Return to Yoshi's Island 64 DEMO Dev Playthrough

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 26 ก.พ. 2021
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    🐦 KazeEmanuar

    Get the game here!!

ความคิดเห็น • 218

  • Bobby Sharpe

    Return to Yoshi’s Island looks legitimately awesome. The final game is going to be sick!

  • Default Derek

    You’re so talented, appreciate all your hard work 🤙

  • Goblin
    Goblin  +14

    I love seeing how far you've come in rom hacking. The constant improvements (even just minor physics tweaks) we see from hack to hack is awesome

  • Yosama in philly

    You're actually insane with how quick you make these

  • Gaming With Luigi

    I absolutely love Course 2, the details and the OST is amazing!

  • Chrange
    Chrange  +5

    This hack is so cool. I love all the added enemies, soundtrack, and unique environments. Great job! Can't wait to for the final product.

  • Spartan Warrior

    Thank you for making these games

  • Thirteen 1355

    As always, so much love and care (detail) went into this game! Now let's hope the gameplay will hold up nicely!

  • j wolf
    j wolf  +2

    This is very cool. Congrats on releasing your next great game!

  • B Targ
    B Targ  +1

    It's so cool to learn about all of the intricate engine fix stuff you guys did for your ROMhacks, love the videos!

  • Final Theory Games

    This looks amazing and would love to play a full version of this fan game. I mean this is breath taking.

  • Blaster Fox

    Wow, this is awesome! Keep up the good work on your newer rom hacks! Also I like the original Mario eyes texture bit more, but it's still ok.

  • BlackWorm

    Awesome work, Kaze.

  • jacek
    jacek  +1

    This is so awesome - you've really outdone yourself here, Kaze! This is already my favorite SM64 romhack to date. Some feedback if you'll permit:

  • Blake Bickerstaff

    Playing through it now on not64 on my Wii and loving it. It's incredible that you did this all yourself (with some help with music and art, as you mentioned). My favorite moments so far: the music in the All Alone Bubbledome, all the sassy personalities of the NPCs and the full camera controls

  • Ian Dumych

    Why the hell does this look better than 75% of the actual original N64 library

  • Zeegoner

    YES. Long live the ground pound dive. Those cutscenes are so good... Music is the best too. Toasterketchup converted it, but who was the guy that made the music?

  • Al i
    Al i 

    I appreciate the explenation regarding the physics of the game and the insights of the mechanics.

  • Knave YT Channel

    This hack's been awesome so far! Keep up the good work!

  • M1XART

    You are really mastering N64 development.