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(CC) Can a cat-owner & dog-owner be friends? | Friend Request | TEN & CHUNG HA

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 19 ก.พ. 2024
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    The 3rd guests of "Friend Request" are TEN & CHUNG HA🙌
    Same age, same debut year, both main dancers, both pet owners...
    If you're curious about the 2 artists who have so much in common, be sure to watch this video! 💃🕺
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  • @hello82
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    • @wracle
      @wracle หลายเดือนก่อน +1

      6:53 was my favorite part ten is so funny i can’t imagine him with his cat exercising 😭 even tho the whole video is so wholesome

    • @adri5173
      @adri5173 หลายเดือนก่อน

      2:10 i loved when ten asked chungha for advice. i really admire them both so much and seeing them giving each other advices made me so happy, both of them are really good people and artists ❤️

    • @eggsomarket4095
      @eggsomarket4095 หลายเดือนก่อน

      13:33 after watching both ten & chung ha for a while, this crossover was a dream come true for me & just the thought of them collabing knowing both are true creatives with very strong stage presence and talent would make the world stop i believe heheh🤧✨after watching their conversation, it’s really amazing how similar both of them are in many aspects & i hope their friendship after this continues to grow!! thank you so much for putting my two worlds together 🥹🥹🥹

    • @Lucianaz147
      @Lucianaz147 หลายเดือนก่อน

      8:11 my favorite part is Ten kneading breads 🐱🩵

    • @beomzaki5191
      @beomzaki5191 หลายเดือนก่อน

      6:58 ten and chungha have such a great sense of humor !! imagining ten holding his chubby cat and exercising is very silly to me 😭

  • @pmpk9936
    @pmpk9936 หลายเดือนก่อน +2207


  • @bamby_deerest
    @bamby_deerest หลายเดือนก่อน +1460

    Hope they became friends in real life, they looks so comfortable and they're the same age too .

  • @Ax_nl
    @Ax_nl หลายเดือนก่อน +1518

    THE best female dancer and male dancer of Kpop 🔥🔥 such a slay combo omggg

  • @yustisidwindaputri
    @yustisidwindaputri หลายเดือนก่อน +1026

    my favorite part of the video is 8:06-8:13 because I KNOW chungha is obsessed with her dogs and ten is also obsessed with his cats so seeing them chatting about their own children is so cute and funny for me 😂

    • @applepatronum4934
      @applepatronum4934 หลายเดือนก่อน +13

      I wish they kept it in with sound!

  • @elainevivi
    @elainevivi หลายเดือนก่อน +563

    ten x chungha collaboration would be one of the most amazing things to ever happen in kpop

    • @arien_000
      @arien_000 หลายเดือนก่อน +8

      Totally. Saw her teaser for her comeback and she's grown. I wasn't a fan before but she's matured perfectly. Her vibe will will go well with Ten's and i could already imagine them making a great duo performance.🔥

  • @lauren9686
    @lauren9686 หลายเดือนก่อน +556

    3:50 "This is a song for girls" - baby Chittaphon... I don't think Chungha is the only one with an embarrassing past 😂. Love you Ten❤

    • @a.rforever2237
      @a.rforever2237 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

      Lmao frr

    • @parin6019
      @parin6019 หลายเดือนก่อน +31

      Yeah and we have TNT she doesn't know about😂😂❤

    • @lauren9686
      @lauren9686 หลายเดือนก่อน +9

      @@parin6019 How did I forget about TNT 😭

    • @ssangdongijari
      @ssangdongijari หลายเดือนก่อน +3

      @@parin6019 sometimes i search it up just to see his heartbreaker cover again

  • @ri.ro.ri.
    @ri.ro.ri. หลายเดือนก่อน +634

    Chungha and Ten incredible combo

  • @michmichcsy
    @michmichcsy หลายเดือนก่อน +698

    Chungha and Tennie, the best female dancer and male dancer of Kpop

  • @needyverse
    @needyverse หลายเดือนก่อน +267

    Ten and Chungha are both kind of similar tbh - I do think Ten genuinely would love to collab with Chungha, he clearly knows a lot about her

  • @nyumaze
    @nyumaze หลายเดือนก่อน +282

    12:33 I love this part, why would they invite a Pokemon and OLAF to a dinner??? 😭😭 they're just so unserious I love them so much

  • @kristinechen1
    @kristinechen1 หลายเดือนก่อน +314

    Chungha - sings bicycle, wants to invite Olaf for dinner
    Ten - sings paint me naked, wants to invite a Pokémon for dinner
    Their duality 😂🥰

  • @n_tb19
    @n_tb19 หลายเดือนก่อน +183

    13:32 when ten said if there is a chance, let's work together. That's one of my favourite parts. This colab will be amazing. I love ten and chungha, so both of them collaborating would be great👏🏾 ❤

  • @bluemoon22
    @bluemoon22 หลายเดือนก่อน +271

    Obviously having the two together as a collaboration is going to break the internet.
    Chungha is always the most humble and nice person that it exists, Ten too.
    I adore them both very much, I hope they can make a nice friendship after this.

  • @Ax_nl
    @Ax_nl หลายเดือนก่อน +311

    Ten and Chungha reunited after 8 years !

  • @poppyfortea
    @poppyfortea 28 วันที่ผ่านมา +13

    I love when multilingual people flow from language to language so naturally. It's so satisfying to listen to, and I'm mad jealous.

  • @vxalentine
    @vxalentine หลายเดือนก่อน +202


  • @GraceWongOfficialChannel
    @GraceWongOfficialChannel หลายเดือนก่อน +11

    Seriously best male and female dancer coming together for a Collab!!! And what I love is how they are both sooooo down to earth!!! Yes please!!! ❤

  • @abovethestar
    @abovethestar หลายเดือนก่อน +101

    I am a fan of Ten but it is so great to know Chungha, she is smart and detailed, maybe she is the DJ too so the conversation is flowing

    • @shanayacrave6535
      @shanayacrave6535 หลายเดือนก่อน +12

      Yes she is in KBS Volume up. I hope they invite TEN there too since his promoting now.

  • @in2haku
    @in2haku หลายเดือนก่อน +71

    the all rounders coming together to maximize their joint slay!! we love yew our soloists ten chungha

  • @kuropingguo
    @kuropingguo หลายเดือนก่อน +47

    The way Ten got so excited to speak in cats 7:23
    mom, he's so cute, help me 😭

  • @dwiiihr
    @dwiiihr หลายเดือนก่อน +64

    this is what happens when two people with positive vibes meet. Its makes the people watching it feel enjoy too!💟

  • @elifbutcallmeel
    @elifbutcallmeel หลายเดือนก่อน +46

    guys dont you feel it too? their chemistry is A NO JOKE!!!! I LOVED SEEING THEM TOGETHER!!! please collab asap!!!!1

  • @tenlee1001
    @tenlee1001 หลายเดือนก่อน +120

    I know they'll definitely slay the stage together 🔥

  • @jaz3436
    @jaz3436 หลายเดือนก่อน +88

    I love this new friendship, they’re like the same i love them

  • @ohsolovelyliv
    @ohsolovelyliv หลายเดือนก่อน +68

    I love the chemistry between them they’re so cute 🥹

  • @tarn29112538
    @tarn29112538 หลายเดือนก่อน +69

    Wow I think both of them having a good chemistry maybe because they’re the same age and also having a similar personality (as showing in this vids only) so I’m waiting for their further collaboration in any stage, song or activity.

  • @MarianaInacio1903
    @MarianaInacio1903 หลายเดือนก่อน +97


  • @user-bo1zx8jb6q
    @user-bo1zx8jb6q หลายเดือนก่อน +28

    너무 짧아요 ㅠㅠ 14분이 머야 14시간짜리 영상도 볼 수 있어....
    둘이서 대화하는 거 왜 이렇게 웃기고 재밌는지...

  • @wissm127
    @wissm127 หลายเดือนก่อน +35

    9:14 i really loved when they talked about what they want to improve, it was so interesting to hear chungha and ten talk about wanting to be good and free in what they do, and standing out! big love to both of them

  • @tensfeed
    @tensfeed หลายเดือนก่อน +36

    My favorite part was definitely 5:31 when Ten asked about Chungha’s concerns and they got to relate in their own answers. Getting to know Ten is also facing challenges which he’s really excited about makes me feel closer to him in a way… love this duo a lot!

  • @npisshin
    @npisshin หลายเดือนก่อน +64

    This is too short i want more i love seeing TEN exchange his thought with friends and ppl

  • @Ax_nl
    @Ax_nl หลายเดือนก่อน +27

    This is so cute and funny hahahaha they really started to communicate well with each other after the pets talk 😂😂😂 Ten seemed really comfortable too

  • @gredhilchavez2345
    @gredhilchavez2345 หลายเดือนก่อน +29

    They clicked so good together.. the part were they talked about pets was so cute... I wish we could seen and listen more of it.. I'll definitely be waiting for that collaboration

  • @penchiii0227
    @penchiii0227 หลายเดือนก่อน +78

    omg they’re so similar this combo is so cute hope ten really guests in chungha’s radio

  • @user-qb5zq1uh3n
    @user-qb5zq1uh3n หลายเดือนก่อน +20

    와아..텐이랑 청하 진짜로 콜라보레이션 하면 진짜 실력파들끼리 하는거잖아…..제발 해주세요 너무 기대된다❤❤❤

  • @adri5173
    @adri5173 หลายเดือนก่อน +35

    i loved when ten asked chungha for advice. i really admire them both so much and seeing them giving each other advices made me so happy, both of them are really good people and artists ❤️ 2:10

    @BRIIZENNIE_ หลายเดือนก่อน +30

    아니 정말 너무 좋다,, 둘의 케미 정말,,, 사랑스럽다 ㅠ
    낯가리는 것도 비슷하고 팀활동하다가 솔로 하는 것도 그렇고
    그냥 진짜 고양이 두마리가 천천히 친해지는 것 같은 너낌 ㅠ
    07:11 특히 고양이 머리띠와 강아지 머리띠는 사랑이네요
    청하님도 울 텐냐도 솔로 대박나자요~!~~!

  • @moonaires
    @moonaires หลายเดือนก่อน +41

    ten lee is unreal he’s so cute 🥺💚

  • @ggsooyoun
    @ggsooyoun 29 วันที่ผ่านมา +5

    The funny part is they're only a couple weeks apart but Chungha generally considers herself '95 line. Like- she usually is 'chingu' with 95-ers like YooA

  • @SpaceSweeper
    @SpaceSweeper หลายเดือนก่อน +11

    Ten and Chungha collaboration is PERFECT. SM and More Vision make it happen

  • @injuntaeil
    @injuntaeil หลายเดือนก่อน +24

    Ten: I saw, a long time ago, your audition program. when you free style dancing.
    Chungha: haha that's a long time ago. Does NCT have anything like that? it's unfair i'm the only one with an embarrassing past.
    while me: flashback to Ten's "i will show you a dance for hip-hip. oh no i forget a dance for gurlsss. I will show you a dance for gurls" 😂

  • @qawshimimoi
    @qawshimimoi หลายเดือนก่อน +22

    omg loved watching this. both are so shy at the start but it was great hearing more of their thoughts on various topics! and yes, ten is a cat I think hahahaha

  • @sytycdluva
    @sytycdluva หลายเดือนก่อน +31


  • @CIGI21KR
    @CIGI21KR หลายเดือนก่อน +22

    watching them having conversation together is very calming somehow~ thank you so much for bringing these two together! they really have a great chemistry

  • @dahliaalina
    @dahliaalina หลายเดือนก่อน +19

    I felt so comfortable hearing the two talking about their life and the chemistry between them where wonderful! ☺️
    My favorite part was the begining when Ten and Chungha took off the blindfolds! I loved their calm and shy reaction and the way you could see how they are getting closer! 💞 0:53

  • @jayceetsab
    @jayceetsab หลายเดือนก่อน +18

    Adore both of them. Cute interactions and topics for a first meet. So similar they are. I do hope to see them collaborate in the future. That’ll be awesome to see and hear.

  • @ohmygod8679
    @ohmygod8679 หลายเดือนก่อน +27

    미친 조합 너무 좋아

  • @leezonee
    @leezonee หลายเดือนก่อน +17

    from hit the stage way back 2016 to hello82 this 2024 and their chemistry still as strong as ever i just know that collab will break the internet, an iconic joint slay! thank u for this hello82! 🖤

  • @spidermark_
    @spidermark_ หลายเดือนก่อน +13

    please release all the part where they talked about their pets. idc how long it is😭

  • @smdollove
    @smdollove หลายเดือนก่อน +16

    SM과 모어비전은 텐 청하 댄스 콜라보를 내놔라!!! 최근 봤던 영상 중에서 제일 좋았습니다 😭❤️

  • @Jonniibuzz
    @Jonniibuzz หลายเดือนก่อน +16


  • @parkjibuns638
    @parkjibuns638 หลายเดือนก่อน +10

    Chungha is so stunning 😍 This interaction was too cute. Fighting for Chungha's new single and Fighting for Ten's concerts!!

  • @Ax_nl
    @Ax_nl หลายเดือนก่อน +9

    They seem so similar ! I think they could really be great friends after this ! Ten seemed to really like Chungha too hahahah I hope we get that collab one day !

  • @imineclipse2935
    @imineclipse2935 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    TEN X CHUNGHA collaboration when? I need that. They're so cute talking about pets and random stuff.

  • @npisshin
    @npisshin หลายเดือนก่อน +22

    텐이 야? 아!!!!! TEN LEE THE CATS DADDY

  • @saikiksoo
    @saikiksoo หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    They are both have such charismatic and comforting personalities, I hope they get to become better friends and hopefully release a comeback together! They are both my favorite solo artists, so hardworking and true to themselves❤️

  • @nuttynut7096
    @nuttynut7096 หลายเดือนก่อน +10

    I would love to see more of Tennie and Chungha collab soon please.

  • @amalia6429
    @amalia6429 หลายเดือนก่อน +8

    I can hear their conversation all day, nice to hear them talking, they are really so cute together ☺️

  • @mlttns7973
    @mlttns7973 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

    Of course! My favorite part must be at 6.52 mins when Ten show his routine exercise to Chung Ha 😂🤣 I think this is the ice breaking moment between them. The way Ten explains is also very funny and make Chung Ha laugh brightly is very catch eye moment

  • @DebZava
    @DebZava หลายเดือนก่อน +10

    Please release the full talk about their pets. Louis, Leon and Levi have fans and we're starving for their updates

  • @reign980
    @reign980 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

    Now we need a Ten x Chungha collab

  • @reeselansangan
    @reeselansangan หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    3:07 What an amazing conversation! Being left to themselves really showed their interests and their concerns. Both are so passionate about improving their craft but also relaxing their minds, and caring for their pets. It was particularly interesting to hear their take on performance and artistry from their standpoint. Loved this, thank you for guesting TEN and Chung ha together!

  • @evaclk7761
    @evaclk7761 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

    Has ten’s voice always been THIS DEEP ??

  • @yustisidwindaputri
    @yustisidwindaputri หลายเดือนก่อน +11

    omg hello82 thankyou for uniting them I'M A CRYING MESS RN

  • @annadubasova1179
    @annadubasova1179 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    They both laugh in such a charming way! I was smiling the whole time!

  • @T_Cup
    @T_Cup หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    The main dancer energy is off the charts here, they're both so talented, I really wanna see them dance together one day!

  • @ricachu5640
    @ricachu5640 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    The chemistry!!! I can see that they could become good friends! OMG I look forward to the collab!!

  • @yongqin
    @yongqin หลายเดือนก่อน +8


  • @myrnamlndz2026
    @myrnamlndz2026 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    I love how they change from Korean to English and viceversa 😂 it's like "should I turn the subtitles on or not??"

  • @justformeee7443
    @justformeee7443 หลายเดือนก่อน +9

    chungha knews birthday!!! this is the best day of my life

  • @spcourage
    @spcourage หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    13:05 this was my favorite part of the video because i like that they both picked funny/silly answers!

  • @cutesexycool_YYx2
    @cutesexycool_YYx2 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    둘 다 조근조근 말하는데 귀여워서 보는 내내 맘이 간질간질했어 그리고 손꼽히는 메댄으로 춤을 엄청 잘 추면서 노래도 잘하는 솔로가수라는 공통점만 있는 줄 알았는데 오늘 보니까 현실 성격, 생각도 꽤 비슷해 보여서 신기했어 두분이 더 친해지고 콜라보도 같이 하면 진짜 좋고 잘할 것 같아😆

  • @anmei_ssots
    @anmei_ssots หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    i love 10:48 !! it's good to see ten and chungha get close and I really hope to see more of them in the future!! I would love to see ten on her radio show! 🤍

  • @ppj3839
    @ppj3839 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    Ten is social butterfly. He can easily be friend with anyone ❤❤

  • @harleyuriquin
    @harleyuriquin หลายเดือนก่อน +7

    This is sooo cute! Please collab and turn the kpop world upside down!

  • @tenlee1001
    @tenlee1001 หลายเดือนก่อน +4

    13:32-13:47 is my favorite part because I've been hoping to see ten & chungha to do a collaboration. to see both of them talked about it makes me happy☺

  • @kensweetvenom29
    @kensweetvenom29 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    Ten and Chungha are so beautiful and incredible. Love this so much

  • @YuzuneTakanashi
    @YuzuneTakanashi หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    My favourite male and female dancer and also the ones I admire the most I'm crying in heaven.

  • @Anna_Bee
    @Anna_Bee หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    They're both so cute! I would love to hear them talk more

  • @azonnoza
    @azonnoza หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    How have these two never have a collab stage before. Literally one of the best male and female dancers in kpop.
    Also, Ten has alot of female friends. Maybe that's why he did that "dance for girls" when he was young 😂

  • @SavorySakuraEats
    @SavorySakuraEats หลายเดือนก่อน +4

    Having a ft.Chungha or ft.ten would be so amazing 😍

  • @offnonoff
    @offnonoff หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    13:26 I love how you can see through their body language that they got comfortable compared to the beginning of the video!! Their messages for each other were so sweet I’d love to hear a collab of these two and I can’t wait for Chungha’s comeback it’s getting real 🙈

  • @jibnnn
    @jibnnn หลายเดือนก่อน +5

    I love their vibe and conversation ❤
    TEN look so nice and kind love you 💜

  • @marieprairie
    @marieprairie หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    MY FAVORITE IDOLSSS AAAAAAAA they should do a collab with a dark-ish concept and the craziest iconic choreo ever 😭🔥🔥🔥

  • @leunaole_ABC29
    @leunaole_ABC29 หลายเดือนก่อน +5

    이런 동갑 케미는 환영입니다👍

  • @meenu.
    @meenu. หลายเดือนก่อน +5

    6:57 Ten saying he makes his cat exercise and in the process they both lose weight 😭

  • @f.felicitas8862
    @f.felicitas8862 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    Considering that Ten is rather shy around strangers he visibly relaxed so fast and seemed to enjoy the conversation a lot which made me so happy ❤️‍🩹

  • @baakojernigan7095
    @baakojernigan7095 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    They're so cute with the kitty and puppy ears, it looks so natural 🤣🤣

  • @Sofia-jd7jo
    @Sofia-jd7jo หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    I laughed so much when she asked if NCT has an embarrasing past because they in fact do and we always remind them about it 😭

  • @chympui5503
    @chympui5503 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    Woah... Their interaction is such a gold!
    Let's get it! The collaboration! SM, let's do it!
    I hope they really become real friends, like Amber & Eric...
    And I don't really follow Chungha, I'm actually surprised she's so good in English...
    Wow! We need this lovely sexy duo collaboration project! 💚💚

  • @10velyBanana
    @10velyBanana หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    TEN is the cutest cat dad! After he got Leon and Louis I got inspired to become a cat mom! Both TEN and my Peanut help me every day, dealing with physical (fibromyalgia) and mental (depression/anxiety) health is not easy but because I have them I can smile every single day 🥰

  • @Theoneonlyyu
    @Theoneonlyyu หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    This is my King and Queen of the stages, hello82 you did it!!! awesome job. My favorite part is 0:53 the reaction when they saw each other so adorable.

  • @estherlow4806
    @estherlow4806 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    Tennie and chungha love this duo and interaction 🤭💚🥹✨

  • @minerva6140
    @minerva6140 หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    finallyyyyy they met again! After hit the stage huhu. Thank you hello82 for invited them. Best duo soloist and main dancer! Please SM, let them make a collab! 🔥

  • @dobetterash
    @dobetterash หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    I hope Ten does get to go on Chungha’s radio show! I’d love for them to interact more/have more conversations ☺️☺️

  • @SanDinosaurHD
    @SanDinosaurHD หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    Ten is secretly hoping that Chung Ha never finds his old TNT stuff lol.

  • @andreaortiz5712
    @andreaortiz5712 หลายเดือนก่อน +6

    Ojalá Ten tenga más interacciones, es muy tierno y lindo verlo

  • @ohoratkkaebsong
    @ohoratkkaebsong หลายเดือนก่อน +3

    1:20 “How do we start this…do you have any friends?” 😂😂

  • @bren7508
    @bren7508 หลายเดือนก่อน +2

    THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! I really enjoyed just watching them relax and talking ❤❤🐶🐱