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Japan’s Schoolgirl Pin-Ups| Unreported World

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 20 พ.ค. 2024
  • Unreported World is in Japan to meet some of the country’s ‘Junior Idols’.
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    These schoolgirls are trying to make it as pop stars, performing in front of audiences who are older and very male. But is it a quirk of Japanese culture or something more sinister?
    Reporter Marcel Theroux and Director Liam Nolan meet 11-year-old Yune as she broadcasts live from her home to her fans and performs with other idols at live shows. They also meet some of her fans, many of whom are middle-aged men.
    A warning - this report, filmed before coronavirus deals with adult themes.

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  • @verysmartultrahuman939
    @verysmartultrahuman939 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3377

    "Can you handcuff me?"
    yup they came for her "musical talent"

    • @elbertkitching9906
      @elbertkitching9906 3 ปีที่แล้ว +44

      Oh sure they did

    • @Dtt4
      @Dtt4 3 ปีที่แล้ว +25

      No, its because ha skillz aru Kurezy hai!

    • @ganigf9559
      @ganigf9559 3 ปีที่แล้ว +26

      Its like bdsm right?

    • @maineburn88
      @maineburn88 3 ปีที่แล้ว +25

      Creeps.. especially the manager!

    • @dddhhj8709
      @dddhhj8709 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4

      why man ,that would make a good photo really

  • @nimpynim2689
    @nimpynim2689 3 ปีที่แล้ว +18911

    we just skipping over the fact that possession of child pornography wasn't illegal until 2014?? WHAT

    • @pandaaazy5062
      @pandaaazy5062 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1362

      I KNOW, that was just crazy. Meaning possession (or buying and selling? not sure) of child pornography was LEGAL untill 6 years ago. OMG

    • @TheLimeCurd
      @TheLimeCurd 3 ปีที่แล้ว +681

      Typical Japan lol. Everything is nice on the surface.

    • @fortunecookie8178
      @fortunecookie8178 3 ปีที่แล้ว +629

      Not just Japan, but the whole of Asia is porn obsessed. South Korea, China, Taiwan too. I live in Asia, it makes me so angry to be here. They are exposed to extreme things from a young age.

    • @tohmaseguchi8505
      @tohmaseguchi8505 3 ปีที่แล้ว +15

      Lol I remember when they passed that law

    • @ameserich
      @ameserich 3 ปีที่แล้ว +67

      and you think your country is different?

  • @juliavaniscak107
    @juliavaniscak107 ปีที่แล้ว +1820

    “all i can do is protect her” so don’t let men bring CUFFS to a fucking meet and greet, don’t let her wear booty shorts at 11 in front of an audience of men with HIGH TECH CAMERAS. idol culture is very strong in asian countries, but even the most popular artists don’t have nearly every fan bringing $1000 cameras. they have intentions that you’re intentionally choosing to ignore so you can make the most profit off of this IMPRESSIONABLE LITTLE GIRL.

    • @abcdefghilihgfedcba
      @abcdefghilihgfedcba 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +30

      The cuffs weren’t brought by fans.

    • @enonyeah
      @enonyeah 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      @@firdausross6194 they prolly meant east asian countries.

    • @brazensmusings2738
      @brazensmusings2738 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      Those were part of the act! Yes, its unusual for many but its normal in japan.

    • @Padlock_Steve
      @Padlock_Steve 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

      $1000 is really cheap for a camera

    • @lenderzconstable
      @lenderzconstable 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

      Booty shorts? Come on

  • @lguo_
    @lguo_ 6 หลายเดือนก่อน +265

    the mother knows exactly why those men watch her.

  • @Janet_________
    @Janet_________ 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6366

    If they stop supporting her when she turns 20 just know what they are.

    • @mememaybe4923
      @mememaybe4923 3 ปีที่แล้ว +161

      Wouldn't 18 make more sense since you know 18 is what most people would consider an adult?

    • @tatiannachandler4196
      @tatiannachandler4196 3 ปีที่แล้ว +410

      @@mememaybe4923 Legally speaking, anyone under the age of 20 in japan would be considered a minor. Though with a new amendment this law may change.

    • @meowburi7612
      @meowburi7612 3 ปีที่แล้ว +140

      @@tatiannachandler4196 however you know Japan age of conscent is 13 right. Some area lile tokyo its 18. So in a way its really fucked up

    • @mememaybe4923
      @mememaybe4923 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4

      @DoGyMusic um ok.

    • @frankienamosaki7547
      @frankienamosaki7547 3 ปีที่แล้ว +21

      20? Try 15 or 16...

  • @nikitaheredia416
    @nikitaheredia416 3 ปีที่แล้ว +15912

    “Most of the audience of middle aged men” Red flags straight away, holy shit.

    • @redfish337
      @redfish337 3 ปีที่แล้ว +179

      As is the audience of basically all Japanese female idols, regardless of age of the performers or concept. Especially in the underground. That includes 30+ year old idols and screamo idols.
      So it actually doesn't tell you anything.

    • @weneedmoreconsideratepeopl4006
      @weneedmoreconsideratepeopl4006 3 ปีที่แล้ว +720

      @@redfish337 Yes it does, it tells that the audience is made up of potential predators. Else there would be female and same-aged fans there too. Also look at that revealing outfit.

    • @redfish337
      @redfish337 3 ปีที่แล้ว +128

      @@weneedmoreconsideratepeopl4006 There are almost certainly predators.
      That's nothing new for anyone in the limelight.
      It's still a fallacy though.
      The people who ATTEND underground idols festivals are predominantly men. As a general genre. There are lots of reasons for that, including the fact that any girls who like idols... can, without any experience, just go join a group. It can be 20-35 year old idols with stage diving and middle fingers and heavy metal, or cutesy stuff- doesn't matter, audience is men. The only underground idol groups that seem to pull a female audience are ones that form based around youtubers or models... or I suppose those that dress as men.
      So that's why you shouldn't be quick to judge. But I looked up this particular show. It was a 9 hour festival with 11 different groups on the ticket, including a 2 hour singing highlight of 21 of them doing solo songs. This is the problem with judging the audience- most people in the audience are not there to see just her... they might not even know her at all.
      However, this show was actually angled toward younger idols, so this stands out as the only one of these hit job pieces that actually picks a good show to show their point.
      Nevertheless, the main event, right after this girl, was a 17 year old which is young but is no different than Western or Korean standards for pop stars.

    • @gitagogoipegu1402
      @gitagogoipegu1402 3 ปีที่แล้ว +46

      @@weneedmoreconsideratepeopl4006 woah woah woah- so females can't be predators? U disgusting.

    • @weneedmoreconsideratepeopl4006
      @weneedmoreconsideratepeopl4006 3 ปีที่แล้ว +32

      @@gitagogoipegu1402 Why would you say that? And insult someone you don't know? Of course females also have the potential for that. But females wouldn't prey on a fellow sister. The video shows a girl... not a boy. Are you kidding me.

  • @akuno7294
    @akuno7294 10 หลายเดือนก่อน +147

    It is the same as beauty shows in America where 10-year-old girls dress up and get judged by 50-year-old men.

    • @Sarawarawara-
      @Sarawarawara- หลายเดือนก่อน +8

      Both are extremely creepy and damaging to the kids, ESPECIALLY Beauty Pageants, and need to be stopped. Your point??

    • @alexc9532
      @alexc9532 22 วันที่ผ่านมา +5

      ​@@Sarawarawara-I think their point was that this is something that's is happening in the world and things like young idols and beauty pageants should be put at a stop

  • @branscombeR
    @branscombeR 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +466

    I was a journalist in Japan in 1981/2 and the male fixation with under-age girls was fully developed at that time. Billboards and advertisements in the metro for practically anything were accompanied by photos of pretty pre-teenagers in mini-skirts. My Japanese interpreter was lamenting that she was 'too old' to attract a Japanese male ... she was 31. R (Australia)

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +12

      The interpreter was right. At that age.. she should have been a mom already.. Taking care of a family.

    • @anon2034
      @anon2034 6 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      @@flz7056 That's what he was saying. She is too old!

    • @ayaicaz
      @ayaicaz 6 หลายเดือนก่อน

      ​@@anon2034too old? yall seriously need to stop using tiktok lmao

    • @natalia.a020
      @natalia.a020 6 หลายเดือนก่อน +80

      ​@@valcrist7428In all your comments of this video you're being a total creep

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 6 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@natalia.a020 Wow.. You're the one JUDGING middle aged people. Just because they are middle aged. When statistics shows that most creeps are younger men.. and EVEN WOMEN are worst according to statistics. Get your facts straights. You're the one who is a JUDGE MENTAL CREEP.
      Here's my advice for you .. GET A LIFE!!!

  • @jaebunnii2530
    @jaebunnii2530 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6110

    Her biggest fan says she’s beautiful, never said talented

    • @Anya-js3ni
      @Anya-js3ni 3 ปีที่แล้ว +11

      @Suzu what website is it?

    • @Nietabs
      @Nietabs 3 ปีที่แล้ว +63

      @Suzu wait she has a website? are there a lot of comments sounding pedo?

    • @kerryberger985
      @kerryberger985 3 ปีที่แล้ว +156

      Pretty sickening. She’s just a child.

    • @MsHeartIsArt
      @MsHeartIsArt 3 ปีที่แล้ว +52

      It’s the same thing with almost every adult celebrity. Lmao. And he’s right she is beautiful. As long as he never acts on it, what’s wrong with admiring beauty? We ALL do it. Not saying it’s ok to be a pervert so don’t even go there.

    • @3llevate
      @3llevate 3 ปีที่แล้ว +88

      He said she has "raw talent" and a "great sense of humour" also.. did we watch the same doc?

  • @expensivegurl1112
    @expensivegurl1112 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4926

    Im sorry but that scene where the guy requested a pic handcuffed to the child is just creepy asf. Her clothes dont even suit her age, they probably see her as a "loli" at some sort, its creepy..

  • @Theworldisyouroyster156
    @Theworldisyouroyster156 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +82

    Her wearing a miniskirt shows exactly what kind of audience she’s going for. Her Mom should know better.

    • @CTE-6000EagleVeryHeavyFighter
      @CTE-6000EagleVeryHeavyFighter 4 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Funny, coming from a shameless westerner

    • @zuzzy5965
      @zuzzy5965 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@CTE-6000EagleVeryHeavyFighterare you one of that little girls “fans”? This person is right, AS AN ASIAN living in japan, this shits weird as hell

    • @blackperson5283
      @blackperson5283 17 วันที่ผ่านมา +8

      @@CTE-6000EagleVeryHeavyFighteryou’re part of the problem

  • @michiirose
    @michiirose 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +197

    i never even thought they might be imagining these girls as their own daughters, i really hope that’s true and not just a common excuse. yune deserves to go far and safely

    • @DFlaminberry
      @DFlaminberry 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +48

      With how crazy low the birth rate is due to the work culture and other contributing factors I'd actually believe this. An incredibly depressing parasocial relationship.

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

      Apparently.. these middle aged average looking men did not do any harm to her. They are just fond of her.
      It only proves that the middle aged men around her are not bad people. Just because they are middle aged and average, have no wives or gf.. and men, it doesn't mean they are bad people.
      People are too judge mental. Every people have desires... old or young. If there are victims of this video.. it's the old middle aged averga looking men.. getting judged by the public. These middle aged men are a victims of the sexual market deregulation. They are not molesters.

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

      Not a single middle aged man who's watching her did bad to her. All they do is supported her.
      The only thing is that the host judging all the middle aged man who's supporting the girl. Just because they are Middle aged and because they are MEN.

    • @natalia.a020
      @natalia.a020 6 หลายเดือนก่อน +39

      Tbh I feel this is an excuse. I think these industry cater to the lolita school fantasy, it's not a wholesome feeling. Maybe for some of them, but a lot of them are just creeps. In anime they sexualize young girls a lot too. There's definitely a sinister fixation with school girls and infantilization in Japan

    • @9395gb
      @9395gb 28 วันที่ผ่านมา

      ​@@valcrist7428these men are creeps and predators. This isn't normal or sane as an adult to obsess with children or anyone else for that matter.

  • @shunuuu
    @shunuuu 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3288

    cant she perform at school instead? let her promote herself to her peers too instead of to just adults.

    • @redfish337
      @redfish337 3 ปีที่แล้ว +51

      I went to an event here in the United States.
      A bunch of groups from Japan performed- this was the headliner: th-cam.com/video/ZlpQZ2Ln-Xs/w-d-xo.html
      I think they're fairly reasonable- something like $10-15 for a polaroid. Most of these indie style groups in Japan are $15-20, with borderline famous groups usually only offering when they are selling singles, pricing them at $20-30 for a polaroid.
      Anyway, there is apparently a studio where some people in the US who are into idols made a few groups just like Japanese idols and a group and a soloist or two performed at the same festival. Because it was a big show, they invited a lot of their friends. They were selling polaroids for $5 each. Even at that price point, their school friends BOUGHT &%$^ING NOTHING. I bought one to support what they're doing... not quite pity, more like, good job, and I want you to know it even though no one is buying anything. To be clear, this was high school or college age and still too poor to buy anything to support their friends.
      This is just reality. If you're indie and want to actually be solvent, you need fans who will buy your stuff. If you're a huge ass company like Disney then you can promote to kids. But at Yune's level she would pretty much need 100 kid fans to equal 1 "uncle" fan, and when you're not running a huge profit margin, you can't promote that stupidly. If she ever joins a famous group the young fans will come naturally.

    • @loniaql4410
      @loniaql4410 3 ปีที่แล้ว +115

      Girls want to be famous, their parents want money

    • @jonnyOysters
      @jonnyOysters 3 ปีที่แล้ว +102

      School kids don't have the disposal income that I'm guessing single middle aged men do.

    • @200gb3
      @200gb3 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      She does

    • @bellakim9530
      @bellakim9530 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3

      Because that's not how her mother is using her. Sad, she is such a talented and pretty little girl

  • @Keely-Shaye
    @Keely-Shaye 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2335

    The “Can you handcuff me?” says it all.
    The little girl was so confused, you can tell from her body language. 😭

    • @eebbe3
      @eebbe3 3 ปีที่แล้ว +190

      I feel so incredibly bad for her. Her mother most likely wants to live her life she wanted through her daughter. She manipulates Yuni since she might have idols. I know many young girls who want to be idols. So her mother is selling her child out. She thinks she is becoming and idol and is super happy as you can see. It’s so sad to think when she grows up she will realize the horrible toxic environment she was brought up to think was ok. It’s just horrible.

    • @eebbe3
      @eebbe3 3 ปีที่แล้ว +19

      Sorry for my broken english ^_^

    • @Keely-Shaye
      @Keely-Shaye 3 ปีที่แล้ว +35

      @@eebbe3 Your english is fine! And yeah it’s so messed up :(

    • @eebbe3
      @eebbe3 3 ปีที่แล้ว +8

      @@Keely-Shaye Thank you!

    • @Keely-Shaye
      @Keely-Shaye 3 ปีที่แล้ว +8

      @@DerekWong967 gets me so mad, honestly.

  • @Jjangbunbun
    @Jjangbunbun 10 หลายเดือนก่อน +514

    At any age we can never escape perverts. I think it’s a mixed bag of lonely people finding happiness and creeps. It really comes down to her mother and the manager protecting her adequately

    • @bigbrowntau
      @bigbrowntau 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +21

      Yeah, I do think some of the guys are just happy to have a positive, happy person in their life they can care about. So many people still have the need to be a parent, but can't in a society like in Japan. Like in so many other areas of Japanese society, it's packaged up and commercialised. And yes, unfortunately, there are creeps who find erotic desire in this packaging of an 11 year old girl.

    • @golem3080
      @golem3080 8 หลายเดือนก่อน

      so the japanese teen idol industry is wrong, but western Desmond the Trans Kid is okay? Idols are at least singing artists, Desmond the Trans Kid is just a child prostitute, make a video about that

    • @BeautiiMai
      @BeautiiMai 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +9

      Yeah, I agree. I also like to watch babies and children but not because of any inappropriate thoughts or desires. For me babies are just cute.

    • @vitas75
      @vitas75 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      ​@@bigbrowntauTBF, we're entering such a time in Europe and the US as well.

    • @saturnleaf
      @saturnleaf 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Honestly yeah i agree

  • @bk8pa323
    @bk8pa323 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +52

    This was hard to watch. But definitely harder to be filming this. Kudos to the team as well as those who agreed to be interviewed.

  • @CrystalLeon1914
    @CrystalLeon1914 3 ปีที่แล้ว +19156

    The interviewer is so uncomfortable, disgusted, and concerned. He looks even more helpless because he really can’t do anything about it.

    • @nikenikkiart
      @nikenikkiart 3 ปีที่แล้ว +737

      When Koji said some ppl may think he's creepy, the reporters face screams " Duh! You're creepy af dude! "

    • @karinefonte516
      @karinefonte516 3 ปีที่แล้ว +325

      As I was watching child twerking competitions in America... Or "Cuties".

    • @jadenquest9544
      @jadenquest9544 3 ปีที่แล้ว +273

      @@karinefonte516 That's very disturbing too

    • @iridiansanchez8617
      @iridiansanchez8617 3 ปีที่แล้ว +130

      And how could that man say it's too imagine the idols as their daughters...????

    • @thujoluvasa521
      @thujoluvasa521 3 ปีที่แล้ว +12

      Same here

  • @Adriana-ht5hj
    @Adriana-ht5hj 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4035

    She is a child so she should be singing for others children... It's weird there are only old men... It's creepy..

    • @enzogeee
      @enzogeee 3 ปีที่แล้ว +35

      Ehh.. In terms of music or singing, I don't think she needs to be singing for other children. I mean I'm young and I listen to 30's - 60's music (somewhere around those years).

    • @Chevymonster203
      @Chevymonster203 3 ปีที่แล้ว +73

      It's not the age group she is singing too that concerns me but the way they are dressing her for her shows. If she was dressing in cute but full clothing with no hints of sexuality would be the right way to go. Most singers start of young and work their way up.

    • @nessyness5447
      @nessyness5447 3 ปีที่แล้ว +88

      @@enzogeee yeah, but the point is that all her fans are old men, there are no women or kids among her fans, and that is creepy, those men are not there for her singing and it's obvious.

    • @redfish337
      @redfish337 3 ปีที่แล้ว +5

      @@nessyness5447 That they're older men tells you nothing. That's typical for female idol shows at the indie level pretty much regardless of concept.
      It would be good for her to start doing more events with more groups that don't allow filming, even if she personally still does.

    • @nessyness5447
      @nessyness5447 3 ปีที่แล้ว +36

      @@redfish337 dude, it does, the fact that all the fans if a female child artist or a young teen are old men says a lot about them, they are not there for her music.
      And the fact that it's typical doesn't really change that fact.

  • @k1iic_
    @k1iic_ 6 หลายเดือนก่อน +22

    "pedophilia and child porn is bad"
    japanese convivence stores : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • @The-Mediator
    @The-Mediator 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +19

    The mother is basically pimping her daughter out. This is horrible.

  • @CharlotteWebb1952
    @CharlotteWebb1952 3 ปีที่แล้ว +9395

    To Yune's mom; If they were fans because she has a beautiful voice, she would have female fans as well. Her fans are middle aged men.

    • @rappermerch7785
      @rappermerch7785 3 ปีที่แล้ว +729

      I mean she does have a good voice it is weird that the majority of her fans are men considering music industry there seems like it's geared towards women

    • @desireevandermei
      @desireevandermei 3 ปีที่แล้ว +282

      I don't even think she has a good voice. She is a Lolita

    • @mohamedahmedyassinhussein6856
      @mohamedahmedyassinhussein6856 3 ปีที่แล้ว +232

      It’s a different culture women in Japan have zero interest on girl bands not all but most women

    • @Neerepha
      @Neerepha 3 ปีที่แล้ว +334

      @@mohamedahmedyassinhussein6856 That's true. I've been following Japanese music for more than 17 years now and that's how it works on a broad scale: women like male singers/boy bands, sometimes solo female singers (only the most famous ones), while males like girl bands (famous or idols), rock bands and sometimes solo female singers.

    • @rappermerch7785
      @rappermerch7785 3 ปีที่แล้ว +94

      @PuraguCryostato I don't listen to singers to I thought it was pretty good. But then again it's the fact she's acting like an idol and she's literally a kid rather than the singing part. Female idols bring in male fans and vice versa, children don't have a place in this scene.

  • @Runaway991
    @Runaway991 3 ปีที่แล้ว +8063

    That moment when a foreign reporter looks more concerned about Yune's safety than her own mom....

    • @setaripantheon8801
      @setaripantheon8801 3 ปีที่แล้ว +277

      Old saying: "If you are lucky, you will find a wife that loves her children."
      This mother is a narcissistic and a child pimp... Despiceble!

    • @haikat4
      @haikat4 3 ปีที่แล้ว +59

      Yet sex crime is rampant in the foreign reporters country and very low in Japan

    • @Furendz
      @Furendz 3 ปีที่แล้ว +320

      @@haikat4 that's because people outside of japan report such cases.
      Japan's culture makes victims not care since "it can't be helped".

    • @haikat4
      @haikat4 3 ปีที่แล้ว +24

      @@Furendz that's such bullshit lmao

    • @haikat4
      @haikat4 3 ปีที่แล้ว +32

      @@Furendz the USA and UK don't have high sex crimes because of 'reporting culture', it's because the USA and UK are dangerous countries full of rapists

  • @jordans4827
    @jordans4827 ปีที่แล้ว +53

    It's a creepy sexual fantasy for these men. In a way, they hope to win the girls' favor over time, and become their father figure and lover. They're willing to go to singing events and photo sessions. In my opinion, it's their weird way of dating these girls. Some men lose interest, some men jump ship to another girl, some put in alot of time and money on one girl.

    • @ykMMD
      @ykMMD ปีที่แล้ว +17

      Agreed. It is a very unhealthy and uncomfortable mix of daughter/lover fantasy. Plus, they usually move on once she reaches puberty.

    • @1969mmoldovan
      @1969mmoldovan 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Yes, it is a phenomenon called projection...

  • @xBriYeon
    @xBriYeon ปีที่แล้ว +176

    INTENSELY DISTURBING, you can see the pain in her mom's eyes as she realizes what he's implying and she knows she knows but still allows this bc they make money out of it, maybe it snowballed at first but now she's activel enabling it protect Une at all costs sHE HAS A LOVELY VOICE AND DESERVES FANS HER OWN AGE O_________O

    • @TheGuiltsOfUs
      @TheGuiltsOfUs 11 หลายเดือนก่อน


    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      Apparently.. these middle aged average looking men did not do any harm to her. They are just fond of her.
      It only proves that the middle aged men around her are not bad people. Just because they are middle aged and average, have no wives or gf.. and men, it doesn't mean they are bad people.
      People are too judge mental. Every people have desires... old or young. If there are victims of this video.. it's the old middle aged averga looking men.. getting judged by the public. These middle aged men are a victims of the sexual market deregulation. They are not molesters.

    • @customsongmaker
      @customsongmaker 6 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

      There is no pain in her mom's eyes, she's the one selling her

  • @ggobugi13
    @ggobugi13 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2325

    Her stage outfit is what a 21 year-old wears out, she shouldn't be in it. Shorts with a translucent blouse.. whoever styled her needs to be taken away from her.

    • @geegeebelle4149
      @geegeebelle4149 3 ปีที่แล้ว +175

      Right? They could've at least made her a long cutesy dress with ruffles instead of THAT

    • @bellaluvssuuu
      @bellaluvssuuu 3 ปีที่แล้ว +14

      bonbonboinkies ikr or like a dress like that says minty and have a teddy or whistle with her

    • @Dark666Butterfly
      @Dark666Butterfly 3 ปีที่แล้ว +44

      Exactly, with this outfit, make-up etc, she looks a few years older, which is even creepier.

    • @benis9965
      @benis9965 3 ปีที่แล้ว +30

      @@geegeebelle4149 a cute white dress to imply purity, something those old men have to be reminded about lmao

    • @muyffintop
      @muyffintop 3 ปีที่แล้ว +22

      Im the same age as her, you can't blame her for the way she dresses. Thats the same as saying women are asking for it if they wear something revealing, which is sexist and wrong. Not to mention this is a child your talking about, not someone who has the mental capacity (even more so in japan where children age mentally alot less than in western and European countrys) to comprehend that people only want to see her to have sexual fantasies about her. Its normal to wear revealing clothes in japan as a girl, because men generally are a lot more respectful towards women. Its normal. Especially if she wants to become and idol, the idols that she looks up too are around 16-25 so they would be wearing stuff like that. She obviously wants to be like them so she keeps up whith the trends. Trust me ive been to concerts like this in Japan, i live there and even if the idol is wearing clothes to 'match' his/her age the fans are still the same- in Japan youthful appearances are glorified and i wouldn't be surprised if some of the men there were attracted to her, but you can blame a 12 year old (almost thirteen) for wanting to be a popstar. (Obviously if she was forced to wear that i see your point)

  • @soulfulfreedomheart2505
    @soulfulfreedomheart2505 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1904

    Her fans should be 11 year olds not 41 year olds. Child exploitation happening here period

    • @gothxSpice
      @gothxSpice 3 ปีที่แล้ว +16

      THANK YOU!

    • @DekkarJr
      @DekkarJr 3 ปีที่แล้ว +11

      Then where are the 11 year olds to see her?
      Supply meets demand where it demands to see it. If there was a demand, she would be singing in front of 11 year olds - there is no demand for that.

    • @soulfulfreedomheart2505
      @soulfulfreedomheart2505 3 ปีที่แล้ว +33

      @@DekkarJr what... So what are you saying?

    • @DekkarJr
      @DekkarJr 3 ปีที่แล้ว +9

      @@soulfulfreedomheart2505 I am saying that if they could access an equal amount of 11 year olds to go and sing to wouldn't they do that rather than pimping her out to these pervs? Of course they would.
      This is Japan, not America or Britain, it's a different culture, there aren't rly that many kids to begin with and TONS AND TONS of lonely men and lonely women as a result of their massive overworking of both sexes and their culture failing to produce a mechanism that transitioned younger generations into a normal dating pattern.
      So you get weird markets as a result to appeal to lonely women who worked past their birthing years paying young men to spend time with them and feel an emotional connection, and you get things like the maid cafes, and things like this - of course there are pervs, but it's just like how simps aren't really looking at girls as sex objects - hundreds of thousands of simps pay women on twitch from a distance just to feel valuable to men.
      I believe this same phenomenon is happening here. They don't have the normal things someone should have in their life as a result of failures of their generations in society - men fantasizing about feeling valued and looking at a girl as daughter-figure is not out of this world.

    • @soulfulfreedomheart2505
      @soulfulfreedomheart2505 3 ปีที่แล้ว +25

      @@DekkarJr which one looked at her as a daughter figure? There is no excuse no matter what the reason for exploitation of children. I think it is exactly what it is and cannot be excused away by any reason whatsoever. She is a child. All the girls in this are children. It's sick and that don't matter what country on earth you live in.

  • @avavazquez2700
    @avavazquez2700 ปีที่แล้ว +99

    the handcuffs?!?!?!?!?!!?! how is this legal

    • @deathchronicles6960
      @deathchronicles6960 ปีที่แล้ว

      Make me wanna p***.. The audacity to do before the whole world

    • @nathant7437
      @nathant7437 ปีที่แล้ว +2

      I burst out laughing at that one.

    • @vikawhy
      @vikawhy 16 วันที่ผ่านมา +1

      @@nathant7437how is this funny

    • @PasscodeAdvance
      @PasscodeAdvance 12 วันที่ผ่านมา

      @@nathant7437 I was kinda laughing too, they really don't have to do that but yet they do 💀

  • @Elfaia
    @Elfaia 11 หลายเดือนก่อน +23

    I just love every shot that the reporter's face is in. The mix of bewilderment, confusion, distain, and disgust.

    • @quindariousgooch88
      @quindariousgooch88 11 หลายเดือนก่อน

      i am more disgusted by white "people"

    • @fiokoneko409
      @fiokoneko409 10 หลายเดือนก่อน

      ​@@quindariousgooch88the fog is coming

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Fast forward 2023, she's successful now. And no one molested her. So YOU ARE WRONG!!! Judgemental FK!!
      Not a single middle aged man who's watching her did bad to her. All they do is supported her.
      All the host did was judging all the middle aged man who's supporting the girl. Just because they are Middle aged and because they are MEN.

  • @rae-ku6041
    @rae-ku6041 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3809

    The manager and her mother KNOW, the "fans" know, he KNOWS, EVERYONE KNOWS what thiss is all about the only person who doesn't know is Yune...

    • @alexb8926
      @alexb8926 3 ปีที่แล้ว +129

      That's sad but true

    • @LBW_Mimir
      @LBW_Mimir 3 ปีที่แล้ว +26


    • @MinoriMuzic
      @MinoriMuzic 3 ปีที่แล้ว +21

      So true.

    • @SalamanderMagic
      @SalamanderMagic 3 ปีที่แล้ว +19

      Katrina M ok you are overthinking it LOL, there is much more disturbing material here than a very minor accidental dick joke

    • @alexanderenrique3058
      @alexanderenrique3058 3 ปีที่แล้ว +17

      @@SalamanderMagic Well, those are the *expected* things that they are ogling over.

  • @partyhardyyyy333
    @partyhardyyyy333 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2972

    "normal people think we are creepy"
    Dude you are creepy

    • @ice-tgaming4609
      @ice-tgaming4609 3 ปีที่แล้ว +12

      @pkmnrgby 9698 ah beacuse there beautiful? And old virgins have a very strong imagination about sex so yeah you can't think the same way as if its a old woman

    • @scuiba
      @scuiba 3 ปีที่แล้ว +115

      ICE your weirddd

    • @Charlie0106
      @Charlie0106 3 ปีที่แล้ว +98

      ICE what no this is very wrong this is paedophilia

    • @bfbvouabeorbvoaervure963
      @bfbvouabeorbvoaervure963 3 ปีที่แล้ว +118

      A child isn’t sexy or sexual in any manner. Go see a therapist, love.

    • @joeymo3298
      @joeymo3298 3 ปีที่แล้ว


  • @emeraldcaves
    @emeraldcaves ปีที่แล้ว +25

    I’ve watched this doc 3 times already since it was posted and it never ceases to surprise me every time.

    • @fredtello
      @fredtello ปีที่แล้ว +1

      In the USA grown men transvestites are going to read and preform to 2 to 10 year old kids... more of the same

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      She's successful now fast forward 2023. So YOU ARE THE ONE WHO'S WRONG.. YOU JUDGEMENTAL FK!
      Not a single middle aged man who's watching her did bad to her. All they do is supported her.
      The only thing is that the host judging all the middle aged man who's supporting the girl. Just because they are Middle aged and because they are MEN.

  • @oliverstewart2782
    @oliverstewart2782 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    I am guessing the reporter has children and will be worried if he saw his own children doing it. You can tell by his voice.

  • @claudiahbabic5102
    @claudiahbabic5102 3 ปีที่แล้ว +5842

    This mother is basically selling her daughter every night she performs. This is disturbing at every level.

    • @Anya-js3ni
      @Anya-js3ni 3 ปีที่แล้ว +188

      I know right, and I think the same. It's uncomfortable that her mother is so okay with all of this

    • @lagunabae7479
      @lagunabae7479 3 ปีที่แล้ว +145

      @@Anya-js3ni its brings money to her and money blinds all ideas of child trafficking as long as they get paid it will continue

    • @Anya-js3ni
      @Anya-js3ni 3 ปีที่แล้ว +5

      @@lagunabae7479 true dat

    • @asideofaioli4630
      @asideofaioli4630 3 ปีที่แล้ว +10

      It's sick

    • @flowerprincess664
      @flowerprincess664 3 ปีที่แล้ว +39

      Sounds like her mother is the Japanese Kris Jenner 💯

  • @rebbit8767
    @rebbit8767 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2212

    "I can only protect her"
    *Allows his 11 year old artist to dress and perform provocatively in front of a bunch of much older men in shady and crowded venues*

    • @finickyzeppole
      @finickyzeppole 3 ปีที่แล้ว +48

      he's complacent! "i have no intention of denying that some audience members fall in love with her because different people exist. but if someone crosses the line, it's my job to protect her from them." 14:50

    • @cuckingfunt9353
      @cuckingfunt9353 3 ปีที่แล้ว +12

      @PuraguCryostato None of them do though, it's a quite safe environment. Here in the west rape is around 50 times more prevalent than Japan.

    • @bridget3956
      @bridget3956 3 ปีที่แล้ว +39

      @@cuckingfunt9353 yes, but just like how child pornography is illegal even if the viewers aren't touching them, it doesnt mean that its not wrong

    • @mereiam
      @mereiam 3 ปีที่แล้ว +18

      cucking funt depends on the western country also in japan, it’s not even counted as rape unless it can be proven that violence was used. There was was a case where a girl was raped by gun point but turns out it wasn’t a real gun so even though she thought she was in danger it didn’t count as rape. So there is that

    • @finickyzeppole
      @finickyzeppole 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7

      @PuraguCryostato I know that, but the other part of the statement is concerning. he thinks that these pedophiles and predators are necessary for her to reach stardom.

  • @TravelWithBradley
    @TravelWithBradley 10 หลายเดือนก่อน +22

    I absolutely love that if I'm watching Louis, or I'm watching Marcel, it's similar interview styles (with a similar voice), and is always quality content. Awesome brothers.

    • @Johno3998
      @Johno3998 3 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

      OH I didn't realise Louis had a brother, I thought he looked oddly similar

    • @elvenkind6072
      @elvenkind6072 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      AHA! So that was why he looked so similar in some way.

  • @zen8877
    @zen8877 ปีที่แล้ว +57

    I wish Yune the best, she is highly talented and I hope she and her mother are safe.

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      She's successful now fast forward 2023. So YOU ARE THE ONE WHO'S WRONG.. LOL.
      Not a single middle aged man who's watching her did bad to her. All they do is supported her.
      The only thing is that the host judging all the middle aged man who's supporting the girl. Just because they are Middle aged and because they are MEN.

    • @sentienttapioca5409
      @sentienttapioca5409 5 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

      ​@@valcrist7428 Did you copy and paste your spiel under nearly every comment?

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 5 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@sentienttapioca5409Obviously not. Are YOU STUPID??

  • @valerieeatssnooki
    @valerieeatssnooki 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2569

    Her manager literally rolled his eyes when he said “he wished she had fans her own age”

    • @takigan
      @takigan 3 ปีที่แล้ว +207

      To be fair Japanese people culturally don't really look people in the eye as much as westerners, so there's much more meeting your gaze and then immediately averting it. He could just be looking away casually.

    • @marcie557
      @marcie557 3 ปีที่แล้ว +277

      i don’t like that manager dude at all for justifying the sexualization, but i don’t think he was rolling his eyes. i don’t think japanese people would do that with a stranger, while being interviewed. he was merely looking away because like what the previous comment said: they can’t maintain eye contact.

    • @BachikoiBabi
      @BachikoiBabi 3 ปีที่แล้ว +103

      To be fair, 11 year olds don't have much money to buy merch and concert tickets. Middle-aged men do!

    • @ilex161
      @ilex161 3 ปีที่แล้ว +25

      @@marcie557 well, even if he knows it's wrong he won't say it openly cause he is in it for the money

    • @frankienamosaki7547
      @frankienamosaki7547 3 ปีที่แล้ว +17

      Their parents do though...?

  • @toddkrueger1585
    @toddkrueger1585 ปีที่แล้ว +148

    For me, I think the most disturbing point of her live performance, was the near silence of her audience and the clicking of the cameras while she was performing. I hope her dreams of stardom are realized in a positive way. If I were her father, her dream of stardom would be limited to voicing characters in anime anonymously, not on that stage. She would have to settle on her coming out at 21, if I were her father.

    • @kanalisationerstellen
      @kanalisationerstellen 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      because it is so easy to chose a path to become idol interesting

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      She's successful now fast forward 2023. So YOU ARE THE ONE WHO'S WRONG.. LOL.
      Not a single middle aged man who's watching her did bad to her. All they do is supported her.
      The only thing is that the host judging all the middle aged man who's supporting the girl. Just because they are Middle aged and because they are MEN.

    • @hazmatTV736
      @hazmatTV736 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

      That’s just Japan. People are silent are live performances.

    • @unixrebel
      @unixrebel 28 วันที่ผ่านมา

      her father is absent, which is why this is happening. its pure evil what her mom is doing

  • @kingryuseiyumo2947
    @kingryuseiyumo2947 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +17

    Saw a video on tiktok of a salaryman kn his knees at a subway begging a girl who seemed to be in a school uniform to sleep with him, but she ignores it and looks calm as he is wailing and complaining as if this happens all the time. No one even helps...this seems very normal.

    • @collettesmith4421
      @collettesmith4421 9 หลายเดือนก่อน

      That’s terrifying!

    • @kingryuseiyumo2947
      @kingryuseiyumo2947 9 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@collettesmith4421 i can post it if you would like. I live in China where this also happens.

  • @kciemimido962
    @kciemimido962 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2228

    "Give me love, kiss me baby" sung by 11 year old kid to adult men in their middle age 🤦‍♂️

    • @rg1whiteywins598
      @rg1whiteywins598 3 ปีที่แล้ว +22


    • @almezamorra1021
      @almezamorra1021 3 ปีที่แล้ว +26

      Hey, you probably don't realize but you must have sung such songs when you were 8. Well, if you have heard of Celine Dion, then you must have heard of her song "Its all coming back to me." Then just read the lyrics and you will know why I bring this up. Then a lot of children below 10 have sung it. But Did the children know the meaning of some of the lines of the song? No. Was the song intended to be sexual? No. Those songs are about love. And there is nothing dirty about the act of union between a man and a woman. But do children even care? No. They only try to interpret the "love" part of the song. Me, I remember singing such songs but it was only until I reach 15 that I truly realized the hidden meanings. Anyway, most love songs are like that. For goodness sake, the phrase "Give me love, kiss me baby" is not that much, unless you are one of the few people who are disgusted by love or no longer know the meaning of love, always associating it with ulterior motives. Girls her age still interprets such songs to its purest form. Then this means there is nothing wrong with the song, and there is nothing wrong with the child singing it. It is us adults that adds malice to it and misinterprets her intentions when she sang that song. Blame the adults, not her. Cant you see it in her eyes? those are the eyes of someone looking at the future, someone full of dreams. Don't you dare add dirt to it. You make me sick.

    • @kciemimido962
      @kciemimido962 3 ปีที่แล้ว +28

      @@almezamorra1021 basically you just wrongly assumed we blaming and condemning the poor little girl who is just playing obediently the dirty games of adults that were supposed to protect her but prefer to exploit and manipulate the kid...
      Well, thank you for the unnecessary comment since we already know whom to blame or not. Have a nice day!

    • @almezamorra1021
      @almezamorra1021 3 ปีที่แล้ว +12

      @Mihaela Strugaru I dont care If I make you sick, I stand by my belief. Adults should stop sexualizing the act of children. And Im not even talking to you.

    • @almezamorra1021
      @almezamorra1021 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      @@kciemimido962 Then change your comment so that there will be no misunderstanding. Instead of writing it in such a manner, why not just blame the adults. Your comment merely summarize the situation along with that facepalm. It doesnt blame the adults or anything. Whats more, the way you said it, emphasizes the action of singing, not the act of listening by the adults. Your comment still infuriates me, and will continue to infuriate me. I dont care about your intentions.

  • @RicArmstrong
    @RicArmstrong 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7503

    Japan banned child porn in 2014?
    Christ, what took them so long?

    • @XWoodbineX
      @XWoodbineX 3 ปีที่แล้ว +498

      I know right! And they’re usually so advanced with most things

    • @chimergo6501
      @chimergo6501 3 ปีที่แล้ว +477

      Their age of consent also pretty low among other nations.

    • @giselevanhounten8366
      @giselevanhounten8366 3 ปีที่แล้ว +360

      @@chimergo6501 Nope, it's not, theres a minimum limit of 13 for the entire country but the provinces set the age to over 18.

    • @chimergo6501
      @chimergo6501 3 ปีที่แล้ว +140

      @@giselevanhounten8366 i know about that, but the minimum is also low among nations other than Angola and Philippines (12)

    • @lastburning
      @lastburning 3 ปีที่แล้ว +743

      @@XWoodbineX Japan being advanced is a myth. It's a very traditional culture that is very slow to change.

  • @natalia.a020
    @natalia.a020 6 หลายเดือนก่อน +13

    I'm honestly speechless at the man who brought cuffs to the fan meeting. But I'll guess people will keep justifying this with shitty Orientalist excuses about how "exotic Japanese culture is, we just don't understand." You guys would never be so lenient to any other country. If it's only about a parental feeling, how come you don't see lonely women becoming fixated with these girls? Keep justifying unhealthy parasocial relationships and obsessions with little girls. Even if these guys won't hurt her, you guys could stop stop going in loops to not call a spade a spade. People romanticize Japan too much.

  • @user-iv4qg1it1r
    @user-iv4qg1it1r 11 หลายเดือนก่อน +40

    もっと国民みんなで子供を守る意識を持つべきだと思う 性別関係なく未成年はちゃんと大人が守るべき 少しずつでも変えていきたい 性犯罪に関してはもっと刑を重くするべき

    • @user-iv4qg1it1r
      @user-iv4qg1it1r 11 หลายเดือนก่อน +11


  • @mrsvoice7292
    @mrsvoice7292 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2181

    They feel like they're watching their own daughter's growing up? Excuse me who asks her daughter to handcuff him then take a pic!!

    • @dilipsaha4732
      @dilipsaha4732 3 ปีที่แล้ว +11

      Yes 😢😢

    • @kittenmimi5326
      @kittenmimi5326 3 ปีที่แล้ว +21

      Shows their views, creepy

    • @jamun3616
      @jamun3616 3 ปีที่แล้ว +54

      I think that's what they tell people to hide their creepiness. none would buy it though

    • @zb2433
      @zb2433 3 ปีที่แล้ว +41

      Japan has a weird fetish towards their children. They want their daughter to marry them

    • @asideofaioli4630
      @asideofaioli4630 3 ปีที่แล้ว +61

      @@zb2433 I've been explaining that to my brother for yrs. He loves anime, and is so oblivious to some of the subtle brainwashing you see in a lot of anime (not all anime, but I do see it a lot).
      He's like "but they aren't being sexual, plus some are playing adults" Um yeah, adults modeled to look and sound like little girls!. I think he doesn't want to believe that bc it creeps him out to think it's true.

  • @winonapurple7957
    @winonapurple7957 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1949

    that man basically admitted he was attracted to her.....he was trying so hard with his wording but he did

    • @mikebaku1803
      @mikebaku1803 3 ปีที่แล้ว +48

      Matthew 12:34 "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"

    • @dongysakura418
      @dongysakura418 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3


    • @justme7052
      @justme7052 3 ปีที่แล้ว +82

      His nervousness shows that he is fully aware that it's something that's really wrong.

    • @stopcheatingconsumers9779
      @stopcheatingconsumers9779 3 ปีที่แล้ว +8

      I can't believe they aren't in disguise. They should be wearing big diapers.

    • @abhishah7139
      @abhishah7139 3 ปีที่แล้ว +22

      Nah I don't think he's sus. Japanese don't know English, at all. He was trying very hard to remember the English words. Apart from that, he's just like that.

  • @indyjones1970
    @indyjones1970 9 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Great reporting. Well done Sir

  • @mudmud251
    @mudmud251 10 หลายเดือนก่อน +11

    Tokyo Friday, June 16, 2023. Japan’s Parliament on Friday raised the age of sexual consent to 16 from 13.

    • @geodudespolitica6869
      @geodudespolitica6869 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      It was 13 ? wtf

    • @Sarawarawara-
      @Sarawarawara- หลายเดือนก่อน +3

      @@geodudespolitica6869 Basically 13 was the lowest any prefecture could possibly set it to, but every place in Japan had chosen to set it to either 16 or 18 so it was practically 18 anyways even before the change.

  • @anitac3086
    @anitac3086 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4678

    I'm not being that close minded person, but this is actually creepy. There is no way these middle aged men have innocent thoughts about these little girls...

    • @user-mz4ju4tb7s
      @user-mz4ju4tb7s 3 ปีที่แล้ว +322

      hell no, a bunch of these pictures are probably sold from creepy men to creepy men, and they are not used as a cute little souvenir in their phones at all

    • @gordonbgraham
      @gordonbgraham 3 ปีที่แล้ว +133

      Keep in mind it's her mother who is putting her out there in front of those men in skimpy clothes and makeup

    • @Xynic48
      @Xynic48 3 ปีที่แล้ว +179

      As an idol fan for years, I would tell you based on experience, some of the fans really are creepy meat beaters. But I would also tell you that it's not the same for everyone. It was a bit of a culture shock for me at first like probably for most of you too, but some of these "creepy old men" go to these events not to satisfy their fetishes but to genuinely have fun and support their idols. Like if you ask a wota (idol fan) if they wanna make their idol their girlfriend, some would say no and would probably reply with "I wanna keep being fan". The feeling of supporting your idol and see them slowly be successful in their career is one the biggest reason the industry is still thriving. I guess the good feeling when seeing your idol succeed is a fetish in a way.
      This kind of culture I think started because of akb48. Because in 48 group, there's an election and if you're oshimen (bias) gets a spot in the rankings there is this unexplainable joy. Also if you attend some idol events it literally feels like a rave party--fanchats and dancing it's actually fun lol. You also make many friends and that's the biggest thing for me.

    • @N0xiety
      @N0xiety 3 ปีที่แล้ว +103

      Well, as a man i found it cute tbh. Nothing else, just cute. They seem cheerful and enjoyable to watch tbh. It is like how you find a kitten cute. You don't have to have a cat fetish to find a kitten cute. They are just, cute, that's all. Why i find kittens cute? Who knows, i just do. I am not looking to get some cat booty just because i find them enjoyable tho. So well, if i can react like that, guess someone else can too. So never say never, you can't understand everyone and put them into a box...

    • @honorablehuman6397
      @honorablehuman6397 3 ปีที่แล้ว +48

      There's a difference in finding something/someone cute and being infatuated with someone/something. And also when you're saying you find it "enjoyable" you should give a proper context as well.

  • @irieprendygal
    @irieprendygal 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3475

    This is really inappropriate. She is dressed like a woman and taking "sexy" pictures for much older men. The mother, manager and men are irresponsible!!

    • @sylviaking8866
      @sylviaking8866 3 ปีที่แล้ว +150

      The mother and manager are exploiting her. Disgusting.

      @TENNSUMITSUMA 3 ปีที่แล้ว +17

      who are you to judge and all that crap

    • @Mutiny960
      @Mutiny960 3 ปีที่แล้ว +61

      Western people are quick so say "Don't insult their culture" until that culture disagrees with their Western sensibilities. Then its open fucking season on insulting it.

    • @natedill9180
      @natedill9180 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1


    • @wereallgoingtoheck5444
      @wereallgoingtoheck5444 3 ปีที่แล้ว +98

      @@Mutiny960 no, they are rightfully criticizing the very prevalent pedo subculture in japan, stop beating around the bush just say you like kids lol

  • @martinmanley4197
    @martinmanley4197 ปีที่แล้ว +17

    I do hope the fans that are committed to Yune's success are also committed to her safety as well to bring a rising star to shine bright 🌞

    • @miaomiiao
      @miaomiiao 11 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      Of course they are, this is not pigmerica

  • @yli5531
    @yli5531 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    If there were strict laws and enforcement to prevent sexual harassment, then maybe this kind of companionship wouldn't be a significant personal safety issue. However, I think the bigger problem is that the children are spending all their time training to be actors; they don't get a proper education and don't get to enjoy a proper childhood. What would become of them if they did not end up as an actor?

  • @kenyaalex4012
    @kenyaalex4012 3 ปีที่แล้ว +8496

    Her mother is delusional if she believes these men just go to her concerts for her "singing voice". Come on woman, these men are undressing your daughter with their eyes. Disgusting

    • @redfish337
      @redfish337 3 ปีที่แล้ว +234

      They probably sat her down for a 10-30 minute interview and everything is cut besides the couple of soundbites they wanted for their story.

    • @tobin6767
      @tobin6767 3 ปีที่แล้ว +286

      I am rather sure that a significant portion of her audience are not pedophiles. While obviously a disturbing amount seem to be, the mother knows that and thats why she is monitoring the fans so carefully. With any kind of exposure come creepy people but it seemed like the daughter liked what she was doing and wasnt forced into anything nor was she sexualised in any way, and she still had a lot of free time.

    • @LBW_Mimir
      @LBW_Mimir 3 ปีที่แล้ว +38

      @jane lam in the United States there is a TV show called Dance moms which shows them moms exposing and sexualizing their children.
      interested, these two (aba & preach) talk about it here: th-cam.com/video/0XBaCIMeFR4/w-d-xo.html

    • @jessaduran2723
      @jessaduran2723 3 ปีที่แล้ว +97

      She even did not answer the question, she just avoided it, and that's what I am mostly surprised...

    • @Ashley-el4wf
      @Ashley-el4wf 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6

      If that what it takes to earn fame, why the hell would any young girl want it?

  • @castle7689
    @castle7689 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6354

    *Do you realize TikTok is basically the same thing, only the viewers are watching from all around the world*

    • @lunamiku4166
      @lunamiku4166 3 ปีที่แล้ว +273

      *PREACH 👏*

    • @nayemalaboni8318
      @nayemalaboni8318 3 ปีที่แล้ว +166

      Thank you for pointing it out

    • @EagleZtoTheGrave
      @EagleZtoTheGrave 3 ปีที่แล้ว +60

      Didnt really lie... 😂

    • @castle7689
      @castle7689 3 ปีที่แล้ว +9

      @@areli9961 *Who's Charlie?*

    • @lapinlibum8361
      @lapinlibum8361 3 ปีที่แล้ว +104

      No? The creators are young teens, and so are the audience.

  • @Bwaabbb
    @Bwaabbb 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    The thing that stood out to me the most is that the ‘creepy’ fans are not seen as morally wrong, but a possible danger if they happen to act on their creepiness. The mere thought of finding a child endearing and KNOWING you are in the same room as grown adults who are sexualizing her and seeing her in a wrong way would be way too upsetting an experience.

  • @implodingllama2092
    @implodingllama2092 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

    Isn’t it strange how the two best investigative journalists from the UK in recent memory are both brothers

  • @PinkSlime0990
    @PinkSlime0990 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4142

    Western cultures have this too. It’s called teen modeling and beauty pageants. Only difference is the Japanese aren’t hiding their fetish. In the west, it happens under the guise of fashion.

    • @artemiss7106
      @artemiss7106 3 ปีที่แล้ว +287

      And child actors

    • @Mollygirlsdaddy
      @Mollygirlsdaddy 3 ปีที่แล้ว +36


    • @umargiade976
      @umargiade976 3 ปีที่แล้ว +211

      Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus etc are all religiously followed by adults in the west too but No, they wont focus on that. Bloody hypocrites

    • @Mollygirlsdaddy
      @Mollygirlsdaddy 3 ปีที่แล้ว +68

      Here in United States repeatedly your be told on radio or Tv program when a certain young star turns 18 n is now legal

    • @Lupo9
      @Lupo9 3 ปีที่แล้ว +99

      @@umargiade976 there is a difference if you're actually catering to kids instead of pedophiles

  • @aprilsantamaria3119
    @aprilsantamaria3119 3 ปีที่แล้ว +5047

    you can tell the host is so disappointed and frustrated that everyone just wants to turn a blind eye and pretend like they are not doing anything wrong he feels for the little girl

    • @condorX2
      @condorX2 3 ปีที่แล้ว +92

      Have you notice most of the audience are into photography?
      And this is nothing compare to other part of the world where family sold their children for sex just for food.
      Google search is your friend.
      This video is pretty good in term of making money for the family just by singing for an audience and not having to take off your clothes or have a happy ending to the highest bidder.

    • @condorX2
      @condorX2 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3

      @X 👍

    • @orie_ooo
      @orie_ooo 3 ปีที่แล้ว +177

      @X it is definitely difficult to turn a blind eye on sexual undertones knowing that this place is infamous for having the tendency to fantasizing and sexualizing young school girls. so in this context, it's very weird to see these middle aged males adoring little girls dressed up in these rather inappropriate skimpy clothes.
      we also need to take into consideration how this girl, an underage, is being used by her mom into doing something that is, again, weirdly predominantly loved by middle aged men. she does seem like she loves what she does but this is not the right avenue for her right now, especially that she's just 11 who is not fully matured to know the implications of what she's getting into.

    • @fatisummer9106
      @fatisummer9106 3 ปีที่แล้ว +72

      @@condorX2 shut up stop writing the same comment over and over, just bc there are mess up things happening in the world doesn't mean this ok

    • @aj-sz8mu
      @aj-sz8mu 3 ปีที่แล้ว +83

      ​@X Dude ignoring the sexual aspect of this won't make it go away. It will normalize it and make it ok. It is NOT ok. If she can learn she shouldn't be in this situation, then good! She can get out of it before its too late. If being a performer depends on these specific fans of hers, then she knows they aren't that type of fans. Why bother "pretending" to be a singer to these so called fans, when deep in your heart you know they aren't there for that?

  • @natyawsp
    @natyawsp ปีที่แล้ว +1

    The coffee art so good btw!

  • @akoww1000
    @akoww1000 ปีที่แล้ว +15

    Something I found out this past month about these young girls is, Their Managers make most of the money from their song sales and from tickets to her show. they only get maybe around 5%, this also goes for shirts and other items. they are locked into a long-term contract " IE 10+ years to even 20 years at a young age" and in Japan, these contracts can't be broken by the girls. they are forced to go on dates with older men from record companies to DJs from radio stations to get their songs played. How can a parent do this to their kids :/

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Apparently.. these middle aged average looking men did not do any harm to her. They are just fond of her.
      It only proves that the middle aged men around her are not bad people. Just because they are middle aged and average, have no wives or gf.. and men, it doesn't mean they are bad people.
      People are too judge mental. Every people have desires... old or young. If there are victims of this video.. it's the old middle aged averga looking men.. getting judged by the public. These middle aged men are a victims of the sexual market deregulation. They are not molesters.

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      She's successful now fast forward 2023. So YOU ARE THE ONE WHO'S WRONG.. YOU JUDGEMENTAL FK!
      Not a single middle aged man who's watching her did bad to her. All they do is supported her.
      The only thing is that the host judging all the middle aged man who's supporting the girl. Just because they are Middle aged and because they are MEN.

    • @1969mmoldovan
      @1969mmoldovan 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Wow, you are truly knowledgable! Do you work in the industry?

  • @Dainty213
    @Dainty213 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3374

    “A lot of ‘fans’ don’t want to be on camera”..... hmmmm, I wonder why.
    And that other weirdo “can you handcuff me?”

    • @wjuju8278
      @wjuju8278 3 ปีที่แล้ว +87

      yeah that one is disgusting...

    • @kasturipandey8286
      @kasturipandey8286 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7

      God really

    • @Dainty213
      @Dainty213 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3

      @@kasturipandey8286 yeah, really.

    • @bangtanseva2604
      @bangtanseva2604 3 ปีที่แล้ว +43

      And then said . We like them as daughters ..smh

    • @dantedmonzell1541
      @dantedmonzell1541 3 ปีที่แล้ว +8

      yes he looks sick

  • @michellebelle198
    @michellebelle198 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2261

    “It’s a little bit difficult to justify” Exactly because you can’t justify it at all.

    • @prawtism
      @prawtism 3 ปีที่แล้ว +13

      or his English is not good enough?

    • @viviakabob964
      @viviakabob964 3 ปีที่แล้ว +53

      @@prawtism no he just a creep

    • @PCEWM
      @PCEWM 3 ปีที่แล้ว +27

      EXACTLY when he kept saying that and then like “we enjoy her in a gentlemanly way” ... like hell u do man.. disgusting

    • @hearinea5800
      @hearinea5800 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      Congratulations on your one thousandth like

    • @melissa87606
      @melissa87606 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      @@prawtism he could have said it in Japanese

  • @lightseeker1813
    @lightseeker1813 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

    We've seen worse.
    Japanese anime is full of this nonsense

  • @minananan
    @minananan 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    the maid cafe worker who drew his face is very talented woah, she cartoonified his face so quickly and so well

  • @meowmixza
    @meowmixza 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1933

    This poor girl. That stalker fan paying extra for pics bringing his own elaborate equipment makes me want to puke

    • @casper34xv19
      @casper34xv19 3 ปีที่แล้ว +87

      And he smiled at the end talking about some fans being dangerous that made me hella suspicious if he really care for her safety that wouldn’t be a laughing matter

    • @arpadczyliwampir
      @arpadczyliwampir 3 ปีที่แล้ว +36

      ​@@casper34xv19 people also smile when they're uncomfortable though

    • @howo357
      @howo357 3 ปีที่แล้ว +9

      Why? She’s laughing to the bank with with grown ass adults money. Stats show having an outlet like this to openly express attraction decreases number of sexual assault.

    • @X_Drako
      @X_Drako 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      eh i dont care that much lol

    • @hanamoon125
      @hanamoon125 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      I already filled up my puke bucket watching it

  • @vanessachan8948
    @vanessachan8948 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7428

    It is so frustrating to see that the interviewer is the only one who cares about the girl and all other adults only see her as the goose that lays the golden eggs. So disgusting.

    • @robhatesyoutube
      @robhatesyoutube 3 ปีที่แล้ว +259

      It's weird because they feign ignorance about the sexual side of this but then you hear these little innuendos the girl says and you're like ?huh?

    • @FreeSpirit47
      @FreeSpirit47 3 ปีที่แล้ว +168

      It's their culture. Japanese men like the little school girls. They want a female to be subservient yet sassy & do what they tell her to do. There is a lot of beauty in Japanese culture. This is one aspect that is not so beautiful.

    • @vanessachan8948
      @vanessachan8948 3 ปีที่แล้ว +133

      Just because it's the real world doesn't mean that this kind of thing should be taken so lightly.

    • @kgsd3863
      @kgsd3863 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2

      We all know that you’re one of those fake japanese online

    • @sladewillson8461
      @sladewillson8461 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      That’s just how the world is now .

  • @xataru
    @xataru 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

    *Please* tell me there will be a follow-up around 10 years later, with the girls and parents, in the same room, on camera

  • @4Jinz
    @4Jinz 2 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

    very uncomfortable and sad

  • @nicetomeetyou3362
    @nicetomeetyou3362 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3598

    She is so cute and innocent a real child just wanting to be a singer. I hate the day she will grow up and realize what she reallly was to her "fans".
    The interviewer is like: I'm really uncomfortable.

    • @user-nf9xc7ww7m
      @user-nf9xc7ww7m 3 ปีที่แล้ว +26

      Like a straight man in a g-y bar. 😳

    • @serenityssolace
      @serenityssolace 3 ปีที่แล้ว +56

      I think she already knows. Don't think that 11 y.o. children are dumb.

    • @nicetomeetyou3362
      @nicetomeetyou3362 3 ปีที่แล้ว +93

      @@serenityssolace not dumb just innocent or anable to fully accept it. Trust me I know

    • @serenityssolace
      @serenityssolace 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7

      @@nicetomeetyou3362 You're probably right

    • @314rft
      @314rft 3 ปีที่แล้ว +42

      @@serenityssolace At the very least unable to fully grasp the real life ramifications purely due to less life experience.

  • @Juju-wc7ue
    @Juju-wc7ue 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2837

    Her mother is really jaded. She knows why these older men are attracted to her UNDERAGE daughter, but only sees what she wants to see. As long as it brings in money. Gross.

    • @repliedreplied5552
      @repliedreplied5552 3 ปีที่แล้ว +21

      That's discoosting.

    • @nobody4y
      @nobody4y 3 ปีที่แล้ว +43

      In japan age of consent is 13 for females but as long as male isnt older then 20 .
      This is because their Japans population is droping and its huge problem there and its why things like animated adult videos contain things like underage looking characters , same for anime with fan service .

    • @newman4773
      @newman4773 3 ปีที่แล้ว +98

      Her mom is using her. Their culture aside of discipline are all trash

    • @Plant_Parenthood
      @Plant_Parenthood 3 ปีที่แล้ว +47

      she literally said "one doesnt have to see what one doesnt want to see"

    • @no.dont.
      @no.dont. 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6

      @The alien in your backyard damn riiight

  • @gurilagardnr2688
    @gurilagardnr2688 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    Who are the primary consumers of junior beauty contests in the U.S.?

  • @AllStarAlphaDog
    @AllStarAlphaDog 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1676

    The reporter’s face during all of this : 😐

    • @MonzennCarloMallari
      @MonzennCarloMallari 3 ปีที่แล้ว +97

      He looks super uncomfortable throughout the ep

    • @diabolivirtusen-tavares-ea4645
      @diabolivirtusen-tavares-ea4645 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7


    • @alicefaitdescarabistouille924
      @alicefaitdescarabistouille924 3 ปีที่แล้ว +40

      Honestly, watching this I had the same face as him.

    • @user-mz4ju4tb7s
      @user-mz4ju4tb7s 3 ปีที่แล้ว +47

      I really do not blame him. The documentary was very uncomfortable to watch, so I can't even imagine how uncomfortable it was to film.

    • @SunfireGTX25
      @SunfireGTX25 3 ปีที่แล้ว +10

      I watch tons of anime with fanservice episodes and even this made me fucking cringe! Real life is way different than anime and this makes it look so fucking wrong.

  • @oivinf
    @oivinf 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    The guy he interviewed in the café had a very creepy air to him, yet I also feel pity for him

  • @saturnleaf
    @saturnleaf 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

    This really puts oshi no ko into perspective… really good documentary

    • @sunlvmia
      @sunlvmia 6 หลายเดือนก่อน

      exactly what i thought while watching this video 💀💀

  • @kookoo1818
    @kookoo1818 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3842

    “She’s 11, she likes rabbits, coloring, and Ariana Grande” she’s so cute she needs to be protected

    • @drewmiller5942
      @drewmiller5942 3 ปีที่แล้ว +137

      The moment I heard this I knew this video will be creepy.

    • @hussein7517
      @hussein7517 3 ปีที่แล้ว +20

      You ought to watch some of her vidz on yt. The way she dances will put u to shame. Even her insta account is full of adult men

    • @pollypolary1846
      @pollypolary1846 3 ปีที่แล้ว +5

      @@hussein7517 what’s her insta and yt ?

    • @oreowasabi4638
      @oreowasabi4638 3 ปีที่แล้ว

      @@hussein7517 can u give me the link

    • @jazskystar7110
      @jazskystar7110 3 ปีที่แล้ว +5

      All children.

  • @maryamwari9168
    @maryamwari9168 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2754

    The reporter actually looks like a concerned father 😂

    • @julosx
      @julosx 3 ปีที่แล้ว +50

      Talking about the father… Where is he ?

    • @masterdementer
      @masterdementer 3 ปีที่แล้ว +33

      @@julosx probably divorced and left.
      Don't take this seriously.

    • @Kat-rd8tp
      @Kat-rd8tp 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6

      ikr better then the mother

    • @s.hung.8782
      @s.hung.8782 3 ปีที่แล้ว +20

      @Player Unknown and I guess It must be that "smart" of you to give such a "fast" judgement ha ?
      Bravo to you kid 🙄

    • @Big_Gulps_Huh
      @Big_Gulps_Huh 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6

      Here's his expression the entire time:

  • @360Fov
    @360Fov ปีที่แล้ว +85

    I visited Osaka in 2008. It was wild to see older men, sat in public with comic book porn. For such a reserved country, there was a shamelessness about material that we'd consider borderline porn with super questionable ages. My friend did training as he was a support officer for an online MMO, and they had training to identify child groomers etc.. He said that offenders would openly admit, almost aggressively, that they want 14 and 15 year olds who are unblemished, without cellulite (I remember specifically he quoted them saying "fat stains" meaning stretchmarks and suchlike), and "unspoiled" innocence...they didn't freak out too much because it seemed to be an expression of a fantasy desire. I can't help but think that the fantasy becomes a real desire for a percentage of these men.

    • @CTE-6000EagleVeryHeavyFighter
      @CTE-6000EagleVeryHeavyFighter 4 หลายเดือนก่อน

      A westerner talking about shame? Ironic

    • @Sarawarawara-
      @Sarawarawara- หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      @@CTE-6000EagleVeryHeavyFighter That was the only thing you had to say after reading that? Really?

  • @taniaviananda9304
    @taniaviananda9304 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Unbelieveable, It's just..I'm speechless.

  • @andreabarbosa564
    @andreabarbosa564 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2774

    respect to the interviewer, he couldn’t hide his disgust and his eyes were pure sadness every time he looked at Yune

    • @TheXuism
      @TheXuism 3 ปีที่แล้ว +19

      He is just pretending to be a moral defender and shows no sympathy.

    • @hoyashi-ta2336
      @hoyashi-ta2336 3 ปีที่แล้ว +120

      TheXuism how can you be so sure? You don’t know how a person thinks, you can’t read their mind, we see this as a disgusting fact.

    • @scottgreeff7043
      @scottgreeff7043 3 ปีที่แล้ว +21

      shame on the reporter he couldn't do a proper job of reporting he did this to push his agenda of its sexual when ever he was shown evidence to the contrary he ignored that and just focused on the small parts he could twist to make it seem its only sexual

    • @Ytremz
      @Ytremz 3 ปีที่แล้ว +69

      She is living vicariously through her daughter. When all of those horny middle aged men lust after her 11 year old daughter, she somehow feels like they are desiring her too. Nasty woman.

    • @bharathi2128
      @bharathi2128 3 ปีที่แล้ว +33

      @@Ytremz yeah I don't understand how she can say "tHeY lIkE hEr VoIcE" is she blind

  • @victoriab637
    @victoriab637 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1672

    I really don't buy the "the guys are just lonely" excuse. There are plenty of adult idols who can sell that same fantasy to them, but they're choosing the children. It can't be the father-daughter dynamic they are claiming it is in the video either. They are actively seeking out attention and validation through girls who are young enough to be their daughters.

    • @vik24oct1991
      @vik24oct1991 3 ปีที่แล้ว +90

      I think one of the reason might be they have social awkwardness towards females of their own ages which can be a cultural problem in japan, That makes them satisfy their fantasy with innocent children with whom they can feel more comfortable to interact with , this is exploitation of children for gratification of lonely shy men , what a disgusting culture. The people who are saying they look for their daughters in the child performers are simply lying because the truth is very embarrassing.

    • @BWcapture
      @BWcapture 3 ปีที่แล้ว +5

      @@vik24oct1991 There are a lot of lonely men for many reasons. And these lonely men try to find comfort in many ways.

    • @vik24oct1991
      @vik24oct1991 3 ปีที่แล้ว +53

      @@BWcapture only loneliness cannot explain the fascination for young girls, if it was only loneliness surely they would have had interest in adult females.

    • @lolboi7434
      @lolboi7434 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6

      To be fair though, this is actually a valid excuse if you know more about the societal problem in japan

    • @lolboi7434
      @lolboi7434 3 ปีที่แล้ว

      @G Schultz
      I’m not talking about that lol

  • @hughjazz5429
    @hughjazz5429 ปีที่แล้ว +112

    What the guy said was pretty valid. A lot of Japanese adults are single and Japan’s birthrates are very low. A lot of them feel alone and desire a connection; so I won’t be surprised if a good chunk of Yune’s fans see her as their own daughter and stay invested to see he progress in her career. I also believe there are perverts among her fanbase as well, now way to know for sure. For maid cafes I suppose people want to feel special, connected and pampered by the staff that work there because the way they act while on shift are, well, I’m sure you can imagine.

    • @mitchikomalandro5190
      @mitchikomalandro5190 10 หลายเดือนก่อน +11

      Umm what😮this comment threw me off

    • @lioexa600
      @lioexa600 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +34

      Your brain is rly working hard to justify grown men watching tweens, it's weird af and does not come from a place of a father. If they want to feel like the father of a child they should be sensitive to the pervs and defend against it, yet they let it happen.

    • @infj1601
      @infj1601 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

      and now think about why no woman wants child with other men

    • @kanalisationerstellen
      @kanalisationerstellen 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      that is actually a very good point, lonliness in Japan is extreme

    • @remo27
      @remo27 9 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@lioexa600 You are delusional. Can you control what goes on in someone else's brain? Sure, you can control her physical safety. And you can pressure her manager and mom to make sure she doesn't do anything 'risque' but that's about all you can do.

  • @m3m3lord61
    @m3m3lord61 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    15:35 A British vs. Japanese man trying to out-polite eachother, always a funny sight to see 😂

  • @gipsydanger5020
    @gipsydanger5020 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1336

    The older man handcuffing himself to her for a photo was disturbing.

    • @Teejay-rs3jr
      @Teejay-rs3jr 3 ปีที่แล้ว +61

      Exactly it made me VERY uncomfortable.

    • @maryav5396
      @maryav5396 3 ปีที่แล้ว +53

      @ロリは愛です and it's totally disgusting if you view a kid like a "lolita Cop 🤢"

    • @DH-zz8ok
      @DH-zz8ok 3 ปีที่แล้ว +40

      ロリは愛です ok still I’m not even close to being 16 but I know this is wrong and seriously if you had a daughter doing this and you see a man handcuff himself to her what would your reaction be?

    • @TheGamer2336
      @TheGamer2336 3 ปีที่แล้ว +22

      even more disturbing since it seems like he was proud of it. he talked to the reporter like it’s nothing.

    • @TheGamer2336
      @TheGamer2336 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7

      @ロリは愛です grow up.

  • @TK-ys2du
    @TK-ys2du 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2959

    She likes rabbits, and colouring books" - This should tell you that this is a CHILD. Her mom even asked her about her "homework".

    • @condorX2
      @condorX2 3 ปีที่แล้ว +26

      Have you notice most of the audience are into photography?
      And this is nothing compare to other part of the world where family sold their children for sex just for food.
      Google search is your friend.
      This video is pretty good in term of making money for the family just by singing for an audience and not having to take off your clothes and have a happy ending to the highest bidder.

    • @TK-ys2du
      @TK-ys2du 3 ปีที่แล้ว +82

      @@condorX2 Believe what you want to believe and ignore the red flags.

    • @HIHaiki
      @HIHaiki 3 ปีที่แล้ว +6

      Wasn't her age ypur first clue ?

    • @TK-ys2du
      @TK-ys2du 3 ปีที่แล้ว

      @@HIHaiki What clue?

    • @condorX2
      @condorX2 3 ปีที่แล้ว +5

      @@quatsch344 You're a weirdo.
      Why? Because your second statement on pedophiles contradict your first world country.

  • @N3ur0m4nc3r
    @N3ur0m4nc3r ปีที่แล้ว +5

    Have you been on Instagram or TikTok? This seems like a more formalized version of what's happening in the west every day on social media.

  • @rajeshvaidya3659
    @rajeshvaidya3659 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    I lived here for 20+ years but never understood why these middle-aged men are fan of teenage girls. Thanks for your research and video. My personal opinion is this must be stopped as this is "child labor". I know one girl who is now 32 years old. She used to be idol.... Her present condition is not good. If girls don't understand, then at least their parents should. I run a travel company and people coming from abroad ask me this question sometime. Now I can give them better answer. Thanks a lot.

    • @redfish337
      @redfish337 9 หลายเดือนก่อน

      The same reason why sports fans are fans of young men. The idols/players move on, but the fans are still fans.
      The first idols I followed were OLDER than me. But they quit.
      Then they were about the same age as me. But they quit.
      So now they are younger... because that's the age of people who are actually idols. (~15-27, with outliers)
      For sports it happens to be more like 22-38, with outliers.. but it's pretty much the same thing. When I started watching sports they were all OLDER than me. And they quit. Now they're about 80% younger than me. In 10 more years I'll be older than almost all professional athletes, and I don't intend to quit following sports just because of my age.

  • @astrumfaerie
    @astrumfaerie 3 ปีที่แล้ว +763

    This middle aged man did not just ask an 11 year old girl if he could be handcuffed I-

    • @Camilavvm868
      @Camilavvm868 3 ปีที่แล้ว +20

      Right? Tf

    • @riajuu5046
      @riajuu5046 3 ปีที่แล้ว +30

      Yeah I know that man should be jailed though.

    • @lxsrvsqz
      @lxsrvsqz 3 ปีที่แล้ว +13

      I was shocked like what?! What would an 11 year girl know about the true meaning of that it's truly disgusting

    • @karenkaeke7905
      @karenkaeke7905 3 ปีที่แล้ว +18

      that man needs to be handcuffed to go to JAIL

    • @n8tivewolf
      @n8tivewolf 3 ปีที่แล้ว

      That's what I said! Uhhhhhhhh I'm 25 bisexual female but have never ever thought 'hey that lil kid is attractive..handcuff me to her' That's disgusting in every way shape and form...Her mom didn't see that as weird...let alone the middle aged man fanbase??????????? I don't care I know in the future..even now ppl try to advocate for pedos like they actually go thru oppression...miss me with that bs. I pray for this talented girl and many other's mental health because being in this business HAS to be draining once they realize what it really is...I wish only blessings for this girl and many others.

  • @mysterioustiings9909
    @mysterioustiings9909 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1447

    This is so disturbing because we all know what they're doing with those pictures when they get home.

    • @tuumanka7974
      @tuumanka7974 3 ปีที่แล้ว +13

      MysterïousTïïngs ? Omg no 😓

    • @kalyanimenon5600
      @kalyanimenon5600 3 ปีที่แล้ว +17

      What do they do though?? (Not mocking anyone I have a genuine doubt)

    • @kalyanimenon5600
      @kalyanimenon5600 3 ปีที่แล้ว

      @Saturn ohk

    • @majonaisse3986
      @majonaisse3986 3 ปีที่แล้ว +64

      @@kalyanimenon5600 They also get off to them *vomits*

    • @benis9965
      @benis9965 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4

      @@majonaisse3986 AHHAAHAH no subtlety

  • @deeplinanath3520
    @deeplinanath3520 8 หลายเดือนก่อน

    How can someone smirk or even smile after saying they are dangerous.

    • @ChrisHilgenberg
      @ChrisHilgenberg 8 หลายเดือนก่อน

      Probably social awkwardness. The word 'dangerous' to describe someone or someone's actions isn't used nearly as much in Japanese as it is in English, and maybe it's just that thing people do when they are unsure what to say next and try to laugh it off.

  • @Porkcupines
    @Porkcupines 9 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Interviewer was getting a culture shock of his life. 😂

  • @mmumford377
    @mmumford377 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4298

    Everyone just acted as if it was normal for the much older man, to ask the little girl to handcuff herself to him. At any age that's weird an there needs to be a line drawn on the interaction. Not all money is good money.

    • @jofx4051
      @jofx4051 3 ปีที่แล้ว +15


    • @fahisdiary
      @fahisdiary 3 ปีที่แล้ว +231

      That was really shocking... that fact that her mom is there and that she is ok with all of that ... 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    • @mmumford377
      @mmumford377 3 ปีที่แล้ว +97

      @@fahisdiary Right! I would have demanded the police go check his basement, for victims.

    • @jofx4051
      @jofx4051 3 ปีที่แล้ว +19

      @@fahisdiary It may depends, as long as those guys don't disturb her... I think her mom is there to ensure that would not happened

    • @fivegoldstar6811
      @fivegoldstar6811 3 ปีที่แล้ว +48

      Not all money is good money, hahahahahhaha tell that fortune 500 companies like Nike, Apple that use child labour to made your stuff.

  • @RobustBanzai
    @RobustBanzai 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1058

    “Can you handcuff me?”
    Aight chief, that’s enough.

    • @reallyshiesty2436
      @reallyshiesty2436 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7

      Im dead

    • @v._.x
      @v._.x 3 ปีที่แล้ว +22


    • @Gracie-xn6xv
      @Gracie-xn6xv 3 ปีที่แล้ว +10

      I literally screamed at that

    • @jalmeenkaur6658
      @jalmeenkaur6658 3 ปีที่แล้ว +8

      I felt so sick when I saw that

    • @doug132639
      @doug132639 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7


  • @advancedknowledge
    @advancedknowledge ปีที่แล้ว +75

    Especially for anybody who is a father with a daughter, if your first instinct isn't to knock the living daylights out of every single one of these creeps then you're probably one of them. It's beyond clear what these older men are there for, this reporter sees right through it all and is just being polite at times of course, and these young girls are obviously being groomed and presented exactly for these older perverts as their audience, they aren't being marketed for their talents to their proper age groups, their own peers, with the ways in which they are being hustled like this. Very exploitative and wrong, and it isn't just Japan either, it's everywhere. This little kiddo isn't being "protected" by her mother or this manager either, she's being all but directly exploited by them. No sane parent would ever let any of these weirdos near their child for any reason, much less let them pose for pictures for or with them, not even under a watchful eye. There's clearly much worse than this in the world happening to our children, yes, our children because our main job as a society is to protect our most precious resource, that being our children, and that means all of them from any and all harm, but there's also not much worse than this in many ways either. If these men, if you can even call them that, truly want this "missing daughter" of their own in their lives, with no sexual intent involved, well then do it the old fashioned way and find yourself a lady to then build a family of your own with, and quit perving after other people's children because that's a quick ticket to getting your teeth knocked out at minimum where I come from, and then where these kiddos get shamed and some end up killing themselves over it all, what an absolute failure on the parts of all the rest of us for not doing everything we can to help protect and support them.

    • @purpleplanet888
      @purpleplanet888 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

      exactly the reason why some idols re popular with children is because theyre marketed towards that group its clear that her company is marketing her to older men and exploiting her for money

    • @sawyer303
      @sawyer303 8 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@purpleplanet888 Exactly, what mother would let her child dress like that, no matter who is the audience. When the audience is mature, it's clear why she lets her, for money, they get a lot of money on those events. It's like OnlyFans for children..

    • @LittleSparklingStars
      @LittleSparklingStars 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

      Not all of them are creeps, some of them are there because they lost a daughter in one way or another and they cope by watching these girls sing and dance. But unfortunately I think those are a minority.

    • @valcrist7428
      @valcrist7428 7 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      Apparently.. these middle aged average looking men did not do any harm to her. They are just fond of her.
      It only proves that the middle aged men around her are not bad people. Just because they are middle aged and average, have no wives or gf.. and men, it doesn't mean they are bad people.
      People are too judge mental. Every people have desires... old or young. If there are victims of this video.. it's the old middle aged averga looking men.. getting judged by the public. These middle aged men are a victims of the sexual market deregulation. They are not molesters.

    • @purpleplanet888
      @purpleplanet888 7 หลายเดือนก่อน

      @@valcrist7428 the more u consume this media along w pc0rn theyre bound to be predetors. you just a ped0 defender

  • @ZzedZed
    @ZzedZed 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    i remember shirley temple had the same situation.

  • @kimkim3827
    @kimkim3827 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1818

    That mom knows exactly that she's pimping her daughter. She's monitoring her live 6:12 and she's definitely seeing the disgusting things they were commenting dat maybe yune was too young to understand

    • @Anirossa
      @Anirossa 3 ปีที่แล้ว +26

      How is Japan on childcare services I wonder, they seem to need them...

    • @Meijibby
      @Meijibby 3 ปีที่แล้ว +20

      Maybe. Like the reporter be more worried for the kid more than the mom

    • @lifelongvirgin5794
      @lifelongvirgin5794 3 ปีที่แล้ว +7

      There are weak bonds between parents and children in Japanese culture.

    • @kerenshalom4633
      @kerenshalom4633 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3

      Didn't know you could read the comments.

    • @mark-mm4ou
      @mark-mm4ou 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      The mother either doesn't care about her child or is in denial.

  • @ixiahj
    @ixiahj 3 ปีที่แล้ว +888

    They don't see her as a real kid. They see her like a fictional character on a tv show or a video game.

    • @sonialopez1919
      @sonialopez1919 3 ปีที่แล้ว +64

      Disgusting because those characters are usually always sexualized

    • @blupyxi5669
      @blupyxi5669 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

      Lol, you must be under 25.

    • @finickyzeppole
      @finickyzeppole 3 ปีที่แล้ว +11

      like those loli in anime.. maybe they're projecting one of their favorite fictional lolita on to this poor, poor girl.

    • @mangopangeddy5288
      @mangopangeddy5288 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2

      @@sonialopez1919 OMG i meet my profile twin

    • @sonialopez1919
      @sonialopez1919 3 ปีที่แล้ว

      @@mangopangeddy5288 eyyy whats upp😆

  • @DiamondAviator4
    @DiamondAviator4 9 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

    I’m both disgusted and impressed.

  • @adharvamishra7967
    @adharvamishra7967 ปีที่แล้ว

    This channel contains many good vids, but it breaks my heart that this vid's thumbnail has apparantly attracted dramatically more views

  • @winniengo5448
    @winniengo5448 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2909

    This was so cringy. Her mother is basically selling her.

    • @dharanishakthivel7263
      @dharanishakthivel7263 3 ปีที่แล้ว +134

      It seems more like she's just trying to support her child's dream while also protecting her as much as she can.
      Although, I personally don't agree with this.

    • @MrCmon113
      @MrCmon113 3 ปีที่แล้ว +3

      @Karen luvs Jesus
      What exactly is happening to her daugher?

    • @edwardheaney3641
      @edwardheaney3641 3 ปีที่แล้ว +34

      @@MrCmon113 She's being put at risk in the spotlight, and having her identity spread online commercially. Very bad for children.

    • @yzonafurgaldo54
      @yzonafurgaldo54 3 ปีที่แล้ว +27

      @@dharanishakthivel7263 While I agree that the mother support her children, it is still very irresponsible for a mother to let her 11 yr old child do this knowing a lot of men sees her differently. This is a different story when the child is actually at the right age. Also I prefer to let Yune be knowledgeable about the risk and danger she's being put at.

    • @elizabethdejesus6674
      @elizabethdejesus6674 3 ปีที่แล้ว +2

      @Karen luvs Jesus I’m confused what do you mean it seems her mother is just trying to support her while keeping a close eye even though yes, this is irresponsible letting her child be seen in different and disgusting way by middle aged men. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say she doesn’t deserve her child. That’s a bit harsh

  • @claflin7973
    @claflin7973 3 ปีที่แล้ว +4630

    I went on Google to see if there’s any new info about the idol and I’m disgusted. In her wiki, the measurements of her bust, waist, and hips are detailed. She’s 11! That’s literally so creepy. I wish her the best, I feel really bad for her.

    • @__lavenderose__
      @__lavenderose__ 3 ปีที่แล้ว +319

      🤮🤮🤮 that's terrible

    • @b.hyerim4148
      @b.hyerim4148 3 ปีที่แล้ว +144

      @@__lavenderose__ that's a thing for every idol, unfortunately..

    • @davidy22
      @davidy22 3 ปีที่แล้ว +317

      @@b.hyerim4148 *every female japanese personality or anime character. For whatever reason every bio also has blood type

    • @b.hyerim4148
      @b.hyerim4148 3 ปีที่แล้ว +107

      @@davidy22 I mean thats a thing for every idol literally, korean chinese japanese, no matter they're age or gender you literally have those informations.

    • @redfish337
      @redfish337 3 ปีที่แล้ว +102

      Idols don't always list it. But Yune is still a model.
      In any case, the fact that blood type is listed should be a big reminder to you that your cultural dispositions on all these stats are NOT the same.
      A, B, AB, O probably means nothing to you.
      It's basically zodiac mumbo jumbo for them, but with only four available, they're all familiar with the personality types that are stereotypically associated with each. So it's kind of reminiscent of the "four temperaments" so the blood type is sort of like spamming sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic on everyone's bio... or perhaps like a sorting hat house of Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.
      They don't take it suppper seriously... but they take it surprisingly seriously.
      But it was probably just a letter you glanced over to look at the three size.

  • @kimimiralte3787
    @kimimiralte3787 8 หลายเดือนก่อน +1

    How are the parents ok with this??!!!