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SMILING CRITTERS BABIES! Poppy Playtime 3 Animation

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 15 มิ.ย. 2024
    A desperate attempt by the player to put a safe distance between himself and catnap ends up being a simple baby catnap joke! This is a really bad joke, once the heart rate has recovered... what will the day hold for Player?
    07:38 - CATNAP BIRTHDAY?!
    11:31 - PLAYER SAD STORY?!
    Original Animation Hornstromp - @HornstrompFNF3D
    About Poppy Playtime
    Poppy Playtime is a first-person survival horror where the player plays as a former employee of Playtime Co. who returns to the abandoned toy factory of said company after receiving a letter from the staff who were thought to have disappeared 10 years ago. The player discovers that the factory is filled with toys who are alive and malicious towards them, and starts looking for a way to escape the premises. Various VHS tapes can be found throughout the factory, each one giving a more in-depth explanation of the story.
    The game utilizes multiple puzzles throughout, which the player must solve in order to progress further, with some requiring a gadget named the GrabPack, a backpack that can be equipped with two extendable hands which can be used to pull and reach objects from a far distance, conduct electricity, and access certain doors; in Chapter 2, it can also be used to swing across gaps and, with a green hand obtained during gameplay, transfer electricity between sources.
    Chapter 1 - A Tight Squeeze
    The player receives a package that contains a VHS tape, which shows a commercial for the titular doll Poppy Playtime and tours of the factory before abruptly cutting to spliced-in footage of graffiti of a poppy, and a letter from the missing staff, requesting them to "find the flower". They then enter the abandoned toy factory and, after solving the code to a security door, acquire the GrabPack, which they use to unlock the door to the lobby. After entering the lobby, the player is introduced to Huggy Wuggy, who is on display in the center of the room. While trying to unlock one door in the lobby, the power suddenly cuts, forcing them to restore power in the power room.
    After heading back to the lobby, they discover that Huggy has disappeared from his display. The player then restores power to a control panel in order to control an overhead crane and retrieve the right hand of the GrabPack, which they use to unlock a hatch to a conveyor belt that leads to the "Make-a-Friend" section of the factory, where they restore power to the machinery and manufacture a toy. They then place the toy in a scanner and open a door to a hallway which, after the player enters, Huggy suddenly appears from and chases the player through the vents. After reaching a dead-end, the player pulls down a box and breaks part of the conveyor belt, causing Huggy to fall to the bottom of the factory. They then head to the aforementioned graffiti and open a door to a hallway, leading to a room where they find Poppy in a case which the player opens, freeing Poppy.
    Chapter 2 - Fly in a Web
    After freeing Poppy from her case, the player explores the back halls of the factory, eventually finding the office of Elliot Ludwig, Playtime's founder. After entering the vents in the office, they encounter Poppy, who thanks them for freeing her and offers to help them escape the factory by giving them a code to activate the factory's train. However, she is grabbed and pulled deeper into the factory. As they approach the Game Station where the train is located, the player encounters Mommy Long Legs, who holds Poppy hostage and takes the red hand from the player's GrabPack. She challenges the player to win the three games in the Game Station, and in return will give the player the code for the train, threatening to kill them if they disobey the rules. Making their way through the factory, the player crafts the green hand for the GrabPack and then proceeds through the three games.
    The player is able to obtain two parts of the code before escaping during the third game, fleeing into the tunnels beneath the factory. An enraged Mommy accuses them of cheating and pursues them through the tunnels and back up into the factory until she becomes caught in the teeth of an industrial grinder, killing her. A needle-fingered hand rises to take her broken body away. The player finds Poppy trapped in a spider web with the third part of the code. After freeing her, the player boards the train to escape. However, Poppy diverts the train, saying that she could not let the player leave yet due to the events that had occurred inside the factory, claiming that she knows the player can handle whatever comes next. The train runs out of control and derails near a sign pointing to "Playcare".
    #PoppyPlaytime #PoppyPlaytimeChapter3 #HuggyWuggy
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    🤭POPPY PLAYTIME🤫 - th-cam.com/video/VivHmY-Rrso/w-d-xo.html

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    This guality is divineand cute❤❤😢😮❤

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    orange from rainbow friends

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    Is anyone gonna talk about the next part that craftycorn put makeup on catnap and player thought it was a girl and kiss him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Make Zoonomaly Series 3D & 2D Series Will Be Soon In Hornstromp Games & Hornstromp Fingers & Hornstromp FNF 3D Please

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    Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 ❤

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    Mira mi chiste 😂
    Smiling critters:*apunto de atacarlo*
    1006:esto no termina aquí
    Mommy el control del portal✋😈*le da su mano para que le de el control del portal para escapar 💨*
    Mommy:oooohhh recuerdas cuando nos detuvimos a descansar y me dijiste trae filósofo por que ya nos vamos
    Pues lo olvide 😒😓
    1006:😐 ahora te odio 😡
    Te gusto mi chiste 🤣🤣🤣
    Si quieres puedes mandarme tu chiste

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      Really cute!! 😊😊❤️❤️

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    Smiling Critters is so cute box

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      My favorite is catnap❤❤

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    I like it how player dropped kicked the bomb and prototype was like I’ll get you

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      I also liked that part!! 😊📺👍🌟

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    Idea for next video: the amazing digital circus and smiling critters see a solar eclipse

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    They're so cute! But I feel sorry for them😢

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      They're all so cute and they need love

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    Funny 6:23 click the stop button

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    Player adopt baby smiling critters

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    Bring back the old player sound

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    i didn't know that player have a evil twin brother

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      Player has an evil brother!! 😯😯

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    Can You Make Gummigo Meets Pomni 3D The Amazing Digital Circus Animation Please

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      I would love to 😊👌🌟📹

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      Catnap is the enemy in chapter 3!! 😯😯

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      and there is more
      like miss delight
      nightmare huggy wuggy

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      I love Poppy Playtime 😊😊❤️❤️