Worlds Biggest RC Car gets Biggest Engine (6x power)

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 31 ม.ค. 2022
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  • thefuzz457
    thefuzz457  +467

    Kev: doesnt look at directions

  • Matthew Royce
    Matthew Royce 21 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    That was absolutely awesome to watch. Back in 2019 I bought all aluminum pieces to build a custom rustler to wheel drive from scratch. I'm talking literally everything I put together by hand and it was an absolute masterpiece when it was all said and done if I could post pictures I would. You sir have given me the inspiration I needed to get back into this hobby

  • SεgaDisηεγUηivεrsε

    I just got recommended this video and completely new to this channel. And I have to say, this was amazing! That thing is an absolute beast and looks so much fun to drive! Definitely worth the sub!👍

  • Tony Spencer

    I love your videos. The variety and enthusiasm. I've been involved in RC since 87. This video is probably my favorite of yours.

  • Josh Bennetts

    Awesome rig kev would be so cool to have the big truck and this one matching. I had a little idea seeing how much suspension movement there is it rolls over quite easily, remember when you doubled up the suspension on your old raminator and it looked sick bur was too stiff, maybe that might be perfect for this one with the extra weight and power? Might make it more fun to bash and race. Maybe worth a try?

  • Rene Davila

    When filling the tank, turn the fuel bottle the other way, nozzle side up. It allows for a more controlled pour. With nozzle side down it will come out in a rush.

  • Timon
    Timon  +36

    The funny thing is how Kev screws something apart and it’s a pure mess 😂

  • Angelo Gandolfo

    Hey Kev, you have SUCH self-control!! At

  • PsychoticEwok

    Loving your videos, I'm very new to the RC hobby but used to be a mechanic and how haphazardly you took that engine out freaks me out but loved it very entertaining.

  • Amili S
    Amili S  +8

    New Sub, good stuff man just recently got into RC again after messing with them a bit as a teen. Man they have come a long way power wise. I can't believe how fast these things are now

  • Eric Powell

    Oh wow, it looks like they really softened up the suspension on the V3? That's good to see, the V2 always looked way too stiff to me. It would be interesting to compare how much suspension articulation they each have.

  • Nivaldo Junior

    Meu sonho compra um carro desse de controle 🤩😍

  • SLD RC
    SLD RC  +94

    Loving that raminator! 80cc makes it look really lively, must be insane in person!

  • Thomas Wielgomas

    Wow, the Raminator V3 with the big block engine is even more epic than your V2. The transfer at the track was super smooth. Great video.

  • Rogelio Jr Devila

    I envy your patience kev! Awesome truck by the way.

  • Nathan Pretorius
    Nathan Pretorius 16 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    Kevin Talbot always puts a smile on my face❤

  • Scott Larson

    Must say just break in seems way faster then the stock engine. Can't wait to see it full throttle. Awesome.. this is definitely out of my budget...

  • Regb601
    Regb601  +5

    I’ve got lost in TH-cam and saw this video this guy is great it would’ve taken me month or more trying to assemble this. You can tell he’s been doing it a while and it’s a hobby . It was very satisfying to watch . Will definitely like this video for sure

  • s@shiko313
    s@shiko313  +181

    That is what we can call 'a proper lenght RC video'.

  • Brian Lambert

    Hey Kev. The aluminum part you did not know is actually used to lock out reverse in the truck. I was stumped as well until... Yes I know... I had to read the manual. It's there in that little book none of us seem to ever read.