DOG TV - Relaxing Adventure Walk - Virtual Dog Walking Video!

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  • DOG TV - Relaxing Adventure Walk - Virtual Dog Walking Video! - Help to prevent boredom, stress and anxiety and promote a happy day for your dog, by using our dedicated tv for dogs specially made to capture your dogs attention through the use of highly interactive scenes and extremely entertaining virtual walks!
    Calm Your Dog have created unique and useful music designed to help dogs and puppies with anxiety and sleep problems. The music uses different techniques to calm your dog or puppy and help to reduce anxiety. It is helpful in combatting behavioural issues that can lead to dogs being destructive in the home, this includes separation anxiety.
    You can leave the music playing when you leave the house to keep your dog calm and stress-free, use it for crate training, house training and other types of training, along with introducing your dog to other dogs or animals. Calm Your Dog's music covers a range of different types of problems that new and seasoned dog owners might encounter.

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  • Andy Finucan
    Andy Finucan 2 หลายเดือนก่อน

    Why so many commercials? And some are incredibly long. Is this a plan to indoctrinate dogs?