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Moments You May Have Missed! | Manchester City 1-2 Manchester United | Emirates FA Cup 2023-24

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 31 พ.ค. 2024
  • A week since Manchester United lifted the Emirates FA Cup, we look back at the moments you have missed from the all-Manchester derby final.
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  • @joshuaakotia9011

    who else watching for 100th time

  • @DharrshineRaj

    Don't recall this many highlights for Man City last year😂 Thank you Admin ❤

  • @subhanqureshi4273

    Just when you thought you have watched the highlight and celebration video enough. The channel has uploaded another video. 😂

  • @__anderson__7408

    Erik Ten Hag IN gather here👇🏽

  • @bijaybhujel65

    😂😂😂this channel just loves man UTD . cam get enough though watched the full game but have been watching all these videos recently

  • @johnwilliams983

    In my opinion It means so much more to football when Manchester United is winning trophies when compared to some other teams.

  • @jonasloic4194


  • @christianogayle7270

    😂😂😂 they know England is red and only red not even the sky is blue in England

  • @agnivaray7476

    Bruno's pass was so genius that the commentator thought he had miss-kicked the ball hahahahaaa

  • @aneneemmanueltemofe4529

    Can’t get enough of the highlights of winning this game 🎉🎉😅😅😊

  • @jamesojujanya9126

    I just watched a full tactical analysis of the match from FourFourTwo. I am now rewatching the Full Match , and just focusing on our players and seeing how they're on closing down spaces and stopping passes from City. Yet creating space behind to attack. So beautiful. So so beautiful ❤️. Ten Hag real planned this game well. Beat City using their own tactics.

  • @dadazofikasi

    look at the differences when other Team win a Cup and when MAN UTD win a Cup..Still feel the Hype until this day..GGMU!

  • @blackgoddesshenry301

    Admin is a Man U fan and I'm loving it 😅

  • @abiodun-ibiyotrump946

    That switch pass from Rashford was a beauty

  • @dunhilljoseph5461

    Martin Tyler said Bruno Fernandes missed kicked the ball 😂😂😂😂

  • @LeoLynch-yg7vo

    Thrilled for Varane that he won the FA cup on his last appearance for us.

  • @vishnupsps8580

    Even someclubs winning champions league won't have this much highlights..The power of MAN U.

  • @prasiddhathakali6703

    Dear @fa please upload chaos between Walker and Martinez with audio.I beg you

  • @kinyanjuicarlos8899

    Wan bissaka vs doku a battle of the titans!!🤣🤣

  • @BLTwithMayo1

    Well done, AWB, for the Kobbie Goal.