Surah As Sajdah سورة السجدة: Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy مشاري العفاسي - English Translation

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 19 มี.ค. 2013
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    I can memorise this surah because of this recitation. I first listened to it about 10 years ago and fell in love since then. Thank you very much love from malaysia

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    Maa sha Allah .what a beautiful voice! taking muslims n momins to Hifz &Qiraat.May Allah bless U highest status in Duniya n Akhira n U get nearess to RasoolAllah saww in Aakhira n Deedar e Allah every moment in Aakhira.JazakAllah khair Qari Mishary Rashid Alafasy.:)

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    Good voice Ma Sha Allah 👍

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    Mashaallah , a strong message beautifully said.

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      Алохида эътибор, шавк, завк, илхом билан укилган! Ин ша Аллох , жаннатда юриб эшитадиган кироатлардан бири булса ажабмас!

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    I love Islam so I'm really like reading the QURAN. ...I'am not alone. ..ALLAH is always with me.

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    Beautiful voice in the world

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    Masha Allah

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    Masha Allah beautiful recitation

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    Mashallah Tabarakallah very nice

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    Mishary mother is very lucky directly going to jannah

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    Masha Allah...Allahu Akbar very nice and beautiful voice Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy, Allah blessing you always Aamiin Ya Robbal Alamiin.

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      Wa Anta Fa Jazakumullah AlQuran HD.

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    Please read surah mulk and surah sajdah every night bcs our beloved prophet Muhammad use to read this every night

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      Yes you're correct

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      Yes you're correct

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    mAshallah tabarakAllah I love listening to the Quran especially when I'm going to bed. It calms me and gives me peace and tranquility

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    Asslamu Alaikium W W mashallah very beautiful I like so soooooo mach may allah bless you &your mom ,dad v very luckey allah umma a'ameen👍

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    SubhanAllah,,, wishing you all the most blessed JUMAA KAREEM..

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    Assalam o Alaekum.Qari Mishary Rashid alafasy, in spite of all efforts I, m the begger of Description n find no appropriate word to tell my expression s about the best recitation, yes Alhamdulilah will do the Best.

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    Very nice Voice. Subhan Allah.

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      My kid had posted that above comment.. she loves all your Surahs😀.. Alhamdulillah.. She listens to them every 🌃 night..

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    Heart touching voice...
    With perfect tajweed alhumdulillaah 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
    May Allah bless him and grant him highest rank in jannah...🌷
    Aameen Summa Aameen 💝💝💝

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    Thank You Very Much for uploading this video I Was Searching for this video since a long time May Allah bless all the persons who were involved in the making of this video

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    اللهم ارحم اسكندر ابن شاهر واغفر له واسكنه فسيح جناتك واجمعنا به في جنات النعيم يارب العالمين امين بجاه هذه الايات الكريمة

  • Fourqane Alhaqq
    Fourqane Alhaqq 2 ปีที่แล้ว

    1- introduction and divine uniqueness
    2-existence of God
    3-rules of application.
    1- First of all, let us define reason and see its reliability: reason consists in understanding, ordering, prohibiting or administering through its distinction between good and evil to reach the reasonable one who serves and does not serve.
    Let's see if reason is reliable:everyone of good reason confirms that reason is educated by its environment from a young age in order to distinguish good from evil,true from false,it starts with: fire or needle hurts, milk makes good, then truth and lie, with internal and external verification by experience, then we generalize to the extension of reason (like happiness and unhappiness) and to the abstract by returning from time to time to the experience of reason by recognized examples, so we can say that reason is reliable.
    As for the ego, the self, it has its importance in my subject, because it compares and seeks (in cooperation with the reason) the ideal, the most powerful because the top is the most reasonable for him otherwise if a strong thing is not enough for him,he will get tired of it and look for something stronger than it, he'll be unhappy, in relative insecurity, because he's looking for the solid pillar, hence the expression "in myself something" to say that it's not satisfactory.
    Definition of worship in religion: to submit oneself to a being or a thing by love and veneration, to believe that it is useful and harmful (we see the link with the definition of reason and its combination with the ego and that then we live to worship anything and in a correct and reasonable way we seek "summit" happiness (for the ego, the summit is the most satisfying for the heart-ego) through that being or that thing since we take the reasonable).
    Definition of a god:a god is a being or a thing that we worship or is worshipful (worshipful=which deserves to be worshipped),we will be satisfied (this is the goal) to take the definition of a god as a being or a thing that is worshipful
    Equivalence "a god" and "he is a creator (from nothing)":
    A creator (from nothing) is a god: everything around us is made up of already existing elements, so creation from nothing is superior and it is the most impressive form of creation so it is summit (the heart and the ego confirm), so any creator from nothing is a god.
    Every god is a creator: if a god was not a creator then he would not deserve to be a god because God the Necessary Being (see part 2) is a creator (the creator see 2), therefore superior to that god, therefore that god does not deserve (for reason and ego) to be a god, he does not bring anything more, hence every god is a creator.Hence the equivalence.
    God the creator, the necessary being is the summit for the heart-ego: if he had a superior then that superior would be unknown, erased, moreover for the heart-ego it would imply that the necessary being is no longer a god (the heart-ego sees higher) therefore no longer a creator whereas it is the necessary being (contradiction) therefore that superior is not a god therefore is not a creator therefore God is uncreated and is at the summit.
    God is unique: if there were two different gods (at the summit), then either their will is different, then either each god applies his will (as they are gods it applies to the whole universe (not erased god)) then it is impossible (if their will is different at the same point),seeing the universe as it is without defect, and it is harmonious, and If one of the two gods imposes his will on the other, then the other is weak and therefore is no longer a god (contradiction), so their will coincides on everything, so it means that one flatters (strokes) the other, so it makes the ego-heart feel a weakness of this god in its power, so is no longer a god, so there is only one god, or again: if the two gods have their will which coincides in every point ,then they constitute a god of their union but God being at the top (the ideal), an indivisible god who creates, possesses and administers everything by himself is more impressive than several gods together, hence God is unique in every case. This reasoning applies even if there is a universe we do not know, because God (worshipful) must act everywhere otherwise he is no longer a god.
    2-existence of God:
    There is an administrator for the universe:any example:a palace hyper organized in decorations,arrangements,household,if you are told:this palace does not have a butler(administrator),you will answer:it is not possible that it happens by itself without anybody,your distinctive healthy reason rejects it (you are not crazy),therefore all the more so (a fortiori): (organization much, much better than the palace) all the organization and harmony of nature and the universe make you reject that there is no administrator for the whole universe (we can already say that it is unique, the cycles and others are the mark of the same author, for example nike is the mark of a single manufacturer, example of all the atoms of the universe same process therefore same mark therefore same author), so there is an administrator for the whole universe, and even it is obliged to think that otherwise it is chaos,. ..and many many other examples like the ship without a captain,... there is a creator of the universe: You see a humanoid walking around and you're told no one created him. You're not crazy. Your reason will reject that.So a fortiori,all the more so Your good reason will reject that man has no creator.So There is a creator of the universe, and so on throughout creation, but again the whole universe has the same mark (like nike), so the same author, so the creator is unique and the administration of his creation is the same (layout, arrangement of the way of creating) so the creator is the administrator. As He is unique, He is the great owner of the universe, and He is the one who makes the rules of the universe (such as the instructions of the electrical appliances (operation, maintenance), so it has been proved that the universe has one Lord (the Creator, the owner and the administrator) and He is the only one who deserves to be worshipped (the instructions of the appliances), so He is the only God. Otherwise, as God the Creator is at the top, He is also the owner and the administrator. All this is the domain of the reasonable and if you come out of it you are no longer in the reasonable (chaos).
    Conclusion: Divine existence and oneness are then demonstrated by reason, but reason does not say everything that God wants from us, hence the prophets and messengers.
    3- Application: The verse of the Qur'an that says that there is no god except Allah means that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, so it means that there is no imperfection on any face, so the Qur'an, its word, has no imperfection since it is one of its characteristics and therefore one face of its perfection, Therefore, by the perfection of the Qur'an (read it in Arabic to see this reality and its explanation) and the uniqueness of the true (you must respect the rules of this book if you are honest) you must take the best interpretation of the verses and the Sunnah (path) of the Prophet (the Qur'an calls to follow the Prophet therefore apply his hadiths (hadiths=words in Arabic) and you must reconcile between the verses (of the Qur'an) and the verses, and verses/hadiths hadiths/hadiths (authentic) because the truth is quite unique and the best sought after is perfection (so correct yours intentions), for example the thief the penalty starts at 1/4 gold dinar, it costs (recently) 39€ for its weight in gold whereas a meal costs 5€, source: the pious predecessors (rule: the Koran says to follow the prophet and the prophet spoke of the first three generations which are the best and he said (ask your heart for clarification), and Allah calls in the Koran to the well known between the good people (conciliation), etc,. .go on with the rest of the rules of Islam if you are honest (seek the best, perfection, truth, conciliation).
    There are rules in Islam and if you don't follow them you find imperfections (which reflect your bad intention), while when you correct your intention you find perfection (it exists, scholars communicate it to each other, I have been reading books about Islam in Arabic for a long time, I testify and I testify that this perfection exists. Why don't you take it if it is possible and the rules of Islam are to take it, hence your attacks are unfounded since this is not what God and his prophet mean (i.e : your words that it is imperfection). ..

  • Amaan Rafi
    Amaan Rafi 6 ปีที่แล้ว +2

    This is an awesome surah and Sir mishary has recited it so beautifully and amazing me.Good job.

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    subhanAllah beautiful recitation

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    لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه واله وسلم ❤😍😘😘😘😘

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    Mudassir Mohamed 3 ปีที่แล้ว +1

    Who read this holy curan, he has filled in heat thakwa.greatst, I vishe u mubaarekellah, keepi't JESEHAKUMULLH 🌹

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      QURAN Not curan ok ? Please check 😅

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