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upside down handpan song
In a studio session I played on a E Amara Ayasa handpan from one of my amazing handpan friends Dani Rud (
I turned the handpan around and it created a whole new way of playing and connected the tone fields, Enjoy the song!
#handpanmusic #handpanplayer #handpan #harmony #melodic #peaceful
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desert dreams D hijaz handpan song
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I had a handpan concert in a beautiful Church, in a small village close to Groningen, The Netherlands. It was a very special performance because of 2 amazing talented musicians from Ukraine. Enjoy this handpan performance. #handpanmusic #percussion #hijaz #handpan #handpanplayer
Handpan les Reggae in 4/8 maat beginners (NL/Dutch)
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In deze online handpan les leg ik meer uit hoe je een Reggae groove en ritme kan spelen! Het basis ritme is de "Onedrop", met leuke variaties, "drum" Fills en met verschillende en nieuwe hand technieken. Heel veel plezier en succes ermee! bekijk mijn website voor mee informatie over de handpan, handpan lessen en optredens/sound healing concerten die ik geef. #handpan #handp...
Handpan & Bayan song
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During one of the Corona lockdowns in 2020 I had the time to explore different handpan ritmes with a Tabla drum. The Bayan is the big drum from the Tabla set and I made a ritme with this and with 2 handpans! Enjoy!! #handpanmusic #handpanmusician #handpan #percussionist #bayan #rhythm #lockdown #inspiration
De Khaligi 2/4 maat handpan les beginners (NL Dutch)
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In deze video leg ik meer de basis uit van het ritme " De Khaligi " Ook met leuke variaties, een fill/groove en nog andere technieken! RLL RLL RL/ RRL RRL RL. Ik heb mij ook laten inspireren door David Kuckhermann en zijn website Geniet van deze handpan les en succes met het spelen! #handpanmuziek #handpanles #onlinelearning #handpanmusic #handpanmusician #handpanvoorbeginne...
Handpan les in 3/4 maat voor beginners.(NL/Dutch)
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In deze video leg ik uit hoe je in een 3/4 maatsoort ( 6 tellen) een handpan ritme kan spelen. Ik ben zelf heel erg fan van deze maatsoort omdat het veel houvast maar ook ruimte geeft in je eigen handpan spel. Je kan zelf creatief patronen en volgordes bedenken met de tonen op de handpan! Dit zijn de basis patronen die je toe kan passen; 1: RLR 4:LRL 2: RRL 5:LLR 3: RLL. 6: LRR Heb je vragen, i...
Song of the Yule Star handpan song
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A few years ago, around Christmas time 2020 Saturn and Jupiter were very close to each in the night sky, forming a " star" that was not seen for more then 800 years. I was inspired to make a handpan song with 2 hardpans for this special event I could witness in my life time. #handpanmusic #handpanmusician #beautifulmusic #handpan #christmasstar
Heaven on earth handpan song
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The beauty of life, of nature, of our own creativity brings a sense of heaven on earth. Through this song I made on 4 handpans I felt more this inner and deeper feeling of what heaven is for me, and for the earth. Enjoy my song and the amazing shots made in this video from Mother Nature. #handpanmusic #handpanmusician #beautifulmusic #naturelovers #heavenonearth
Sound healing concert MUSICA DE LA LUZ
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Via deze video kan je een sfeer impressie krijgen van een Sound Healing concert die ik geef samen met Pablo Ter Borg.We maken gebruik van Kkankschalen, een gong, windvangers, regenmakers, handpannen, handharmonium, klarinet, fluiten, Djembe's, sjamanen trommels en nog veel meer! Na het lig/zit concert waarin de mensen volledig mogen ontspannen en alles mogen ontvangen, is er ruimte om nog samen...
Desert dreams handpan song
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I played out my handpan song with some dear musical friends. We made a song that feels like wondering in the desert with a magical sense of reality. I hope you enjoy the song and the pictures I choose! #handpanmusic #handpanmusician #desertdreams #desertmusic #clarinet
review sound healing concert
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Een studerende journalist heeft voor haar schoolopdracht bij een Sound Healing concert een korte opname gemaakt met verschillende interviews en muziek momenten om een mooie samenvatting te geven wat er bij de mensen leeft en gebeurd tijdens 1 van onze concerten.
Handpan sounds by sunset
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During my summer retraite I had the change to set up my camera and handpan by a field and with surrounding sounds of several animals. It all came together, like a sweet lullaby to the ears of all who could listen, before the suns sets and all of nature will take its sleep and rest. #naturesounds #handpansound #handpanmusic #handpanmusician #sunset #sunsetmusic
Handpan song of the ancient stones
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In the Netherlands we have some ancient ruins called " Hunebedden" . The mainstream story is that they are a few thousand years old (5000) but my believe and research tells me that they can even be much older, shredded in mystery, the real builders and the purpose of these ancient and holy places. Similar to many ancient and holy places around the earth, they have a story to tell, and if these ...
Playing the handpan in Old factory
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In Groningen The Netherlands where I live, there is an old sugar factory what is now used for different purposes. It has amazing acoustical effects when playing handpan music in this big and empty space. #oldfactory #handpanmusic #handpanmusician #beautifulmusic
Handpan song
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On a new years party from 2022 to 2023 I had the change to play on a handpan form somebody else. So I just started playing on it and made this composition.
Handpan song with Jennifer Ann
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Handpan song with Jennifer Ann
waking up the forest handpan song
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waking up the forest handpan song
Handpan Song of the 2 Suns
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Handpan Song of the 2 Suns
Sounds of sweetness handpan
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Sounds of sweetness handpan
Desert Dreams handpan song
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Desert Dreams handpan song