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My Daughter's First Time Shopping On Her Own

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 6 มิ.ย. 2024
  • Rebecca Zamolo's daughter goes shopping for the very first time on her own. Rebecca is reluctant to let her do things on her own so hopefully this will help her overcome her fear. It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "Exposing the Worst Rated Babysitters For Daughter." Will Rebecca be a helicopter Mom for life or overcome her biggest nightmare? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2024!
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      ​@@Thea_226 her dog

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      Don’t say that matt is going to cry😬☹️

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      You spelt People wrong

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      That's how you spell people for short bc people is a long word so they spellt ppl

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      ​@@marniefoster801its for short, ppl= people

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      @@heathervenable-lb8sono she’s not,there’s other cute bbys

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    When he destroyed the squish, mellow I actually CRIED

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    18:48 the “do it” is so cute look at her face

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    Only true fans would like this

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    Omg she is 2? Omg she has grown so much! I haven’t see her forever hope you well 😊🎉

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      Thats not how you spell Zadie's name and I am giving you a thumbs down

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      ​@@user-ps8be2qr5v it was an accident and I am also giving you a thumbs DOWN

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      ​@user-ps8be2qr5v thats abit rude she was just saying zadies face was cute on that part 😢.

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      @@user-ps8be2qr5vGurl if someone was complimenting you and spelt ur name wrong would u just say thumbs down cause Gurl u wouldn’t

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    Today is my birthday and no buddy like my comment i was just kidding what i say😢

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    LOVE U ZAIDE UR GROWING 😢❤i remeber when she was a new born she could shop now🛍️🤗😁

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    The target employee you hired was rated as 1 star from Brent Rivera video as a baby sitter

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    It my birthday and no Buddy like my comment and i was just kidding of my comment 😢 please

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    Hi Rebecca I love your videos and who else loves Matt and Rebecca

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    It was funny when ziggy was picking up random stuff😊

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      whos “ziggy”

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      Ziggy is the mail man

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    Don't you know how much poor people there are

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    Isaac: That plushie did not deserve that..
    (It’s a joke btw)

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    Wow, So cute!

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    Hi Rebecca i love your videos and your songs I am your biggest fan I can’t believe it is you just remember we all love your videos and songs we are always here for you ❤❤❤

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      Ur banned from my house

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      The replies on this are so confusing

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    1:37 that’s at target and so funny. It got me dying laughing.

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    She got vegetables and fruits because you gotta be healthy😅

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    3:44 that part made me mad

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    I love you guys you’re amazing. My phone is broken my speaker doesn’t work I use headphones cause I can’t hear

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      Omg same but its not a phone mine was a ipad the speaker broke so i also use headphoned

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    Omg Rebecca im a big fan of you because I watched u when younger :) I loved ur vids

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    Poor Zaide is gonna be raised as a hamster forced to do tricks in front of a camera all her life

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    One person from Rebecca looks like a worst babysitter Brent exposed the worst babysitter in that video. Go check it out if you see one person who is in the video. Like.

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