make his life easier!" Such a bad way to look at it! Those kind of parents make weak/needy kids who turn into the same kind of adults!
      "I could help you but you'll want to know that you can do it on your own!" That's what his dad said! This kind of parenting builds strong character & confidence in kids & the same kind of adults!
      Great Parenting is knowing what is doable & knowing when to lend help! ❤❤❤

    • @RyohMadDog
      @RyohMadDog 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

      ​@@marshawargo7238"Thank you Mr. Mark"

    • @Just_A_Dude
      @Just_A_Dude 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      @@marshawargo7238I thought it was "...but then you won't know..." but it's basically the same sentiment. Be there to spot for your kids, but let them lift what weights they can on their own.

  • @mattwithtwots6815
    @mattwithtwots6815 23 วันที่ผ่านมา

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    • @nApucco
      @nApucco 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

      She seems so awesome. Even with her little brother being at the center of the day, she seems all-in, happy for him, and just enjoying everything together as a family.

  • @OminousJacka1
    @OminousJacka1 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +291

    My little brother has spina bifida, so this was really heartwarming. We'll never be able to afford a wheelchair like this for him, but he gets along great in his normal wheelchair. He's a truly great and resilient person. Just unstoppable.

    • @dcgaming7897
      @dcgaming7897 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +9

      I have it, but much more fortunate than others where the hole in my spine is I think pushed in a way to where I can function perfectly normally. I didn't even find out until a few years ago when I was having stomach problems and got an MRI by my own mom who does those as her job.

    • @bobssters
      @bobssters 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

      I personally have this but I adapted to it so I can kinda scoot around but this video really inspired me and gave me motivation 👍

    • @someone-ys4hh
      @someone-ys4hh 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      I have a question. Can he feel his behind(butt) cause I know mine would be numb having that for a long time?

  • @randikasaputra2551
    @randikasaputra2551 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    you know Mark, you are also one of the toughest, hardworking and kind people I have ever known, by the way I am from Indonesia

  • @Spark_3334
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    • @thanksididitmyself
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      I came to the comments looking to see if others noticed! You can tell that her parents let her know that she's important, too.

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    • @Better0905
      @Better0905 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +23

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    • @saif-gv6gl
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    • @Better0905
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      i got to knew about him about 1 month ago from mr.beast video and now he is my inspiration, i hope i got a teacher like him in my childhood

    • @nielsleenknegt5839
      @nielsleenknegt5839 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      Ove heard other creators describe it as every time he uploads: it's an event end people want to be there.

    • @antasprakash9305
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    Great job, Mark.

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  • @ObscureDreamDesignLLC
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    • @Tiger10002
      @Tiger10002 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

      😮🎉My parents said if I hit 20k they'd buy me a professional camera begging you guys literally begging .!.

    • @Tiger10002
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    • @ZanHecht
      @ZanHecht 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +42

      ​@@Reginald425 To be fair, most of the work was done by Scewo, he just added the bling.

  • @HelenBrown-pt6gk
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    Well done Cash you are so brave and well done mark for making his life a lot more fun ❤❤❤

  • @derek2297
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    Cash is so incredibly inspiring and Mark is a saint.

  • @ChoiHongJun
    @ChoiHongJun 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +340

    I am a Korean computer student who enjoys watching your videos.
    What I felt while watching this video was that when others fail, they only insult and criticize.
    However, someone acknowledges this failure and invokes courage to try again.
    And I applaud you for helping even those who seem uncomfortable to live normally like us!

    • @kimjungro
      @kimjungro 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

      오 한국인

    • @neveenelkamary
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    • @Thisisnotaname-um8rh
      @Thisisnotaname-um8rh 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

      I agree as a korean
      Mark rober always perceives failure a process to the success

    • @robloxplayertonike11
      @robloxplayertonike11 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

      당신 한 초6? 아니면 중학생 처럼 영어 잘하내요 그치만 hippopotomontrossesquippedaliaphobia 는 모르죠

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    • @okayokay9569
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      True, humanity is going bad nowadays quickly.. 😢 🙏🏿

    • @SporterRR
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    • @Tiger10002
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      😮🎉My parents said if I hit 20k they'd buy me a professional camera begging you guys literally begging .!.

    • @Gregulations
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      yeah he is a gem :)

  • @derpataur1162
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    Seeing a dad walk his kid through struggles, being there to protect him from getting hurt without solving the problem for him... and then being that excited for him when he succeeds..
    This world would be a better place with more people like that. He got unlucky with his condition but he got something that'd make a lot of people jealous.

  • @swordvaporcat
    @swordvaporcat หลายเดือนก่อน

    Wow, Mark gonna make me cry. Fantastic, Mark. You made Cash so happy. You are an amazing human being, sir.

  • @ashleystrausser2014
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  • @umad7796
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    Mark, this video made me cry out of pure happiness, this was the ultimate display of humanity's benevolent potential. I served in the Air Force for 8 years, and am now working at a job am not passionate about. I would do ANYTHING to be a part of your team making these fantasies come true in real life for children.

    • @lolibear
      @lolibear 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +12

      i dont know if all of their team needs to have a engineer background or not, but i totally support you, see if you can contact them on their website

    • @LearnedSophistry
      @LearnedSophistry 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      We believe in you! Go get that job!

  • @bleuefish
    @bleuefish 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +221

    These wheelchairs can't come soon enough to so many deserving kids and people. I already put a sound system and disco lights on my walker but when eventually I need a chair I hope something like this is available. People seems to forget people who need mobility aids are PEOPLE and WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN same as anyone. Going up and down stairs and off paths... what a BLESSING!!! All the rest is pure gold. This vid made me cry. What a joyful soul and a joyful family and the fact you can do this for him and them is simply amazing. I want this for everyone and especially every kid who needs mobility devices. BRAVO Mr. Mark, thank you.

    • @wadedevinney9681
      @wadedevinney9681 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +8

      If those Scewo people can find a way to make it with cheaper parts without sacrificing build quality, then there's not a doubt in my mind that those are the predominant wheelchairs in about five years.

    • @schizophreniegenie
      @schizophreniegenie 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      the family is amazing and mark is amazing, too. he's really inspiring

    • @Sad_cat_studio
      @Sad_cat_studio หลายเดือนก่อน

      i just want to see the full build

  • @alumni2013
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    Mark thank you for all you do you do some incredible, amazing, mind blowing 🤯, and inspirational things keep it up.

  • @_-_-936
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    yeah i dont need to cry rn, ill watch this when im at home

  • @aurel_capital
    @aurel_capital 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +117

    7:05 the way he and his sister look at each other in excitement as the wheelchair is revealed is honestly so cool

  • @lasumm
    @lasumm 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +137

    One of my favorite videos of yours!
    My grandson has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and I sent this to my son and daughter-in-law.
    I knew Cash lived in Texas, but in a crazy coincidental moment, my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson met Cash and his dad at physical therapy the very next day!
    Turns out they go to the same physical therapy practice and live pretty close to each other.
    I’m hoping they’ll get to know each other better and see if perhaps Cash and my grandson could become friends. They’re even the same age!
    Thanks for a wonderfully inspirational video!

    • @drex8426
      @drex8426 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      This is such a crazy coincidence wow

    • @mauopoff9440
      @mauopoff9440 11 วันที่ผ่านมา

      Робер, ты в южнай Америке?

  • @user-vd4kp3qi5g
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    Most wholesome best videos on this entire platform

  • @jarkachalmovianska7812
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    We need more men like cashes father and mark. Kudos❤

  • @CMald
    @CMald 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +128

    I love Mark's self deprecation, great to see such humble, warm-hearted creators

  • @astronemir
    @astronemir 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +75

    My wife won’t stop chopping onions around the whole house. Today is to you Cash. You are an inspirational little boy. Never give up! You will teach the world gratefulness, resilience and fun.

    • @opinionatedopiner
      @opinionatedopiner 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      Get out the pepper spray and retaliate!

  • @PhantomZA1
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    Thanks Mark, that was so awesome to watch

  • @jonathonmorton218
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    This kid is so great and we need more people like this

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    I just wanted to say that this is one of the best, most uplifting videos I've seen in a long time. Cash is just so infectiously happy and strong-willed. He's definitely going to amazing places, and I'm so happy that you were there to help him!