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The Last Of Us TRIVIA in Fortnite!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 12 ม.ค. 2024
  • The Last Of Us Part I, Part II, and TV Show trivia in Fortnite with 100 players!
    • More Fortnite Trivia (Full Playlist) ➔ • Fortnite TRIVIA!
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    Watching you bring up the last of us makes me so happy, i miss old videos when you played but tour fortnite plays are also very interesting and funny

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    Leave these trivia’s nick I have been subbed since these videos started keep it up❤

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    I love every video u post Nick!! keep up the EHH MAZING work Nick!!

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    Love these trivia videos! Keep up the good work Nick!

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      Ur so lucky.nick liked ur comment

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      @@hellomanikinsmitin564 stop being so mean it's just not 𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥

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      Don't edit your comment so heart stays lol 😊🎉

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      Hi tg plays

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    i was at the twitch stream its so fun to watch how editing can change the vid

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    I really loved this trivia Nick! It was EH-Mazing 💪💪

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    Love these trivia videos!!! Its always fun to see if i know the answers,keep up the great work Nick!!!❤❤

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      You're 1930 Robert rabbit.Don't and he likes to lick my petsh

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      Dog My dog likes to lick my butt

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      Pause it's false it's true

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    I missed the trivia! Welcome back trivia!

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    Love your videos NickEh30

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    Love these trivia videos I actually saw this on stream

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    i wish you could post daily but keep it up its amzing your videos!!!

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    It’s always a good day when nick posts 🏆

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    Great vid Nick keep up the good work

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      You hadn't even watched the full video when commenting this.

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      It’s Nick I know it’s Gina be a great video

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      @@Lemons837 fair enough

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      whats the song at the end @@CRYPT1X_27

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    I love your vids nick. You always keep it family friendly. 😊

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    I love these trivia vids i have been watching sinse 2021

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    Amazing videos always entertaining, keep it up

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    That trumpet was perfect timing haha
    I watched the live stream and so many people griefed. W Nick for keeping patient
    and continuing to pursue even though these griefers have problems.
    Thanks for the content!

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    Out of any video you've made, this is one i never actually expected, you should totally make another one!!

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    Yooo I'm so happy for this content. I've been following you since uou started playing the last of us factions. I played it so much as well!!

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    I loved these Trivia Videos glad it’s back! Keep up the great work!

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    Love your posts Nick thanks for making them so good

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    I truly love your videos, editing and positivity. I sincerely had a big smile throughout the video. Thank you and keep up the great work. 🥰🥰🥰

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    Thanks Nick, love your videos!

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    Can’t we all agree that nick is the best TH-camr EVER

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    the robot switched at this time 2:29

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    I remember watching your faction streams years ago. Gone a long way.

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    The crossover we never expected

  • @WeirdTortois
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    1:57 Nick made the brick jump of even though they were right?

    • @ciarlicia
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      The outbreak in the game happened in 2013. In the show it happened in 2003

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    Finally a trivia after 2 years

  • @TYSN-3
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    Hey, Nick I have watched your videos all growing up and I hate how everyone tries to get clips of slip ups, but keep up the great work. Your always in my favorite TH-camrs list. You made me start playing fortnite. ❤

  • @TheLastOfUsNerd
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    Nick I love the last of us since 2017 and I got all the answers correct even tho I wasn’t in the custom I wanna see another one. You’re the best!❤

  • @CherkoPlays
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    0:21 How they answered wrong!?!?! I mean, wasn't it so obvious? LOL! 🤣

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    You know it’s a good day when nick uploads

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    I found out about TLOU bc of your play though of the 2nd game. About 2 years ago I convinced my parents to let me play the 1st game, and about 8 months ago the second game. I absolutely love them! Can’t wait to watch the vid ❤❤
    Edit: I got every single question correct. Besides the one about his daughter being immune, but in a way Ellie is his daughter. So I was a bit confused from that

  • @wxrthlesseditx
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    Hey Nick! I just bought your merch just wanted to let you know you are the best! Keep it up 👍❤️

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    Back to the roots man. So nostalgic seeing Nick do Last of Us content again ❤

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    The first question tho💀💀

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    More trivia in general. Like your videos so much
    Never back down
    Never give up

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    Nick I love your content thank you for the EHmazzing

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    4:43 Nick calling Kratos as "Thanos" 😆

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    Peple who saw his stream with kreek

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    More trivia please and thank you, maybe even a beyond the spiderverse when it comes out?❤Love these videos Nick keep it up!

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    Keep up the great content Nick

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    Nick always fills me with joy when he uploads 😫

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    super wholesome and fun! would like to see for more varietys (Eg The Simpsons) but otherwise great video!

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    as a huge the last of us fan. this was very fun to watch

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      I agree I LOVE THIS GAME

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    Nick you are such a baby you report everyone who kills you

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    "THERE WILL BE NO BULLING IN MY LOBBY" Nick kill a lot of people 😂

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    I love your trivia videos Nick, keep it up and I hope you make an anime trivia. Thanks and keep on beiing awesome, ehhhhh.

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    Nick will always brighten my day

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    Love the trivia videos! Can’t wait for more!❤

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    love this vid pls make more the last of us trivia I love the last of us

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    I will swear if this gets 100 likes

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    didn't expect this absolute gem from today

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    Love those good contents ❤ Keep it up Nick One Question do you like Gordon Ramsay his Sandwiches ? 🙂

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    I have been waiting for this

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    Hello if this comment gets 100 likes I will play any horror game whoever replies the game first

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      opus castle (based on true story good luck) 😊😊😊🥰🥰🥰

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    i’ll do 2 push-ups for every like this comment gets

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    I loved this video nick and the last of us is amazing

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    Nick can you please do another one of these it’s so entertaining 😄😄😄

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    Bro I love the trivia videos

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    Waited for this for a long time

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    I’m so excited for part 2 remaster with the new no return mode

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    Nick Is the best keep doing this😊🎉

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    TRIVIA!!! Love these vids

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    OGs remember nick used to play TLOU

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    Im new to TH-cam and Fortnite after switching from AC. This is some of the best Fortnite content i have seen you have earned a sub and and i hope you will see this keep up the good work Nick!!

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    The Last of Us is GOATED and so is Nickeh30

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    Love the vid big fan

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    Brothers, we are gathered here today to honour the legacy of Benja, his time was short but loved, the people he knew, were loving, he was loving. Goodbye Benja .You will be missed

  • @Wubny
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    I grew up watching you playing Last of Us comebacks, you were so good with the bow. I went to show my girlfriend your channel to see if her younger brother has heard of you, and I saw the title of this video. I got goosebumps!!

  • @Twixtor_clips
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    Hello Nick,
    I really love your content and mostly your customs and updates.
    Could you please make a trivia about jujutsu kaisen since it has colabed recently.
    Thank you.

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    Great video! Glad to see Nick uploading good content!

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    😂 grut got me cracking in up

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    I know this game too much, loved playing along with the video

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    I love trivia with Nick

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    poor kratos. in the second round he got pushed off by other people on the Ellie quote question.

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    Nick is the goat keep up the good work man your content is better than ninjas because you keep keeping it family friendly😊😊.

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    Hey, Nickeh30 where do you make these videos on twitch?

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    What is the song that played in the background when they jumped at the very end?

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    love you nick eh 30 i been waching fro 2 years

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    I like the hide and seeks and trivia things you do and Simon says there all always interesting I know I would like to see another trivia I can’t speak for others though

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    kratos wouldve for sure won both rounds but he fell off at 11:35 rip kratos😭

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    Orators made me laugh so much😂

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    Nick eh 30 is 100% my favourite youtuber

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    It’s always a great day when the KING 👑 uploads!

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    As a LOU fan, the golf bit at the beginning had me dead.

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    Love you Nick!

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    Yooo banger vid

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    This video was EH-MAZING! ❤

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    More last of us trivia please 🥺🥺😅

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    I thought the chun li skin was supported to have a extra life for building the floor on the bottom

  • @G0ATSreal
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    great video i dont get the people that ruins the fun for others ps your the king

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    Don’t get much tlou content nowadays appreciate it

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    10 years of being EHHHHMAZING 😊

    • @RandomHuskFan1124
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      you can make it 9 if u want