Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 22 ธ.ค. 2009
  • The official music video for Back To Black by Amy Winehouse, directed by Phil Griffin. This track is the third single from the Back To Black album and was released on 30th April 2007, reaching the top 10 in the UK charts and going on to be certified platinum by 2015.
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ความคิดเห็น • 118 781

  • Rose
    Rose  +9

    No matter how much the media has destroyed her image in the past, she will always be a music legend

  • Luis Omar Hernández

    years later and it’s still one of the best songs ever written.

  • Susan hernandez
    Susan hernandez 2 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +23

    Cómo sus ojos reflejan una tristeza infinita!! Solo Dios sabe por lo que estaba pasando!! Ya eras un ángel Amy!! Gracias por los años que estuviste aquí en la tierra y todo lo que nos dejaste 😔

  • Gokhan Looker

    %0 twerk %0 autotune %100 pure beauty %100 real art

  • Sherry Michaud
    Sherry Michaud 16 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +360

    One of the most unique and different vocalist female of our generation may she rest in peace, she had a voice from another time!❤️

  • Adriano Martinez
    Adriano Martinez  9 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +67

    🇧🇷 Aqui no Brazilisss a gente também sabe apreciar uma boa música.. (VOZ PERFEITA DA AMY) Forte abraço todos e fiquem na paz de Cristo!

  • Rubro Negro •

    To the future generations, never let this song die.

  • Liliana Mirian Alarcon
    Liliana Mirian Alarcon 7 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +41

    Cuanto dolor en tu corazón, siempre brillará tus canciones,que en paz descanses !!que Dios te de paz eterna amen

  • Viviana Hernández
    Viviana Hernández 4 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +10

    En su tiempo no la conocí pero su historia me impacto tanto q de ahí empeze a escuchar su música, ahora todo tiene más sentido, descansa en paz 💕😍 por siempre en nuestro corazón ❤️

  • Helena Beraldo Rodrigues

    I discovered this young woman's work recently, and, I confess, I have never seen a voice as beautiful and deep as hers. It's a shame I discovered her only now, since she's already passed away. I speak with absolute certainty, if Amy were alive, oh friend, all the other singers would be working at McDonald's.

  • Michelle Fajardo


  • Rumeysa
    Rumeysa วันที่ผ่านมา +142

    A song that never gets old

  • malimillions
    malimillions 2 ปีที่แล้ว +11

    Ten years later and it’s still one of the best songs ever written.

  • Sckar Dafne
    Sckar Dafne 2 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +3

    Solo vengo a recordar lo mucho que te extraño, haces mucha falta en la industria musical. El único conforte que todos tenemos es que aún podemos escuchar y apreciar tu voz tan única y hermosa❤

  • Sissy Lopez
    Sissy Lopez 7 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +12

    I will never get enough of this song, it’s just so emotional

  • Blu
    Blu 2 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +5

    I'm a metal fan usually, but growing up my parents were old fashioned, so I'd hear them listen to people like Amy, and that's why she'll always have a special place in my heart.

  • Edgar Hakobyan
    Edgar Hakobyan 2 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +5

    100% pure sound that takes you back to the past but remembering that life goes on and you have to look forward💔❤️

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores 4 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +5

    Hermosa voz , Amy Winehouse una mujer extraordinaria, se le hecha de menos .

  • SquidkidMega
    SquidkidMega 6 ปีที่แล้ว +25

    Who else thinks Amy should have done a James Bond theme song?

  • Marq Souza
    Marq Souza 2 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา +2

    Foi uma excelente cantora de uma grande voz!