Make of Open RC Tractor 3D Printed

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  • Make of Open RC Tractor 3D Printed
    hello here we completed another 3D project. Tractor every person a favorite vehicle.
    The printable file is available at thingiverse and thanks to Makitpro.
    thingiverse link
    The design is awesome and assembling is very easy and very detailed description. Any one have less knowledge can do this project.
    For controlling we developed a small application for android mobiles only. To control any vehicle through mobile.
    The mobile application is available for download in the following link.
    The Control board RC-V1 has som features like realistic sounds Engine start, stop, idle & acceleration, Breaking, indicators sounds horns etc. we used Arduino for programming and Atmega 328P is the IC along with audio amplifier, Darling ton IC, Motor driver etc.
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