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  • Email: kazeemanuar@googlemail.com
    Deadline: July 3
    Presentation: July 10
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ความคิดเห็น • 262

  • Pixelcraftian

    Kaze going to the gym isn't a surprise, he has a nice knuckle sandwich for when he gets sued by Nintendo.

  • Bram Linssen

    Kaze is subtly flexing his buffness

  • Cheezepin
    Cheezepin  +136

    thanks kaze for letting me edit this, but you guys better submit good stuff 😡

  • Just Another Account

    I swear kaze gets beefier every time we see him

  • Mayro
    Mayro  +36

    hell yeah

  • worrywirt
    worrywirt  +63

    Kaze being attractive is a big enough announcement for me

  • Ren Fuchsfein

    Time to get excited, oh yes. I think this will be more enjoyable than this year's E3 for me.

  • Lucas Builds

    every time nintendo takes down one of his videos he does ONE pushup

  • Magnus Gallant

    Awesome to hear, F3 at this point is becoming a tradition that shall not be missed.

  • Tyler McVicker

    Hell yea

  • Arc Ray
    Arc Ray  +3

    just as with Hat-Loving Gamer: the strongest animator ive seen, both physically and with his craft. now you are on the fast track to join him as the strongest N64 modder/rom hacker out there.

  • Shadowind30

    He makes amazing Hacks, and still have time to keep him buff.

  • Thonck
    Thonck  +56

    Damn Kaze I didn't know you've been hitting the gym, you look good bro

  • Tufukins

    Damn Kaze I see you're still putting in that work, good shit. Excited for F3

  • emman rulz

    I can't wait until you are able to complete super mario return to yoshi's island, I love the demo so far just from seeing other youtubers play it like Mark Kurko. You are awesome. Thank you for all of you wonderful mods.

  • David Spyro

    Im looking forward to see what F3 will show off this year. :)

  • ReasonNetworkTV

    Your mods are epic i've been playing SML64 like crazy its so fun. I plan to downloading more and I subscribed.

  • SuperWiiBros08

    LET'S GOOO!!!!!

  • Judas L.

    You are both physically and mentally toughened, forge the way, Kaze!

  • Cecille Wolters

    Yes! :D