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Giant Game of Clue at Royalty Family House

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 22 ก.พ. 2024
  • Rebecca Zamolo is at the Royalty Family House, the Royal Palace, and she needs solve the mystery of the masquerade clue set up by Ferran. It all started When Rebecca Zamolo posted "Surviving Every Netflix Love Story." Do you think Rebecca find out who is guilty? Or will she get it wrong and have to do the worst punishment? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2024!
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    You’re doing a clue game at the Royalty family’s house? Rebecca, I think this might be your best clue video yet.

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    Are we going to ignore when she said “ get it, sweep cause she’s the maid” and smiles at the end is so funny

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    Who else love watching Rebecca and Matt ❤

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    I love when rebecca does clue because it's so fun love you rebecca ❤🩷

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    Who else misses her game master videos? 😢😢

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    under 10 minutes

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    I loved these vidoes it makes me so interested and Rebecca, you are gorgeous just like fab girl ❤ and please do more of these videos it makes me so happy I love how you make people so happy and you make them laugh and make them like oh what’s gonna happen next you slay all day we love u😊

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    I am so excited for zadies 2nd birthday!!! Love your videos so much!

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    What does every time on Rebecca does these videos? Everyone is a suspect, but she is not.😂😂😂

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    Wow the @royaltyfamily is so nice to let you guys use their house

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    I love your I love your videos!!! I watch them all the time!!!

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    I love your clue games!!! There awesome.❤

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    I love this video. I love clue videos pls do more. And also, hi MATT and REBECCA and also, say hi to ZAIDE. I WANT YOU GUYS TO KNOW WE HAVE BEEN WATCHING YOUR GUYS VIDEO FOR A LONG TIME. P.s. this is from JADE AND SIERRA. PLS PUT US IN A VIDEO.

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    Hi Rebeca I’m a huge fan I have been watching you for about a year now and it be a dream. Come true if you responded to my comment I love you guys. I think Matt is hilarious. I didn’t watch the video yet but I’m about to but either way I think it’s gonna be an amazing video and I love how much you put into your videos even when you have a baby

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      Article XV

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      @@BenoitPertilus wut

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    The shoes at 7:48 to about 7:51 helped me find out who it is! Don't skip the video just to find out who it is! Watch the video to find out who it is!

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      I also know that!

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    You guys are the best TH-camr I ever seen😂😂❤❤

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    Rebecca ur probably not gonna see this but if u do i js wanted to say that ur my favorite TH-camr i hope i meet u one day❤

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    566th comment
    Here before it blows up !

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    It's yellow cuz he helped the killer to killer the princess

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    it so nice that rebecca have a collard with royalty family.

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    Before watching:I think it's the duchess or chef.
    Middle watching:It's the Duke or the dancer, if neither idk now

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    Who agrees how pretty she is

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    She did it BC she wanted the prince to herself

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    11:02 HOPEFULLY that was break away glass and Rebecca pls reply to this comment 😂❤❤

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    i love how in every clue game rebecca is chosen as the detective and to solve who did it and who dun it.

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    I subscribe 🎉!

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    Hi Rebecca, I absolutely love ur videos especially your giant game of clues,they are the best!

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    Rebecca something I noticed the mask of truth you didn’t have to do all those challenges you could’ve just use the mask of truth on everyone. Thanks smarter not harder but also I love your videos.❤

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    I think it is silver because I looked very careful at the killers shoes and silver had the same exact ones

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    Did anyone notice when orange got cold out gold said 2 crushes in 1 day that means that he liked orange

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    Awesome giant game of clue video
    One question, Rebecca
    What kind of bow does the killer use?, 0:30

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    Make sure you have solar clips glasses if you don’t just come to 149 to get some do you have a lot?

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    I love you, Rebecca, who agrees

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    I remember this house so beautiful ❤❤❤❤yeah that didn't make sence ❤❤❤

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    3:32 does anyone saw Rebecca wearing Zadie's name necklace

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    It makes sense because the pink one probably doesn't want the princess to marry him so she could be it!

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    Fr maybe royalty family could be mad at you for doing a mess with the glass challenge and they spend a lot of money from the water bottle

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    People who love Rebecca and @theroyaltyfamily

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    I love how when it’s a clue video the detective is always Rebecca 😂😂😂

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    I love your videos Rebecca I have been your subscriber since day one and who loves the royalty family

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    When Matt said I’m going by purple I was like

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    Rebecca is my favorite

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    Like if u knew the dancer was the murd because u watched so manny Rebecca zamalo *me: Likes*

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    My favorite part was when she said *get it sweep cause she’s the maid*

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    When Rebeca was like where’s your husband and his wife was like all scared and werided out

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    I love ur videos i have been watching them since i was 6 and that was 5 yrs ago😅❤

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    Your daghter olsi so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤

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    I think it's the mom because I saw her holding up a arrow

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    So far I'm guessing Fiona girl AKA 'allergic to cheap plastic' girl

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    Oh my gosh I think pink is a killer because he’s flirting with the husband and she really likes him so I think she’s the mother and she had the ex when they were hitting the thing. Oh my gosh I think she’s the killer

  • @emmanuelrodriguez4364
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    There is only two shades of purple purple and violet

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    Rebecca I love you’re videos ❤❤❤❤ watching in 2024 lol

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    I love this!

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    Happy 2nd birthday I love ❤️ you happy birthday I wachtch your videos my name is Maddie I want younto be my friend

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    Rebecca is the best youtuber everyone who like this comment get a new iphone from me

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    I went to hospital yesterday to get some of my blood out and I have a kidney infection and I have to go back to the hospital on Monday😢😢😢😢

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    Because i saw purple and charlie smile when they found out the maid died

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    Hi Rebecca by the way
    your videos are fire❤️🔥❤
    and I loved the video
    it was fire broooooo
    I loved it so much
    you never disappoint
    Ussssss 10:04

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    I think its purple girl. Bc she didnt want others to know what the shef heard

  • @LyanAli-mu3pe
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    in 14:24 the man give the boy the thingy too open it. I think this man is a killer, the man wearing yellow one.

  • @nickiwelte4965
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    Well, they threw the pickles. I thought it was Maddie for a second.

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    Ferrran got a major glow-up😍😍

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    I loveeee the clue videos Please make moreeeeee!

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    I don’t like pickles but I live in New Zealand?!❤

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