Mario 64 but it's unnecessarily realistic

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 31 มี.ค. 2021
  • 8k hdr ultrawide raytraced pc port 21:9 ai upscale amazing graphics in 2013
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    🐦 KazeEmanuar

    Patch the downloaded file on your SUPER MARIO 64 (U) [!].Z64 rom!
    Patcher (patch onto the SM64 US.z64 ROM!!):

    Thumbnails by Dan Drigues!

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  • Alex C
    Alex C  +29

    Just like in real life, running through spinny hearts doesn't do a damn thing

  • Extem The Hedgehog


  • ExtremeLink

    this doesn't even feel like an April Fool's joke, just a normal Kaze video

  • Njul
    Njul  +3

    This is actually great, I would play this version over the original!

  • Caleb Wirt
    Caleb Wirt  +182

    goes onto map with no water

  • Enthusiastic Gamer

    "Honestly Nintendo has not satiated my hunger for realistic Mario games."

  • Diabolical Situation

    I love how the texture for Mario's eyes are placed in the wrong way

  • DAG
    DAG  +70

    Nintendo hired this man.

  • ZXMany
    ZXMany  +1

    This made me cry of laughter, this is so beautiful 😂 Keep living out your artistic visions! :D

  • Happychicken

    Where's the eye cancer inducing lightning? Fix it before Miyamoto-san starts flipping tables in anger again

  • AlbaCOR3

    This looks so realistic I can't believe you made these graphics all on your own props man.

  • Pauluigi


  • Dimentio
    Dimentio  +33

    realistic yoshi pfp is finally going to be in mario

  • minty eye

    Kaze really outdid himself with this one

    MADNUB  +2

    Nintendo, hire this man

  • Dwhatever

    i love you kaze, you deserve to get hired by someone

  • Jackson Percy

    Those coins legitimately look good. Nintendo, hire this man.

  • three three three

    i was expecting to be jumpscared by a realistic chainchomp

  • KoKoKen
    KoKoKen  +1

    Whoa, nice graphics! Just like the arcade!


    On one hand this is a pretty funny April Fools Joke and on the other hand I find it hilarious how he's bashing the fact that the super nice PC port has only been used for texture packs and HQ models, instead of actually using the added power to do new cool things with the engine.