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Eating 100 Years of School Lunches!

  • เผยแพร่เมื่อ 16 พ.ย. 2023
  • We ate 100 years of school lunches by time traveling to every decade to taste what was served in the cafeteria at the time.. watch until the end to what food was banned from all school lunches!
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    12:49 Got me dead💀💀💀

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    Team Alan or Alex?

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    6:41 Bok became the new Brian 😂

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    Who els is here for the childhood nostalgia???✨✨✨

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      Nah Bro I was Born Yesterday

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    You guys are the best I love you guys You guys make the best videos

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    Alan and Alex, this video was amazing! l can't believe how long they lunches has been throughout the decades. From the early 1900'to the...

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    4:10 bro that i LovE mY pOtAto ShiRt got me dying 💀💀

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    I love how the salad was untouched😂😂😂

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    Bro I can't help but stop thinking the rolled-up jeans from the 1950's is SO accurate.

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    Shawn is the G.O.A.T.

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    I love watching your videos everyday you guys make me smile and laugh❤

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    I loved how Kat said wow I love the fashion in the 1910’s

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    stokes twins if you are reading this you gyes are my fav youtuber

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    When he started doing “I’ve got chills”

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    I can never watch a video without Shawn making some adult joke 😂
    Edit: thanks for the likes

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    6:38 rip zac

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    Has no one thought that bok and brian should be wrestlers

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    This is my favorite TH-camr I like to have them because they’re twin😊

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    Мммм солёные огурцы с молоком как вкусно и питательно😋

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      тоже заметил это)

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      То самое взрывное комбо

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      раньше людям пофиг что было есть

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      Ты кто што а ш Любеш такое🙀

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      Пиз... Их там кормили лучше чем в некоторых ресторанах

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    it’s crazy how they actually tried it 😂

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      I know right

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      Some of them stuff look deadly!😂

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      Yeah true

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    I love stokes twins ♡

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    My school lunch is free, but not for everybody only me and my brother🎉🎉🎉

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    It’s November 23 and I want to say happy birthday Alan and Alex!

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      You’re the best TH-camr ever

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    I love the 1990s because it has McDonald’s and pizza👍💀 12:24

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    Can my sister and I be in one of your videos PLZ!!I love your videos I almost watched them all

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    😮😢 I think I love this video because I love it because that was so cool and I love it it's so beautiful

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    Let’s just get the fact that the old guy is 93!!! He’s an absolute legend

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      I know! my great grandma was 97

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      my great grandma is 86

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      my grandad is 98 stfu (nah im just kidding)

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    I just love the fact that the person that's serving out the food is the same in every year they try.

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    Half of the Juicebox just disappeared lol 9:24

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    Omg so cool 9:28 😂😂es

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    It was so funny when Tanner and the lunch lady sang you’re the one that I want and performed that clip from Grease! 😂😂😂

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    11:14 Alan, omg😂
    The 1950’s look looks nice on you guys tho✌🏻

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    Years go: madam eat:I’m gonna live forever

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    15:08 had me crying🤣🤣🤣

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    I love stokes twin❤

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    1950s-tea can be good!

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    I lived in 5 different states in the 90s, and not one of the school that myself or my older siblings went to EVER served fast food for lunch! I started school in 1977.... So it was very few states that did that...

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    3:59 “I used to love my potato sack shirt”

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      *And my potato sack limited edition undies*

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    (btw happy birthday you guys!! 🥳🎉)

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    As a former 90s teen, in high school, my school had a little Taco Bell side unit that wasn't the main lunch. And then after a year or two Taco Bell wanted to make some changes and the school didn't want to pay for them so they kept it up but they just had it as a generic Taco thing where they tried to duplicate things similar to what Taco Bell sold.
    Still, however, in middle school and high school, the school lunch was provided by marriott. That doesn't mean it was luxurious lunches, it just means that that was the company that provided them. There was usually some kind of lunch that changed daily, but, at least the middle school, there was always Pizza available. Also, in Middle School sometimes kids would get huge trays of fries and share them with everyone at their table. In Middle School specifically we had a sidebar available that had things like Giant pretzels.
    My grade school didn't have a school lunch service, but a milk box service. I think there was something provided for lower-income kids, because one time I forgot my lunch at school, and the teachers were able to get me one which was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some kind of snack, and some kind of juice box, in a white paper bag. I don't know if that was a backup lunch from a supply for low-income kids, or if they just had some ready in case kids forgot their lunch.
    In high school I don't think I ever went through the lunch line except for when I got the Taco Bell sometimes. I either brought lunch from home, or, because we had an open lunch, I would go someplace nearby and buy something like gyros or something.
    The only time I bought something from the cafeteria instead of bringing a packed lunch was when I spent my own allowance money. So, obviously, not having a lot of allowance to spend, I brought lunch more often than not. Sometimes, in Middle school, after I finished, I would get a giant pretzel or something. However, after getting a job when I was 16, I was more likely to take advantage of the open lunch and go buy a gyro or something.

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    Mmmm pickles with milk, how tasty and nutritious!

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    12:17 I would love that for school lunch rn

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    When Zack fights with Bok I completely remember of the old memories with Brian😢
    Edit:Thank you very much for who liked my comment! ❤

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      You mean Zac

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      Me too

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      Where is brain

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    YEAH GIRL POWER 🤟🏻🤟🏻😁😁

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    You guys are to good I really want to be in one of your videos because I’m a subscribed🎉😂

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    4:56 sleep for dinner us 2000s kids felt that struggle meals

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    He turned History Into Entertaining History and that's wild.

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    this video are really amazing,but you try make a another video with a game called sea of thieves

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    I like the 1920's! (I'm asian and I love rice)

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    "I used to love my potato sack" had me dying

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      Me to

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      ​@@KensertyytI'm 8 years old

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      @@Ihavenothingok HUH

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    Tanners dance 😂😂😂 8:05

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      I got you ever multiplying

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      Elvis Presley off of temu

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    Yall we need that 1990 lunch

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    11:55 was so funny😂

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    2:25 Shawn got the milk he wanted💀

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    That kid was so cute at the end 17:24 I love ur vids

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    I love alan

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    11:57 omg that does look pretty appetizing

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    Так вот у кого ванзай повзаимствовал идею))

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    Я обажаю ваши видео❤

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    what have i been doing with my life

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    Back in 2000's those were the best years of lunch

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    Over an hour gang⬆️

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    I love you guys I watch your videos since I was seven❤

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    I loved how kat said wow I love the fashion in the 1910

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    I came back to you guys after like 4 months, glad to see your vids! I’m so happy to watch all of them ❤

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      4 months😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      I watched him since

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      @@joannealexander1119Shut uo

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      wait 4 MONTHS!!!!????

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      @@hea473 YEA 😭🙇‍♂️

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    This reminds me of an of an old TV that I used to watch with my family, I think it was called Back in Time for Tea. The main premise of the show was that every episode they would have a different meal from a decade later.

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    • @yelena7686
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    not Tanner’s family reunion moment 😭😭

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    Thats looks good please. Like. Edit. I love y'all

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    Happy birthday Alan and Alex!🥳🎉

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      Today is there bday?

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      @@emilyowens7263 nope he’s just lying 15:53 who was so funny

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      Ot is not his birthay

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      I think they mean early because their birthday is November 23rd

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      Btw IHAVE THE POWER😂😂😂😂😊

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    15:49 was my favourite🤣🤣

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    The stokis twins are the best TH-camrs on TH-cam

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    I love this video

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    I don't know where to put this but I'm a new subscriber here I just wanted you to say that I've watched a lot of your videos and I have only been subscribed for like a few minutes but I just wanted to say Alex you are amazing you don't need to feel ashamed about your body to make other people happy you are great just the way you are and if anyone says otherwise then they are wrong and plus don't feel bad I'm pretty fat too it doesn't matter how big you are and it doesn't matter how thing you are just always know that you are special as long as you're happy it's fine you can eat as much as you like and it's your choice you know what if somebody ever tells you that you're fat and then just call them skinny because if people - here's the thing if someone is too chubby they're called fat and if someone is too skinny then they're called scrawny and weak so don't feel bad there's so many people out there who are just like you and you know what I can't blame you food is good to be honest!!!☺ you're the best Alex and never forget that don't be ashamed don't be afraid have fun in life and don't change yourself for others🥰

    • @Alifantasfriend
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      a really long comment.

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      I think it’s a joke

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    In the 70s lots of schools started dispensing with a full kitchen to serve lunch from. Pre-made dishes or vending machines started replacing real kitchen staff who cooked from scratch. Today it's the rare school that does have a kitchen and staff to prepare food for students.

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      @@curtissmith222 That's great! I hope true working kitchens and staff come back to all schools. Students eat much better when that's the case.

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