Super Luigi 64 - Release & Download (Full Playthrough) (Real N64 Recording)

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 29 เม.ย. 2021
  • This game was created in an alternate timeline - in which Luigi was the more popular brother!
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    Real N64 footage by 16 star Runner GTM.
    🐦 KazeEmanuar

    Note that most of this hack was made by PimpUigi and Marshivolt. I've only been involved in some coding work.
    Patch the downloaded file on your SUPER MARIO 64 (U) [!].Z64 rom!
    Patcher (patch onto the SM64 US.z64 ROM!!):

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  • Kaze Emanuar

    I want to mention that the luigi model is using the leaked beta luigi as a basis, that has been "finalized" by marshivolt - he applied the same changes that beta mario had applied to him towards the final version and gave him LOD models. In a way, this is the closest thing to a "definite" version Luigi would have had on N64.

  • Pixelcraftian

    Now how do we unlock Mario?

  • Mr Sanker
    Mr Sanker  +178

    I like the fact that in each part of the credits that Mario is mentioned is changed by Luigi, something like "Mario Physics Programmer" is changed by "Luigi's Physics Programmer"

  • Aurk
    Aurk  +764


  • Team Blue Toad

    I like how you made brand new voice clips for Peach so she can say Luigi instead of Mario. Such a nice attention to detail.

  • Jakob Brown

    Ah yes, the super Luigi series

  • miscallaneous stuffs

    developer: makes game with hours of replayability

  • TheMasterCreed

    Does Luigi have different physics than Mario?

  • José David Guerra Hinestroza

    Well, this is officially the 16 star WR for Super Luigi 64.

  • JayJay640
    JayJay640  +15

    Thank you for giving us a real reward after getting 120 stars. This is what I guess everyone might've thought what getting 120 stars would mean instead of getting a fancy triple (quadruple?) jump and a thicc penguin to race against.

  • Johann Bockstaller

    It's so smart to speed up Mario's voice just like in Smash since that's probably what Nintendo would have done.

  • ThePurpleMenace

    And now we know why Luigi wasn't in Super Mario 64, he would've saved Peach in like 5 minutes compared to Mario

  • Dogcember
    Dogcember  +10

    I love how accurate this is to the N64 Era, with Luigi’s voice clips being exactly like Mario’s, but with a higher pitch!

  • MarvinSplat

    Fun Fact: at the ending, Luigi thought he Heard Mario's Ghost telling him "Great job, Luigi" so he looked up to the Sky, where he has Seen his brother, that we'll never see in-game

  • Juggalo Jesus

    I wasn't expecting a speedrun but here we go.

  • Petit Abricot

    Yoshi is the coolest addition. That's what we really wanted back in the day, when finally going to the roof... not just 100 1-ups. Awesome mod.

  • SpunchMan04

    Okay but I have to applaud the voice actor for Peach. It sounds so accurate!

  • yyflandre

    This guy is good, I thought it was a TAS replayed on an N64 until I saw the setup for the WF cannonless star

  • Tellywozzle

    i gotta say, this luigi model looks way better than the popular fan made one, which looked way too disproportionate and tall compared to mario. this one is a good height and doesnt look weird as hell.

  • Michael Rulentlez

    Absolutely blown away by how you play this lol Great job! A DREAM COME TRUE, Yoshi BRO! I always wished that Yoshi was playable like this. This is the way.