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Unlocking TITAN COMPUTER MAN In Skibidi Toilet Defense

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 3 มี.ค. 2024
  • Unlocking TITAN COMPUTER MAN In Skibidi Toilet Defense
    Sunny and Melon play SKIBIDI TOILET DEFENSE and try to unlock the RAREST unit in the GAME - THE TITAN COMPUTER MAN!
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    I BECAME A UNIT... in Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense
    • I BECAME A UNIT... in ...
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    #Roblox #skibiditoilet #computer
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      @@Adarsworldyou problem is

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    Sunny is the goat 3:48

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    So if your wondering how to fast open then, Go to settings/gear button on the buttom of the screen or the top and click fast open. When you see it it’s off,so turn it on to fast open(Hope this helped)

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    Oh my goodness

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    I love your videos❤❤❤

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    Goats, Daniel and Melanie had a goat, and Melanie had a go and Melanie and melon❤

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    I actually got it on my first crate somehow, keep up the good work guys!

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      I got hyper titan on my first try in ttd

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      Luck fr​@@Bacon-on-yt

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      I got pencil hammer​@@Bacon-on-yt

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    I love your videos

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    Sonny and melon after you upgrade the Titan computer man and you see that box and go to the right you can see a bit chilly Billy ability a Plus on it it can send the toilet to kill all the toilets

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    Sunny and melon ARE GOATS

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    Sunny is the goat

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    now I want a drill assassin.

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    Cool godly sunny and melon are the goats

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    It's disturbing how some individuals find joy in inflicting pain on others. We need to promote peace and harmony, not violence. ☮❤

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    Truly a goated moment

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    I love your work and your video

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    Sunny is the best

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    Sunny and melon are GOATs

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    Also, is ability is not going back the toilet, the toilet go back and fight each other

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      first time i watched i tought it was just going backward bruuuh

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    I love your video
    I love you so much
    Golden golden

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    🎉 you’re the best melon and Sonny❤

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    Every like +10 push-ups

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    hi melon sunny you are the best
    im not new

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    Bro titan computer man has a special ability next to his stats and the others👍

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    Sunny’s money is nice with the ice cream

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    Sunny being luckier than melon

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    Keep these good vids up goats!!! I love yo vids sunny and melon❤❤❤❤❤

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    1:58 i love his voice

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    You guys are the best ever You are goteid 😊😊😊😊😊

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    Sunny has a beautiful voice

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    Sunny are the goat

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    He said 1,2 but he doesn't say: buckle my shoe

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    Demorer minutos 10 para utimete Titan TV men

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    Just a question I just traded my tri titan from a computer titan and 2 upgrade titan drill man is it a W or L

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    Sunny has the best super best luck😮😮

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    Buy All luck busts to get the most good units😊

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    Sunny is GOTED

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    Bro there even more goated then actual 🐐goats more goated for me😊

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    Sunny is so lucky in this game And melon he's lucky in toilet tower defense

  • @akseliaalto6706
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    In Toilet tower defense: Melon gets 2hyper speakers
    In skibidi tower defense: Sunny gets 2computer men

  • @Iuurty6
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    2:01 bro that scream

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    You should get the new new, godly hammer, pencil man😊

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    I want Sunny and melon to do a face reveal when they hit 5m subs

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    🎉 you’re the best melon and Sonny

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    In case you didn't know the reason they don't have partner anymore is because teleanthrike the big old cry baby got mad because Scooby tire defense is actually a battle in some of their partners are playing it like Sonny and melon digito

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    5:24 is goated!

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    The computer Titan come from Skibidi wars, you must see it it’s really good

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    Sunni. is. The. Goat

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    Sunny is the best and only goat

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    Have yall notice the size difference?.acid gunner is small and drill woman and drill assassin is bigger (i forgot gem and scientist cameraman also looks small)

  • @TheosGamingChannel
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    Next episode can you please try to play toilet tower defense but you have to unlock 1M coins in the game and also the game money i mean try to get a billion if you want as well

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    Sunny and melon you guys have better units then me and my brother an still lost when I did not it with my brother you defeated insane mode

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    Eu consegui o utimete Titan TV men

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    Bro sunny and melon how do you upload like 5 videos in 1 day

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      ❤😂🎉😢😮😅😊 17:06

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      They pre records and reupload some videos

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    Day 12 of asking for sunny and melon to play skibidi defence

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    I got titan computer man in 18 summons in game 😂 I have all of them
    Sunny is goat

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    Sunny is the goat and melon is the boat

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    I lost on wave 40 on solo mode and my best is mace and i dont have any mythic/godly

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    Your lucky that you got it your the goat

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    1:58 DANG IT

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    I'm in love sunny is so much better than melon I watch you r video everyday i am sure your video are better than Mr best ❤I am a fannnnnnnnn ❤❤❤❤❤

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    Only sunny fan can like this

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    1 like = 100 coins to sunny and melon

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    In toilet tower defense you lose your signing when you play other toilet tower defense games

  • @La-LloydMontgomeryGarmadon
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    Hehe I got the trititan first try with only 250 gems

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    You’re the goats I love your videos so much ❤😊😂

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    There is a skibidi multiverse and a skibidi war and skibidi zombie

  • @mamama7771
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    Game name?
    I really want to play the game

  • @user-sg9li8he7p
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    Sunny what is that placement on that computer man it barely it’s the track

  • @celestelim4380
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    everytime you put the rare things down it looks like your doing drama😂

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    Do is the best starter unit.

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    I got the Titan computer man first try

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    You're the best ❤❤😊😊

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    Under 1hour gang

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    The ability for titan computer man is making the toilets back

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    We need melon and sunny face reveal
    WHOS with me

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    Sunny and melon:🐐
    Arkey and doddle: 🤡

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    I got Titan computer man on my first try that time few months or weeks

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    They added chapter 3 in Weird Strict Dad

  • @user-vr4yx1tb8v
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    Titan clock man can also send them back

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    This is crazy how they auto skip the whole game

  • @Dylanhudson760
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    Yeah it is

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    Sunny is de Real goat

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    PLEASE, do some more bedwars

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    Hello sunny and melon

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    6:53 sunny is lying 😂😂!!

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    Computer titan man has an ability so does drill assassin

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    Sunny is the GOAT 🐐

  • @BloodNight756
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    I just realised the map is the same one in BTD6

  • @c.jlampe
    @c.jlampe 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Do a teir list for this, game.

  • @KellySchulz-jn4rr
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    I love these vids bro can I be in one

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