Anycubic Vyper Hotend Dissasembly/ Reassembly

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  • The single greatest cause of nozzle blockages, and especially repeated nozzle blockages, is from incorrectly installed bowden tubes. It is not enough to just shove these things in and hope for the best, there is a method you need to follow and this is it.
    I disassemble the hotend in this vid and show you how to correctly assemble and fit the bowden tube.
    I forgot to say how to rectify the issue of the nozzle tightening onto the heat block, but basically all you need do is with the nozzle loose, rotate the heat sync 1 turn to screw the heat brake in 1 turn and tighten the nozzle again, if still no gap back nozzle out and turn heat sink another turn until the nozzle locks onto the heatbreak not the block.
    Hopefully this will help you understand the hotend a bit better and stop you wasting money and resources on whole new hotends instead of just cleaning it and putting it back together.

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  • Toxic Culture
    Toxic Culture 19 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    thanks so much

  • Christopher Easler
    Christopher Easler 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Does this thing not have a silicone sock? Is there one that can be put on it? It also has too big of a gap on the nozzle when putting it back together, I don’t think you need a full turn, just a quarter should do then butt up the tube and tighten. Comparing that gap to the one before taking the nozzle off, I can definitely see that more PTFE tubing it between the nozzle and Heat break, so just a bigger gap of plastic between the two compared to the tiny little bit when you first pulled it out.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Thanks for putting this video together. Helped me save my current hotend.

  • krause lee

    What a shit design. Spending hours trying to fix this shit. Thanks for the vid tho

  • Monkeyman333🤣

    Fantastic video thank you

  • István Fazekas

    Thank you very much for the highly professional and comprehensive tutorial!

  • luggles72

    thank you for the video. i have changed my hotend on my viper and all of the sudden my temp shoots up to 700 degrees instantly. can't get it to go down. any idea what i may have done wrong?

  • EinfachLuk

    Thank you VERY much for this great video. After a while I got back to my printer and wanted to start to optimise some things on it and during a print i saw "hey theres not enough plastic coming out the nozzle" so i knew that things clogged. So off i went to the internet googling what might be the problem. I knew that I pulled out the bowdentube when decided to disassemble the printing head. Luckily i found your video on how to install it properly again, because im pretty sure that the incorrect installment of the bowdentube is the problem.

  • p wal

    Hi. Great video. I just went through this because of black bits in my prints and thought I would pass along the things I found. I couldn't get the Bowden tube out of the heat sink, so had to take it all apart. Basically like your video. I found that the end of the Bowden tube seemed partly melted; the bottom 10mm got smaller towards the end and old PLA had worked its way up between the tube and the heat sink and was a mess that was stopping me from removing the tube. Anyways, I got that all cleaned up, cut off the weird end of the tube, and it seems to be working fine. This is leading up to a question... could this be a symptom of cheap Bowden tubing in the machine? Is there a better quality tube that you would recommend? Thanks again. Paul

  • Krister Lundmark

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Nathunter Studio

    hello , good tuto, i got my head print dead cuz seem pla are melted away i put a new one and stupid question , when you remove the cable tie lie , we dont need to put a new one like the video Anycubic ? on not neccessary? sorry im just affraid to dont destroy my 3d printer

  • MARIUS Petcu

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You - I have 5 years since I am working with 3D printers and Nobody Explained Why & How must be done this operation just by following those simple couple steps . Keep up mate, I am right behind you ... 🙂🤝👍

  • Dani Tests Stuff

    Everything looked easy till I realized it has to be done while the nozzle is heated

  • James Lechner

    I thought I knew these things pretty well but this was by far the best overview I've seen and learned a few things. Jolly good.

  • Poulpc

    Super video, thank you

  • Vas Zav

    Thanks! Came useful.

  • badgrendels

    A very helpful video



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    thank you so much :-*

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    that's very helpful, thank you