20k Miles under the Sea - Mario Through The Ages Preview

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 20 พ.ค. 2021
  • Mario explores the floor of the ocean with his special suit and meets a bunch of otherworlds creatures!
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ความคิดเห็น • 181

  • Kaze Emanuar

    The music for this level was made by zerovolt and he uploaded an uncompressed stereo version here!

  • Kosmic
    Kosmic  +18

    Wow this is really innovative, don't think I've seen something I'd call a "underwater platformer" before

  • SuperWiiBros08

    My God Kaze you're still freaking insane and amazing with these hacks

  • mr1spamification

    This is so creative. Imagine if Mario sunshine had underwater content this engaging and spooky instead of coins in a bottle and an okay eel boss. So pretty and fun-looking to explore.

  • wavebend
    wavebend  +67

    that swimming stamina mechanic is genius, kaze.

  • Jonny9744
    Jonny9744  +193

    He did the imposible: he made a water level fun

  • Maro
    Maro  +43

    impressive as always, love the swimming mechanic

  • Bobby Sharpe

    Between this and Return to Yoshi’s Island it looks like Kaze is really going to outdo himself again.

  • Team Blue Toad

    Really impressive as always, Kaze! Looking forward for this!

  • Dyb
    Dyb  +10

    very cool mechanic of using swim as a temporary flight mode almost, something i've never seen in a platformer before to my knowledge and instantly improves water levels

  • Thisisasupersayin3

    I don't exactly know how to convey my feelings about this. This feel nostalgic in a way the regular Mario 64 stages could never be, like all the familiarity was removed and only the nostalgic mystery remains. I've seen people compare some romhacks to "what Mario 64 looks like when you dream about it" but this feels... like more than that. it doesn't feel like regular Mario 64, or a dream, or even a romhack. all I know is that this is legendary.

  • Halo
    Halo  +21

    dangggggggg this is actually awesome Kaze! keep up the great work!

  • TonyG _FGC

    That looks incredible, the vibes are beautiful from this level. I love the music

  • The Hemphog: Chronic

    Coolest mod level I’ve seen yet, brother. Shit has ATMOSPHERE.

  • Warrenoh

    The concept of the gameplay is such a unique idea.

  • Tim LaPlante

    This looks so good! I feel like I could play a whole underwater mario game like this!

  • Delly Bird

    As someone who's always been terrified of water levels because of the inevitable lurking sea monsters, nice horror level!

  • Super Cyclone

    This level looks absolutely amazing, visually and mechanically!

  • Squeegee Luigi

    That swim mechanic has got to be one of the best innovations I’ve seen to water boards!

  • godrocksism

    This looks so amazing! You are a master at modding sm64.